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posted June 24, 2001 10:23 AM UIN: 16262997
Cajon Speedway Results for 06/23/01

EL CAJON, CA. (06/23/01) Ron Overman had only the fifth fastest car in the
second half of the twin 30-lap main events for late model sportsman at Cajon
Speedway Saturday night. But the 58-year-old two-time champ still ended up
in victory lane after the kid, 27-year-old Danny Gay, won the opening NASCAR
Weekly Racing Series contest.

Rich Green took honors in the street stocks for the second straight week. Ed
Hale won again in the ponys for the fourth time this year. Defending
champion Pat Garity also streaked to his fourth bomber stock win of the
season. Lyndon Dynsinger was dominant in the mini-stockars.

Just a few feet cost Mike Mendenhall victory and Danny Gay a runner-up
finish in the sportsman finale. On lap 36, Mendenhall was putting a move on
the pacesetting Gay as they came off turn four. He nearly had the pass made
but drifted up into Gay's path just before he was clear. The contact between
the right rear of Mendenhall's mount and the left front of Gay's steed
resulted in bedlam. Gay's Monte Carlo rode over the front of Mendenhall's
Monte Carlo, and climbed the crashwall just past the starting line. It then
skated along the top of the wall into turn one. Along the way it took out
the signal light. Mendenhall's car suffered severe front-end damage when it
slammed into the concrete barrier. The younger Gay had gained the top spot
on lap 18 when Todd McLauchlan was pursuing Jerry Gay and bumped him,
sending the defending track champion spinning. McLauchlan was banished to
the rear of the field for that restart. The McLauchlan-elder Gay incident
moved Overman up from fifth to third. He inherited number one when
Mendenhall and the younger Gay crashed.

McLauchlan appeared to have a faster car than Jerry Gay until their
incident. McLauchlan had started sixth while Jerry Gay got the jump on the
field from his outside front row starting position. Once they went to the
back of the pack, Mendenhall just appeared to bide his time stalking the
Danny Gay. No doubt about it, Mendenhall is able to make passes on the low
side, a move few sportsman drivers will even try. The two had run nearly
side-by-side from the 19th lap until the point leader slipped up.

Overman had started on the pole. But he faded back to fifth by lap 5. He
took the checkered flag ahead of a hard charging Don Kerr, who came from
ninth. Claude Bell stormed from 12th to third. Jerry Gay recovered to finish
fourth ahead of McLauchlan.

The first main event was tame compared to the final laps of the second race.
There was only one slowdown and it came early as most everyone was driving
conservatively. The yellow came on lap 7 when McLauchlan and Kerr made
contact as they battled for fourth through the fourth turn. Kerr ended up
smacking the wall near the starting line. Stephen Peace ran out of racing
room and hit both Kerr and the wall at the starting line. Kerr was able to
continue but Peace made the trip back to the pits on the tow truck.

Manke led the opening round but ceded the top spot to Gay on lap 2. Gay, who
started fourth, was in control the rest of the way and slowly expanded his
lead to the checkered flag. Mendenhall and Jerry Gay had the best battle on
the track. Lap after lap the point leader would dive underneath the elder
Gay in the turns, but was unable to make the pass stick. With seven laps
remaining in the 30-lapper, Mendenhall got a good run off the fourth turn
and gained the advantage.The opening 30-lapper marked Danny Gay's initial
victory in a late model sportsman. The victor was 20 lengths in front of
runner-up Mendenhall. Jerry Gay ran third ahead of Ron Overman and John

The street stocks had another marathon 25-lapper, which took more than a
half hour to complete. Rich Green took the lead from Neil Rodvold with a
pass on the low side in turn three on lap 16. Rodvold had led from the
start. At one point there was a gaggle of eight drivers racing in a tight
knit pack for second. But that tussle was broken up when four cars running a
little deeper in the pack mixed it up in turn two on lap 12. That strung
everyone out a bit and also erased Rodvold's comfortable lead. Green ended
up six lengths in front of Rick Hagen as those two battle for the number one
spot in the divisional standings. Rob Overman had his best drive of the
season and came home third. Rounding out the top five were Brian Collins,
his third fourth place showing of the year. Rodvold was fifth.

