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posted June 30, 2001 04:19 PM UIN: 16262997

Minersville, PA - June 29, 2001 - After parting company with the Don Keefer
99K Team and missing a week of action, Meme DeSantis of Temple, PA returned
with his reliable Dennis Eisenhart 88T to capture his first Big Diamond
Raceway NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified win of the season on Friday
night (June 29).
Jesse Sterling of Lehighton, PA, in only the fifth race of his rookie
season at Big Diamond, captured his first career ShorTrack Sportsman win
while Steve Fessler of Schuylkill Haven, PA out dueled John Ulsh (Summit
Station, PA) to take his second Roadrunner feature win of the year. The
program was Dairy Association Night, as well at Checkered Flag Fan Club
Night, and all fans were treated to free ice cream on the humid and hot
summer evening.
Barry Readinger of Fleetwood, PA pushed his Devine Trucking 70D to an
early lead at the start of the 25-lap NASCAR WRS Modified feature. Readinger
was strong and opened up a half straightaway lead over Jason Andrews
(Palmerton, PA) as the leaders completed 14 laps before the first yellow flew
when the battled for third got nasty resulting in Kyle Weiss (Hamburg, PA),
Larry Kelleher (Scranton, PA) and Jimmy Hauer (Lebanon, PA) tangling and Tim
Fitzpatrick (Minersville, PA) being sidelined for his involvement. Suddenly
Terry Meitzler (Kutztown, PA), Keith Hoffman (Whitehall, PA), Meme DeSantis,
Kevin Graver, Jr. (Lehighton, PA), Duane Howard (Oley, PA), Jeff Strunk
(Bethel, PA), Glenn Strunk (Boyertown, PA) and Ray Swinehart (Bechtelsville,
PA) found themselves in the top ten after standing 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th,
12th, 13th and 14th respectively when the completed lap 14.
That first yellow triggered yellow fever as some drivers began showing
impatience. After completing one more lap, Readinger was still on top but the
train of Meitzler, DeSantis, Howard and Hoffman chugged by Andrews. The
yellow flew again with 15 complete for a four-car tangle. On the restart
DeSantis made a big move under the front row and Hoffman tried to follow
through only to result in sparks flying and Hoffman spinning in turn three
collecting five others.
On the next restart DeSantis repeated the same move under Readinger and
Meitzler to take charge on lap 16. Meitzler took second and, on lap 17, point
leader Duane Howard took third. Howard moved up one more on lap 18 and Craig
Von Dohren (Barto, PA) charged to third, The yellow flew again on lap 19 and
on the restart Meitzler, now fourth, got out in the lose stuff in turn four
and recovered only to collect much of the field on the front stretch. When
the sparks were over and the smoke cleared, Meitzler, Jack Hartnett (Telford,
PA), Glenn Strunk, Kevin Hartnett (Perkasie, PA), Dennis Bailey (Kutztown,
PA) and Smokey Warren (Jonestown, PA) were stacked up.
They ran clean the rest of the way and Duane Howard gave it all he had,
as they came off turn four for the checkered Howard drew right up on DeSantis
bumper but the opening he looked for was not there and Meme DeSantis took his
first win of the year. Howard settled for second followed by Craig Von
Dohren, Jeff Strunk and the resurging Keith Hoffman. Kyle Weiss, Barry
Readinger, Scott Albert (Fredericksburg, PA), Ron Mawson, Jr. (Pittston, PA)
and Bob trapper (Scranton, PA) completed the top ten. Heat winners were
Hoffman, Von Dohren, Howard and DeSantis while Jerry Higbie, Jr. (Slate Hill,
NY) and Ray Swinehart captured consolation honors.
Joe Goerner (Hamburg, PA) led the opening laps of the NASCAR ShorTrack
Sportsman 20-lap feature with Terry Bensinger (Schuylkill Haven, PA) taking
the lead on lap four. In the pack, John Patchoski (Scranton, PA) and rookie
Jesse Sterling, who started side-by-side in the fifth row of the feature
line-up, were moving through the field. Sterling got to the leaders first and
overtook Bensinger on lap 11 for the lead. The sharp yellow Sterling Racing
Engines/Ahner's Furniture 414 was strong and consistent Big Diamond racer,
Patchoski, ran right behind him the final 10 laps. Two of the most dominant
drivers at Big Diamond since the inception of the Sportsman, Gary Hager
(Stewartsville, NJ) and Dave Dissinger (Mohrsville, PA) moved to third and
fourth by lap 12 but they had nothing for the top two.
Jesse Sterling took his first career win over John Patchoski, Gary
Hager, Dave Dissinger, Terry Bensinger, Tom Cremer (Sinking Spring, PA),
Brent Boyer (Bloomsburg, PA), Paul Koch (Neffs, PA) in the Biasi B1, Randy
Mohn (Fredericksburg, PA) and Chris Clemens (Coopersburg, PA). Heat winners
were Clemens, Bensinger and John heckler (Hatfield, PA) while Koch took the
A new format was attempted in the Sportsman feature to attempt to speed
up the show and, in the long run, hopefully reduce the number of cautions.
The feature distance remained 20-laps but, after one lap was complete, each
time there was a caution flag, a lap was added to the lap counter on the
charge lap. The charge lap was not actually scored for order but it was
counted on the scoreboard. It seemed to work this week as the total number of
cautions was reduced to five (and only four resulted to counted yellow laps
as the final yellow flew with 19 laps complete).
Marc Berzowski (Minersville, PA) look like he was on his way to his
first win of the year as he battled to hold off Kirby Schlappich (Temple, PA)
and Dave Winslow (Fleetwood, PA) in the early laps of the Roadrunner 15-lap
main. Steve Fessler moving through the field with point leader, John Ulsh
(Summit Station, PA) right on his rear bumper. Barry Schrader (Orwigsburg,
PA) and Corey Renninger (Llewellyn, PA) joined the charging pack right up to
Berzowski by lap 7. On lap 8, Fessler took the lead on a restart. Schrader
surged to second only to lose power one lap later putting Berzowski back
behind Fessler. Ulsh and Renninger eventually overtook Berzowski on lap 12
and were all over Fessler for the lead. Ulsh actually was credited with
leading lap 14 but when the checkered flag flew it was Fessler the winner
over Renninger, Ulsh, Buck Crossley (Leesport, PA) and Phil Levering
(Parkerburg, PA). Only one heat was run with Levering taking the win.
Two events are on the Big Diamond schedule this holiday week.
On Tuesday night, July 3, Big Diamond hosts the annual Georgie Stevenson
Memorial 50 for Modifieds. With the new Tuesday night date and the $4000 top
prize, a few invaders are expected to take on the already strong field of Big
Diamond Modified stars. The Roadrunners will also be on the card that carries
a 7:30 starting time. Both divisions will be running for Big Diamond NASCAR
points in this event.
On Friday, July 6, it is True Value Hardware Night for the NASCAR Weekly
Racing Series Modifieds, ShorTrack Series Sportsman and Roadrunners at 8 PM.
It is also another Simpson Race Products Contingency Night.
For more info on racing at Big Diamond call (570) 544-6434 or drop in at


