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posted June 24, 2001 07:45 PM UIN: 16262997

Ken Sargent made it four prostock feature wins in a row on Saturday night at Merrittville Speedway. Jeff Johnson brought home his second in a row in the dwarf class. Kirk Wilson fought hard to earn the checkered flag in the street stock class. Chad Brachmann put another sportsman feature checkered under his belt, as Robbie Krull picked up his first modified feature win. The Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club put on a great show with their vintage cars from the 50's, 60's and 70's. **** Ackerman won the 50's class, Pat Sonnenberg the 60's and John Mc Namee the 70ís.

Jeff Cook and Barry Blanchard started the street stock feature on the lead row, but Cook moved up to take the early lead. Darlene Gifford quickly moved up to relieve Blanchard of second spot. Kirk Wilson slid forward into second spot on lap four, with Gifford and AJ Lewis behind him. Wilson wrenched the lead away from Cook pulling out of turn two on lap five. Lloyd Cichocki came out of nowhere to land himself in third spot on lap six. The caution came out on lap seven as Rick Champigny spun out in turn four. The top five after seven laps were: Wilson, Cichocki, Cook, Mike Dooley and Gifford. Wilson held the lead, but the yellow came back out on the restart, as a bunch of cars were collected between turns one and two. Jason Harper put on a push on the restart, and started to get around some cars. Dooley was up to third spot on lap 10. Chris Charest moved up to challenge Darren Zumpe for fifth spot, and got it with only two laps to go. Dooley spun out with only two to go, causing him to take a huge leap backwards in the pack. Wilson held the lead to the checkered and was followed in by Cichocki, Harper, Charest, and Jerry Deschamps. Charest and Deschamps started in 23rd and 24th spots respectively.

Bill Perry lead the first lap of the dwarf car feature by a hair, with Chris Rimmen right behind him. Ray Webber jumped into second spot on lap three. Jeff Johnson started closing on the leaders, and was into fourth spot on lap three. Webber moved into second spot on lap five. Perry broke on lap six and headed into the pits, leaving the lead for Webber. Johnson was up behind Webber, looking for a way around him. Yellow on lap 9 as Howard Manges spun out in turn four. The top five after ten laps were: Ray Webber, Johnson, Dave Ackler, Rimmen, and Wally Billing. Johnson looked to challenge Webber for the lead on lap 11, and took it coming out of four. Ackler moved into second spot on lap 12. Scott Billing brought out the caution on lap 13, leaving a two lap dash for the checkered, after he spun out in turn four. Lee Webber made it into fourth spot on the restart, and into third with only a lap to go. Johnson took the checkered followed by Ackler, Lee Webber, Wally Billing, and Ray Webber.

Joe Meisel, Adam Ferri, John McKinney, Rob Pietz, Brian Elliotson and Chris Wood qualified for the sportsman feature out
of the B' main.

Brian Halliwell took the early lead in the prostock feature, with Steve Devos right beside him, and ahead of him going into turn three. Halliwell's lead was short lived. Devos took a commanding lead on the field right away. Danny Gilbert moved up to challenge Bill Bleichfor third spot on lap four, and get around him, but Bleich started to battle back. Gilbert got around Halliwell for second spot on a six. Ken Sargent moved into fifth spot on lap seven. Jeff Dayman moved up to challenge Gilbert on lap nine. Caution on lap nine as Sean Keus and Rick Baker tangled in turn four. The top five after nine laps were: Devos, Gilbert, Dayman, Sargent and Bleich. Devos took off once again, as Dayman moved up to challenge Gilbert for second. Yellow on lap 11 as AJ Schulz came to rest in turn four. Devos held the lead on the restart, but Sargent was trying to better his position. Dayman and Devos went too high coming out of turn four and Sargent swept under them for the win on the last lap. Dayman came in second and Devos in third.

The Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club took to the track next to put on a show for the fans. The 50ís and 60ís cars had their ten lap feature first. James Hillmire took the early lead in the first feature, but Pat Sonnenberg was making waves up through the pack and was in fourth spot before the completion of the first lap. Sonnenberg was into third spot at the end of lap two. Sonnenberg had the lead before caution came out on lap five. Leon Litzenberg and Casey Morden got together in turn four bringing out the yellow. Sonnenberg held the lead on the restart, but Hillmire was trying to get around him. Brad Litzenberg snuck into second spot, with four laps to go. Sonnenberg held it to the line and was followed in by Brad Litzenberg, **** Ackerman, Hillmire and Harold Sonnenberg.