Unlike their bigger brethren, the pony stocks ran 20 laps in ten minutes.
Hale came from tenth to lead in just over two laps. Douglas Wright Jr. had
hopes of another late race pass of Hale for the win, but the ageless one was
not to be denied. The 63-year-old Hale was four lengths in front at the
stripe. Andy Papp was third ahead of Jimmy Kyte and another "old veteran",
George Behlman.

Oh, then there were the bombers where a yellow flag was shown just about
every time you looked up. Actually there were just five caution periods, but
it seemed like more. For quite awhile, Rodney Shaw was being
quadruple-teamed but he managed to fend off the faster qualifiers until
Garity finally got past him on the high side of turn two on lap 14. Shaw
held everyone else at bay and took second. Point leader Bob Wickey had to
settle for third ahead of Mark Holland and Eric Seene. Bill Holland got
turned around on the front stretch on lap 5, but came back from the back of
the pack to finish sixth. Randy Wallace gave the fans an early fireworks
display when he launched a tire through the Ecology Auto Wrecking sign in
turn two on lap 6.

PIT NOTES: Ron Overman won the Hard Charger award for picking up the most
passing points in the initial 30-lapper. Overman won a drum of VP Racing
Fuel donated by Steve Totterer. . Congratulations to the Rodvold family.
Pony stock rookie Kenny Hall and his wife Jessica Rodvold-Hall, daughter of
former pony stock racer Rusty Rodvold and sister of street stocker Neil
Rodvold, became the proud parents of Madison Nikole on Sunday, June 17.
Jessica raced here too last year and hopes to be back behind the wheel of
her orange machine again. . At Orange Show Speedway Saturday night, three
time Cajon champ Gary Tamborelli picked off his first victory there in the
second half of their twin bill. Tambo was third in the opener.


Fast Time - Ron Overman, Lakeside; Time - :16.370.
1st Main (30 laps) - 1. Danny Gay, Lakeside; 2. Mike Mendenhall, Santee; 3.
Jerry Gay, San Diego; 4. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 5. John Manke, Ramona; 6.
Todd McLauchlan, Alpine; 7. Jeff Seifert, Jamul; 8. Rich Green Jr., El
Cajon; 9. Don Kerr, El Cajon; 10. Dee Cable, Santee; 11. Wayne Morse,
Alpine; 12. David Arzola, San Diego; 13. Ed Patton, Carlsbad; 14. Claude
Bell, El Cajon; 15. Robert Parenteau, El Cajon; 16. Stephen Peace, El Cajon;
17. Johnny Baumgartner, Brentwood; Time - 17:23.36.
2nd Main (30 laps) - 1. Ron Overman, Lakeside; 2. Don Kerr, El Cajon; 3.
Claude Bell, El Cajon; 4. Jerry Gay, San Diego; 5. Todd McLauchlan, Alpine;
6. Wayne Morse, Alpine; 7. Dee Cable, Santee; 8. John Manke, Ramona; 9.
David Arzola, San Diego; 10. Ed Patton, Carlsbad; 11. Jeff Seifert, Jamul;
12. Danny Gay, Lakeside; 13. Mike Mendenhall, Santee; 14. Rich Green Jr., El
Cajon; 15. Dan Roberts, Lakeside; Time - 24:07.90.

Fast Time - Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; Time - :17.670.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Neil Rodvold, Lakeside; 2. Randy Buell, San Diego; 3.
Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; Time - 5:16.43.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 2. Rob Overman, El Cajon; 3.
Rick Hagen, Alpine; Time - no time.
Main (25 laps) - 1. Rich Green Jr., El Cajon; 2. Rick Hagen, Alpine; 3. Rob
Overman, El Cajon; 4. Brian Collins, Oceanside; 5. Neil Rodvold, Lakeside;
6. Richard Hinze, Lakeside; 7. Randy Buell, San Diego; 8. Scott Moses, Chula
Vista; 9. Bob Meese, Poway; 10. Todd Phelps, El Cajon; 11. Rich Greeny, El
Cajon; 12. Doug Catania, El Cajon; 13. RJ Stockman, Lakeside; 14. Dave Arce,
Santee; 15. Ivan Harrison, Santee; 16. Gordon Anderson, Lem Grv; 17. Rob
Freeman, Santee; 18. Frank Stielau, El Cajon; 19. Leonard Manos, El Cajon;
Time - 32:29.73.

