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Author Topic:   Schraufnagel becomes first mod driver to repeat
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posted July 01, 2001 12:40 PM UIN: 16262997
Schraufnagel becomes first mod driver to repeat

Last year the season started out with seven different winners in the first seven races with Jay Schraufnagel becoming the first to repeat. This year there was six different drivers had their pictures taken in victory lane and again it is Jay Schraufnagel who puts the streak to an end. In the IMCA Stock class Jeremy Christians has still yet to be beaten now having won the first seven races. Bob Mann fought tenaciously with a couple of drivers to earn his second career feature win in the pure stock class.
The weather was once again cooperative and the track was smooth but very slick. The slick conditions made for very close and exciting racing as the drivers were forced to rely on the chassis setup and not horsepower. Later, as the sun went down the crowd was treated to the annual Bud Lights The Sky fireworks display.
In the Culvers car, Dale Kreuzinger and Max Strasser in the Superior Glacier Ridge Landfill car both won their Junior Hot Rod races and received a trophy from Richís Photos.
In the opening laps of the modified feature, Nick Woods once again led the field around the track with Todd Ascherien right on his bumper. Until the first caution on lap 9 the front two built up a sizable lead over the father/son duo of Dennis and John Schultz. The caution negated any lead and allowed Schraufnagel to jump into the lead a couple of laps later. The drivers would then race the remaining 13 of 25 laps caution free as Schraufnagel steadily pulled away. Dennis Schultz would not have it that easy as Woods battled on the high side of him with Ascherien and Scott Lewis right behind. Schraufnagel would go on for his second win of the year as Shultz took second over Woods, followed by Ascherien and Lewis.
The IMCA Stock feature took a couple of laps to get going but by lap 4 Jeremy Christians took the lead away from Tim Paitrick. Behind Paitrick, there was a fantastic duel between six drivers gunning for the third spot. Scott Erdmann led two others on the high side as Elroy Thrun took two cars with him on the bottom. Both lines appeared to work for the cars running on them. Another caution came out on lap 9 as Rob Schmidís car hit the wall coming out of turn 4 and came to rest in front of the grandstands. This has not been a good year for Rob as his luck continues to worsen. As the green flag waved, the front two took off again leaving the same cars behind them to race side by side. A final caution on lap 17 closed up the field for the final time. Again, Christians and Paitrick pulled away as Thrun tried to protect third from Jeff Owens who was receiving a lot of pressure from John Stanton. On the final lap, as Christians and Paitrick took first and second, Owens slid to the outside of Thrun only to lose the fourth spot to Stanton who dove under him. Thrun would take home third with Stanton taking fourth by a car length over Owens.
The pure stock class also required a few restarts to get their first lap in as drivers had a difficult time with the slick conditions. Bob Mann took the lead on lap 6 from Jason Behring who had been leading up until that point. Chris Reinwald would move into second and not allow Mann to breathe comfortably. Driving under Mann, Reinwald took the lead away on lap 9 only to have Mann come back on the inside two laps later to regain the lead. Seitz moved past Behring for third and then Reinwald a few laps later. With three laps remaining, the leader encountered lap traffic allowing Seitz to move underneath Mann and challenge for the lead. Reinwald was also able to close to within a couple of car-lengths of the front two. As they entered each corner, Seitz gained on Mann using the bottom of the track but Mann got better traction coming off the corner as Seitz spun the tires allowing Mann to retain the lead on the straights. The two made contact a couple times but it was Mann in the end taking the win by a car length over Seitz with Reinwald close behind followed by Behring and Nate Schepp.
Next week at the speedway is the Pit Crew Appreciation night with the trophy sponsor being Tom Rielly Pontiac/Olds GMC Trucks.

IMCA Modified:
Feature: 1) Jay Schraufnagel, Beaver Dam; 2) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 3) Nick Woods, Beaver Dam; 4) Todd Ascherien, Beaver Dam; 5) Scott Lewis, Waukau; 6) Dennis Haldemann, Janesville; 7) Sammy Strasser, Beaver Dam; 8) Keith Schmitt, Beaver Dam; 9) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam; 10) Casey Koch, Beaver Dam
First Heat: 1) Dennis Schultz; 2) Sammy Strasser; 3) Scott Lewis; 4) Scott Magsman, DeForest; 5) Tim Gardiner, Escanaba, MI
Second Heat: 1) Kelly Brown, Randolph; 2) Nick Woods; 3) Casey Koch; 4) Dennis Haldemann; 5) Kris Smith, West Allis
Third Heat: 1) Jay Schraufnagel; 2) Todd Ascherien; 3) John Schultz, Oshkosh; 4) Keith Schmitt; 5) Dave Schoenberger
IMCA Stock:
Feature: 1) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 2) Tim Paitrick, Beaver Dam; 3) Elroy Thrun, Horicon; 4) John Stanton, Reeseville; 5) Jeff Owens, Randolph; 6) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 7) Scott Erdmann, Juneau; 8) Curt Beek, Markesan; 9) Thomas Boerson, Waupun; 10) Kevin Rank, Ripon
First Heat: 1) Tim Paitrick; 2) Jeff Owens; 3) Scott Erdmann; 4) Kevin Rank; 5) Thomas Boerson
Second Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) Roger Johnson; 3) John Stanton; 4) Brian Brooks; 5) Curt Beek
DCRA Pure Stock:
Feature: 1) Bob Mann, Reeseville; 2) Steve Sietz, Beaver Dam; 3) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 4) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 5) Nate Schepp, Juneau; 6) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford; 7) Craig Lepple, Beaver Dam; 8) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam; 9) Brent Lepple, Beaver Dam; 10) Nathan Hodgson, Horicon
First Heat: 1) Bob Mann; 2) Brent Lepple; 3) Nathan Hodgson; 4) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam; 5) Trevor Schmidt
Second Heat: 1) Craig Lepple; 2) Steve Seitz; 3) Ed Coulter, Beaver Dam; 4) Jason Behring; 5) Randy Schimmel

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