25-lap Feature: 1. 88T Meme DeSantis, 2. 126 Duane Howard, 3. 114 Craig Von
Dohren, 4. W9 Jeff Strunk, 5. 5 Keith Hoffman, 6. 21K Kyle Weiss, 7. 70D
Barry Readinger, 8. 10 Scott Albert, 9. 3X Ron Mawson, Jr., 10. 69T Bob
Trapper, 11. 88 Kevin Hartnett, 12. 21T Jason Andrews, 13. 357 Glenn Strunk,
14. 14 Terry Meitzler, 15. 99K Smokey Warren, 16. 55 Dennis Bailey, 17. 6JR
Jack Hartnett, 18. 2T Tracy Readinger, 19. 33 Ray Swinehart, 20. 7L Jeff
Bomgardner, 21. 101 Kevin Graver, Jr., 22. 58s Shawn Reimert, 23. 102 Tim
Fitzpatrick, 24. L70 Larry Kelleher, 25. 9 Jim Hauer, 26. 91 Rick
Stankiewicz, 27. R10 Randy Stoudt, 28. 77H Jerry Higbie, Jr. No Time.
Heat 1: 5 Hoffman, 9 Hauer, 21T Andrews, 101 Graver, 55 Bailey, 99K Warren,
7L Bomgardner, 30 Mike Missimer, TV2 Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 42J Jeff Sechrist,
58S Reimert. N/T.
Heat 2: 114 Von Dohren, 69T Trapper, 102 T. Fitzpatrick, 14 Meitzler, 91
Stankiewicz, 77H Higbie, 14s Todd Biever, 27 Bob Ebersole, 8 Tom Umbenhauer,
R19 Ron Seltmann, 18 Todd Marburger. N/T.
Heat 3: 126 Howard, 70D B.Readinger, 88 K.Hartnett, 21K Weiss, 3X Mawson,
Jr., 33 Swinehart, 6JR J.Hartnett, 027 Bruce Williams, X1 Ryan Moyer, 87
Kerry Kratz, 51 Wayne Renninger. N/T.
Heat 4: 88T DeSantis, L70 Kelleher, W9 J.Strunk, 357 G.Strunk, 10 Albert, 2T
T.Readinger, R10 Stoudt, 18C Craig Whitmoyer, 44 Dan Erb, KB1 Rusty Lesher,
10-lap Time: 3:08.66.
Consolation 1: 77H Higbie, 7L Bomgardner, 99K Warren, 58S Reimert, 42J
Sechrist, 27 B.Ebersole, 14S Biever, TV2 Gunther-Walsh, R19 Seltmann, 30
Missimer, 18 Marburger. No Time.
Consolation 2: 33 Swinehart, 6Jr J.Hartnett, 2T T.Readinger, R10 Stoudt, 87
Kratz, 18C Whitmoyer, 027 Williams, X1 Moyer, 8 Umbenhauer, KB1 Lesher, 44
Erb, 51 Renninger. 8-lap Time: 2:32.58.