Fast Time - Mike Weimann, Temecula; Time - :18.390.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. John Swink, Lakeside; 2. Debi Urioste, Poway; 3. Lou
Tompkins, San Diego; Time - 4:19.94.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Andy Papp, La Mesa; 2. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 3. Jimmy
Kyte, El Cajon; Time - 2:30.85.
Semi (10 laps) - 1. Victor Clark, Lakeside; 2. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 3.
Tim Beeney, Escondido; Time - 9:35.55.
Main (20 laps) - 1. Ed Hale, El Cajon; 2. Douglas Wright Jr., Rancho SD; 3.
Andy Papp, La Mesa; 4. Jimmy Kyte, El Cajon; 5. George Behlman, Santee; 6.
Kenny Hall, Lakeside; 7. Mike Weimann, Temecula; 8. Victor Clark, Lakeside;
9. Lou Tompkins, San Diego; 10. Craig Pippin, Vista; 11. John Swink,
Lakeside; 12. Marty Schmidt, El Cajon; 13. Frank Stangler, El Cajon; 14.
David Pardo, Encinitas; 15. Tim Beeney, Escondido; 16. Ken Wikoren, El
Cajon; 17. Debi Urioste, Poway; 18. Tim White, San Clemente; 19. Carole
Schacher, San Diego; 20. Gene Street, El Cajon; Time - 10:01.77.

Fast Time - Pat Garity, El Cajon; Time - :19.880.
Dash (4 laps) - 1. Mark Holland, San Diego; 2. Randy Wallace, El Cajon; 3.
Pat Garity, El Cajon; 4. Bob Wickey, Spring Valley; Time - 1:20.63.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. Mark Wendell, Santee; 2. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 3.
Joey Schneider, Escondido; Time - 2:48.04.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. Hayden Smith, San Diego; 2. Eric Seene, Santee; 3.
Mark Holland, San Diego; Time - 7:03.66.
Main (20 laps) - 1. Pat Garity, El Cajon; 2. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 3. Bob
Wickey, Spring Valley; 4. Mark Holland, San Diego; 5. Eric Seene, Santee; 6.
Bill Holland, El Cajon; 7. Chris Boyer, San Diego; 8. Mark Wendell, Santee;
9. Bob Blew, Santee; 10. Thomas Osborne, San Diego; 11. Joey Schneider,
Escondido; 12. Marty Lehrke, San Diego; 13. Mike McGlone, Fallbrook; 14.
Jess Willhite, El Cajon; 15. Mike Johnson, Spring Valley; 17. Greg McCown,
El Cajon; 17. Allen Basile, San Diego; 18. Jeff Coskey, Santee; 19. Hayden
Smith, San Diego; 20. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 21. Randy Wallace, El Cajon;
Time - 29:55.74.

Fast Time - James Ross, Whittier; Time - :19.120.
1st Heat (8 laps) - 1. James Huett, ; 2. Kit Cooney, Santa Ana; 3. Darin
LeCompte, Grand Terrace; Time - 2:41.93.
2nd Heat (8 laps) - 1. James Ross, Whittier; 2. Lyndon Dynsinger, Corona; 3.
Bory Molina, Glendora; Time - 2:38.83.
Main (20 laps) - 1. Lyndon Dynsinger, Corona; 2. Bory Molina, Glendora; 3.
James Huett, ; 4. Mike Brown, Barstow; 5. Bob Stout, Vista; 6. Darin
LeCompte, Grand Terrace; 7. Doug Evans, Bloomington; 8. Jeff Smith,
Oceanside; 9. Keith Cummins, Montone; 10. Tom Harris, Torrance; 11. James
Ross, Whittier; 12. Kit Cooney, Santa Ana; Time - 6:39.16.


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