Erin Smith and Bob Williams Sr. started the 70ís vintage car feature on the lead row and battled side by side until turn four when Williams pulled ahead. John McNamee put on a big push and took the lead going into turn three on lap two. McNamee never looked back. Williams held onto second spot, until his left front tire started sparking and he had to move to the infield. Smith relieved him of second and Joel Grimaldi took third, followed by Lowry Siemens.

The women were next to take to the track. Christine Porter and Kathy Rodgers were to start the race side by side, but Porter took Rodgers out of the running just as they were coming down the front stretch to take the green. Rodgers was towed off and Porter was sent tail for the restart but it didnít make a difference; she had passed the entire field by the time they were going into turn three on the first lap. Porter drove a nice line around the track and had a half lap lead on Karen Kocarik (7k) before they had completed two laps. Porter held it to the checkered and was followed in by Charlene Dooley, Chrissy Michaud, and Kocarik.

Nearly half the field was involved in an accident between turns one and two on the first lap of the sportsman feature. Eleven of the 24 cars were collected, however they all made it back out of the pits to take the green on the restart, although many had a few more dents than when they started the race. Brad Rouse took the early lead, followed by Stewart Friesen. Friesen pulled alongside Rouse on the front of lap two, but couldnít get around him. Joe Meisel moved into third spot on lap six. Chad
Brachmann nabbed fourth spot on lap seven. Friesen was beside Rouse again on lap eight as Brachmann stole into third place. Friesen hit the rail in turn four, causing him to fall back. Chris Wood brought out the caution as he came to rest in turn four on lap nine. Rouse took the outside line on the restart, and held the lead, but Brachmann moved up quickly and got around him going out of turn four. Meisel and Rouse continued to battle for second spot with Rouse having his best race of the season - Meisel finally wrestled second spot on lap 12 going out of turn four. Top five with five to go were: Brachmann, Meisel, Rouse, Wayne Conn and Friesen. Randy Chrysler moved up to challenge Friesen for fifth spot on lap 22. Brachmann held the lead to the line and was followed in by, Meisel, Rouse, Conn and Chrysler.

Fred Carleton took the early lead in the modified feature. Harry Sittler held second spot, as Rich Vinson broke in turn four and brought out the first caution on lap three. Rick Richner held back in third spot, looking for a way around Sittler. Robbie Krull went flying through the pack and landed in fourth spot on lap seven after starting well back in the pack. Greg Panunte and Todd Gordon were duking it out for fifth spot on lap seven with Panunte ahead, but by lap eight Gordon had taken the lead. Sittler started to put a push on Carleton on lap 12. By lap 14 Pete Bicknell was sitting in sixth spot. The first yellow came out on lap 17 as Sam Crogan spun out in turn four. Carleton took the outside for the restart. Krull made his way around Sittler for second on the restart. Bicknell was into fourth spot on lap 20 and third a lap later. By lap 25 he had made it around Krull and into second spot. Carleton held the lead, but Bicknell was pushing him. The yellow came out with only five laps to go as Crogan spun out in turn four again. Carleton held onto it on the restart, but Bicknell was just biding his time to make his move. The two of them battled back and forth side by side for three laps until both cars went high in turn two and Bicknell spun out. Carleton was sent tail, as was Bicknell for being involved. Krull found himself in first spot, with a one lap dash for the checkered. Krull held it to the line and was followed in by Dan Miller, Sittler, Billy Krull and Don Spatorico.

Next weekend itís a Merrittville Speedway double header as Saturday June 30th sees Midas Auto Service Experts present the annual Celebrity/Media Challenge along our premier class the 358 modifieds, Sportsmen, Pro Stocks, Dwarfs, and the second appearance for the 4 cylinders. Monday July 2nd promises to be the biggest event on Canadian DIRT as Azurix North America presents the 358 Triple 50 $72,000 Sunoco Race Fuels Super DIRT Series Ė also on the card Street stock twin 15ís. Best long weekend of the summer happening right at the Thorold track celebrating itís 50th year of consecutive dirt track racing. For more information, call The Speedway hotline 905-892-8266 or visit

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