20-lap Feature: 1. 414 Jesse Sterling, 2. 3X John Patchoski, 3. 44 Gary
Hager, 4. 88X Dave Dissinger, 5. 114 Terry Bensinger, 6. 39 Tom Cremer, 7. 19
Brent Boyer, 8. B1 Paul Koch, 9. 505 Randy Mohn, 10. 21 Chris Clemens, 11. 17
Billy Moyer, Jr., 12. 26 Tom Brennan, 13. M16 Mike Schane, 14. 91 Joe
Goerner, 15. 72 Jeff Ebersole, 16. 7 Rick Hendricks, 17. 35 Lance Hoch, 18.
55 John Heckler, 19. 8 Brad Force, 20. 926 Darren Dreher, 21. 57 Ricky Rutt,
22. 316 Jeff Paulson, 23. 25 John Deatrich, Jr., 24. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick.
Heat 1: 21 Clemens, 35 Hoch, 39 Cremer, 102 S.Fitzpatrick, 505 Mohn, 26
Brennan, 19 Boyer, 77 Jeff Graby, 316 Paulson, B1 Koch, 12 Carl Leiber. N/T.
Heat 2: 114 Bensinger, 72 J.Ebersole, 44 Hager, 414 Sterling, 3X Patchoski, 7
Hendricks, 926 Dreher, USA1 Bob Lineman, Jr., 002 Ed Scott, 23B Steve
Zimmerman, 15 Dale Hartz. N/T.
Heat 3: 55 Heckler, 91 Goerner, M16 Schane, 88X Dissinger, 25 Deatrich, 57
Rutt, 17 B.Moyer, 8 Force, 83 Carl Koehn, 28 Tom Solderich. N/T.
Consi: B1 Koch, 19 Boyer, 8 Force, 17 B.Moyer, 926 Dreher, 316 Paulson, 28
Solderich, 83 Koehn, 23B Zimmerman, 12 Leiber, USA1 Lineman, 77 Graby, 002
Scott, 15 Hartz. N/T.

15-lap Main: 1. 7 Steve Fessler, 2. 3C Corey Renninger, 3. 5 JohnUlsh, 4. 76
Buck Crossley, 5. 39 Phil Levering, 6. 22 Mike Allar, 7. 25M Marc Berzowski,
8. 85 Chris Eckert, 9. 19W Derrick Bender, 10. 13 Rob Kistler, 11. 8 Chris
Bower, 12. 77 Barry Schrader, 13. 27X Dave Winslow, 14. 77X Kirby Schlappich,
15. 1 Dave Miller. N/T
Heat: 39, 77x, 1, 7, 27X, 25, 76, 77, 5, 3c, 8, 19W, 85, 22, 13. Time:

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