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Author Topic:   Smith First NST Repeat Winner At Willamette Speedway
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posted June 30, 2001 07:05 AM UIN: 16262997
Smith First NST Repeat Winner At Willamette Speedway

Slower cars blocking leader Shawna Wilskey gave Cottage Grove, Oregon's Dale
Smith the opening he needed to take the point position and then go the
distance to the checkered for the win. This gave Smith the distinction of
being the hy-per-lube Northern Sprint Tour's first repeat
winner on Lebanon, OR's fast and smooth Willamette Speedway on Friday, June

Jeremy Cooper took the lead on the initial green flag, held it in a lap 3
restart caused when Barry Martinez jumped a tire on another car and flipped
in the third turn, and had a good lead on the field until slowed by traffic
on lap eight. Smith took advantage of the slower traffic to pull even with
Cooper at the flag stand, bit it was Wilskey making the pass and taking the
lead on lap ten.

Two laps later Smith put a pass on Cooper exiting the second turn and set
his sights on Wilskey. Another yellow on lap 14 for a spun Roger Crockett,
and then a red on the restart when Jayme Barnes caught a wheel and then the
turn two wall, had Smith close on Wilskey's rear nerf bar as the leaders
quickly closed on the slower cars.

On lap 22 Wilskey had her inside line blocked and Smith made the pass for
the lead on the back straight. A yellow for a stopped Jeff Thompson on the
next lap closed the cars again but Smith was up to the task of holding
Wilskey off as they raced to the checkered flag.

The battle for 4th see-sawed between Marvin Smith, Scott Aumen and Jason
Solwold, with M. Smith holding the spot most of the time until Solwold
nailed the position down on the lap 23 restart with Smith and Aumen
following to the finish of the 30 lap feature event.

Rick Smith was the hard charger of the night for the second race in a row,
picking up 11 positions to finish eighth behind Jay Cole who had advanced 3

Smith's win was his second of the season and Wilskey's second place finish
pushed her to a 35 point lead over Crockett in the points race.

B-Main action opened to a red flag on the first lap when Jeff Osburn and Jim
Cress got together in turn three, Osburn was out, but Cress was able to
restart. On the second green, Aumen took control of the show, leading all 15
laps to the finish. Fauver and John Tharp diced for third the first half of
the race, with Fauver getting the spot when Tharp spun on lap ten.

On the restart, Fauver picked up another spot when he got by Richie Peterson
to put the chase on Aumen, leaving Peterson to defend and then lose third to
a charging and determined Scott Adams.

At the wire the top six were Aumen, Fauver, Adams, Peterson, Cale Carder and
Tony Menard.

All three heats went wire to wire with no stops, with the first going to
Cole over Martinez, Rick Smith, M. Smith and D. Smith. Heat two winner was
Ron Wilson with Brandon Harkness, Solwold, J. Cooper and Crockett getting
transfer spots to the feature event.

Heat three saw Thompson lead the first 9 laps and then slide high in turn
three on the final lap giving Greg Brown the opportunity to pass for the
lead and the win. Barnes, Wilskey and J. Harkness followed.

The dash went red with less than a lap down when J. Harkness flipped in turn
four. D. Smith took the lead on the re-start and lead to the checkered flag.
He was followed by J. Cooper, Wilskey, M. Smith and Crockett to set the
front three rows of the feature event. Harkness was
out for the night.

The track record fell three times, first to the first car out as Wilskey
made a 12.421 second lap. Twenty-two cars later, Crockett knocked it down to
12. 402 seconds only to have Dale Smith come out right after him and lower
it again to 12.306 seconds.

Fast Time - Dale Smith- 15.306 NTR
Heat 1 - Jay Cole, Barry Martinez, Rick Smith, Marvin Smith, Dale Smith,
Scott Aumen, Cale Carder, Tony Menard, Melissa Yates.
Heat 2 - Ron Wilson, Brandon Harkness, Jason Solwold, Jeremy Cooper, Roger
Crockett, Scott Adams, Jeff Osburn, Gus Cooper, John Tharp..
Heat 3 - Jeff Thompson, Greg Brown, Jayme Barnes, Shawna Wilskey, Jay R.
Harkness, Rick Fauver, Richie Peterson, Jim Cress.
Dash - D. Smith, J. Cooper, Wilskey, M. Smith, Crockett, J Harkness.
B-Main - Aumen, Fauver, Adams, Peterson, Carder, Menard, Tharp, G. Cooper,
Yates, Cress, Osburn.
A-Main - D. Smith, Wilskey, J. Cooper, Solwold, M. Smith, Aumen, Cole,
Fauver, Crockett, B. Harkness, Wilson, Carder, Brown, R. Smith, Adams,
Menard, Thompson, Peterson, Barnes, Martinez.

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