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Author Topic:   MACS at Challenger
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posted June 25, 2001 01:40 AM UIN: 16262997
MACS at Challenger

Indiana, PA (June 24) - David Scott from Garland, PA made it just far enough to win the 40-lap Mid-Atlantic Championship Series Late Model feature on Sunday night at Challenger Raceway. Scott seemed to be an easy winner as the race had taken the white flag. But his car suffered a broken part in the rear suspension in the final turn on the last lap, and Scott made it to the finish line just barely in front of Ron Davies to notch his career first MACS victory, and his third of the season at Challenger. In the companion feature sponsored by North East Locators Auto Sales, it was Butch Lambert from Mars, PA winning the 15-lap main for the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks.

The 40-lap Mid-Atlantic Championship Series Late Model feature race had the feature position draw yielding front row starting positions to Jim Yoder and Scott Brode. As the race started, Brode moved into the early lead with third starting John Flinner moving quickly to second. Brode and Flinner battled for the lead, and Flinner had a good run at passing when a lap 8 yellow flag waved. David Scott was on the move in the early laps from 12th starting spot, and would inherit third when the third place car of Scott Haus spun on lap 9. An extended period of green flag racing would ensue, as the battle for the lead would intensify. Brode had his hands full with both Flinner and Scott, as the halfway mark approached. After the leaders had crossed the line on lap 20, Flinner had made his way past Brode, but a yellow flag would wipe out the move.

The lead battle continued as the race resumed, with Flinner finally able to take the lead on lap 22, before another yellow slowed the pace. Scott quickly moved to second as Brode started to fade. Nick Jones had moved to third by lap 24, after starting in 15th. When another yellow flag came out on lap 27, the cars circled the track under caution with a lucky 13 laps remaining. But it would be unlucky for Flinner, as his right rear tire would go flat, to force him to the pits. Scott would inherit the lead, and seemed to be in control of the event. He had pulled to a comfortable lead as the laps clicked by. As the battle raged for second, the outcome seemed decided until a yellow flag waved on the final lap. It involved two of the battlers for second, as Yoder would spin, collecting Jones. With rules forcing a two-lap run to the finish, battle up front would get interesting.

When racing resumed, Mike Blose was now second but he would spin from second while battling Ron Davies. This would force another restart, as Davies now would challenge Scott. As Scott had gotten away as the white flag waved, he appeared to be home free before his rear suspension problem flattened his right rear tire. With the checkered flag waving, Scott stood on the gas petal and barely beat Davies to the line to score the narrow victory. Bob Close completed an impressive charge from 19th starting position to finish third. Lynn Geisler was fourth, with Brode recovering for fifth. Mike Johnson, Dave Satterlee, Haus back from the tail on lap 9, 22nd starting Matt Urban, and Wally Fox completed the top ten.

With 37 MACS Late Models on hand, qualifying Heat race winners were Mike Blose, John Flinner, Scott Haus, and Tom Decker. B-Main event winners were Nolan Dalton and Chris Shuey.

>From outside of row one, Butch Lambert passed Jason Fosnaught to lead from the start of the 15-lap Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature. With the distance going the entire way under the green flag, Lambert was soon to feel a challenge from fourth starting Chris Schneider. They would battle for the lead for almost the entire event with Lambert running high, and Schneider trying to work past on the inside. Schneider had his best run on the final lap, but his bid to win came up just short. Lambert would score his third victory of the season. Schneider would be disappointed by finishing second, but came out of the race with the biggest prize. Race sponsor North East Locators Auto Sales offered a $1000 prize to a random finisher, and it was claimed by Schneider as the number 2 was drawn for the lucky finisher. Lambert noted in victory lane that he'd gladly exchange positions with Schneider. Schneider replied, "maybe next time." Jeff Walters raced home third to retain the point lead, with Mike Hilla, Jr. and Rob Kosecki rounding out the top five. Lambert was also the Heat winner. In the Stewart Bus Line Super Point standings, a separate point race fund, Schneider holds a narrow lead over Lambert.

The weekly Saturday night racing programs will resume on June 30. This program will feature the Thomas Neureiter Memorial Race for Late Models, which was recently added to the schedule. The winner on that night will earn $3500. Besides the Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Models, the Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds, the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks, and North East Locators Strictly Stocks will also be on the card. The rain date for this program will be Sunday, July 1. The gates for all racing programs open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Challenger Raceway is located 6.4 miles southwest of US 422 on PA 286, then one mile north on McIntyre Road. For more information, please call 724-726-5494 for the office, or 724-726-9808 for the track. For the most complete source of Challenger Raceway information, visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:
Saturday, June 30 - The Thomas Neureiter Memorial Race for Late Models. Four-division racing, plus Late Model Mechanic's Race.
July 6-7-8 - No auto racing, N.T.T. A.T.V. Nationals.

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Challenger Raceway results for Sunday, June 24, 2001.

Mid-Atlantic Championship Series Late Models - Car Count - 37.
Heat winners - Mike Blose, John Flinner, Scott Haus, Tom Decker.
B-Main winners - Nolan Dalton, Chris Shuey.
Feature - 1)David Scott. 2)Ron Davies. 3)Bob Close. 4)Lynn Geisler. 5)Scott Brode. 6)Mike Johnson. 7)Dave Satterlee. 8)Scott Haus. 9)Matt Urban. 10)Wally Fox. 11)Matt Lux. 12)Denny Chamberlain. 13)Dave Norton. 14)Nick Jones. 15)Mike Blose. 16)Jim Yoder. 17)Tom Decker. 18)Larry Wright. 19)John Flinner. 20)Todd Andrews. 21)Nolan Dalton. 22)Chris Shuey. 23)Gary Lyle. 24)Bob Wearing, Jr.
Did not qualify - Rob Blair, Jason Carnahan, Bob Cessna, Matt Gaston, Dwayne Steiner, Glenn Ray, Kirk Bradley, Jim Mazur, Keith Barbera, Frank Smith, Gerald Davis, Tom Myers, George Fultz.

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks - Car Count - 10.
Heat winner - Butch Lambert.
Feature - 1)Butch Lambert. 2)Chris Schneider. 3)Jeff Walters. 4)Mike Hilla, Jr. 5)Rob Kosecki. 6)Shawn Mogle. 7)Tommy Dembowski. 8)Randy Caldwell. 9)Herb Loper. 10)Jason Fosnaught.
Current Point Standings - 1)975, 18, Jeff Walters. 2)940, 36D, Rob Kosecki. 3)877, 27, Butch Lambert. 4)874, J19, Jason Fosnaught. 5)866, 12, Randy Caldwell. 6)854, 66, Joe Kelley. 7)852, 00H, Mike Hilla, Jr. 8)843, 79, Tommy Dembowski. 9)829, 55, Chris Schneider. 10)732, 8, Jim Swezey.
Super Point Standings - 1)197, 55, Chris Schneider. 2)194, 27, Butch Lambert. 3)191, 18, Jeff Walters. 4)179, 36D, Rob Kosecki. 5)175, 12, Randy Caldwell. 6)174, 79, Tommy Dembowski. 7)168, 00H, Mike Hilla, Jr. 8)167, J19, Jason Fosnaught. 9)97, 11, Jeff Enos. 10)95, 66, Joe Kelley.

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