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Author Topic:   Brown becomes sixth different winner; Christians continues to reign
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posted June 24, 2001 10:22 AM UIN: 16262997
Brown becomes sixth different winner; Christians continues to reign

The first full night of beautiful weather graced the speedway fans with some tight racing Saturday. Kelly Brown picked up his first career modified win by passing a strong Nick Woods in the last 50 feet of the race. Jeremy Christians continued his domination of the IMCA Stock class and scored his sixth straight win. In the pure stock class Chris Reinwald got a little help and became the first driver in that class to be a repeat winner.
After a long week of repairs from last week’s accident, both John Stanton and Rob Schmid returned to the track. Stanton repaired his own car but Schmid had to resort to a backup racecar.
Tim Paitrick grabbed the early lead in the IMCA Stock feature over John Stanton and Roger Johnson. Jeremy Christians was mired in traffic but by lap5 he had closed onto the bumper of Johnson. One lap later he moved under both Stanton and Johnson and started to chase down the leader. At the halfway point Paitrick bobbled and allowed Christians to slide by for the lead. The front four started to separate themselves from the field as Jeff Owens fought hard with Scott Erdmann and Schmid for fifth. In the closing laps, Johnson gained on Stanton whose car started to go away. Christians took the white flag a few car lengths ahead of Paitrick as Stanton bobbled in turn one allowing Johnson to dive under him taking the third spot.
Christians went on to grab his sixth straight win. He is the only driver in that class to win a feature this year.
Several cautions in the IMCA Modified race eliminated three past feature winners. Tim Lemirande was the first on lap 2 followed by Dennis Schultz and later last weeks winner Eric Scribner. Nick Woods battled Todd Ascherien for the lead as the two took turns leading the race. Right behind them though was Kelly Brown waiting for a chance to strike. On lap 10 Jay Schraufnagel pulled off with a flat and one lap later the caution waved for an accident. During the caution Ascherien came off the track but would return a couple laps down. Woods led Brown on the restart but Brown started using the high side and eventually pulled even with Woods. Scott Lewis ran a strong third and Sammy Strasser had his hand full with Keith Schmitt. Thinking he was still on the lead lap, Schraufnagel came roaring through the field and moved up behind the leaders by lap 17. The last caution waved on lap 18 setting up a dash to the finish line. The three cars raced close together for the final 2 laps and in the final corner they were three wide with Woods sandwiched between Schraufnagel and Brown. As they came out of turn 4 three wide, Woods and Brown made slight contact upsetting Woods’ car. Brown then roared past Woods for the win as Woods took second sideways. Lewis came home third as Strasser held of the charges of Schmitt for fourth.
The Pure Stock race saw plenty of aggressive driving as four different drivers took turns at the point. Jim Steger led early over Nate Schepp but Schepp then took his turn to lead. Steve Sietz got past Steger and pressured Schepp until only a few laps remained. At this point things got interesting. As the two entered turn one, Schepp spun by what the officials say was caused by Seitz, although afterward Seitz would vehemently deny ever touching him. Seitz would then get the black flag thus moving Chris Reinwald into the lead followed by Trevor Schmidt and Jason Behring. Seitz, not believing he was getting the black flag race Reinwald to the checkered flag. Afterward he was placed in ninth. That too would change because Behring, who finished third. Jason Behring would fail post-race inspection and lose his points and money for the race. The end result was everyone finishing behind him moving up a spot. Craig Lepple moved up to third followed by Randy Schimmel and Jim Steger.
At the end of the night the fans were treated to the nostalgic/celebrity drivers race. In Todd Ascherien’s Modified, Dale Jeche beat out Zeke Zabel and Ed Haldeman. In the second race, which took place in stock cars, Jeff Schmidt, Trevor Schmidt’s dad and past racer, raced Tim Fletcher hard for the win. On the final lap, Steve Payne of the Great 98 passed a spinning Brad “Doc” Williams of Docs Corner. Doc’s spin eventually sent him to the infield and into the pond that had formed from all of the rain in recent weeks. Doc became the first to hit the water and therefore receives naming rights. How does Doc’s Pond sound?
Next week at the Speedway is the Bud Lights the sky fireworks display. After the races there will be a full fireworks show celebrating the upcoming Independence Day. Also the rescheduled kids boxcar races and banner contest will take place. The race’s trophy sponsor will be Moonlight Vanners and The Wisconsin Van Council.

IMCA Modified:
Feature: 1) Kelly Brown, Randolph; 2) Nick Woods, Beaver Dam; 3) Scott Lewis, Waukau; 4) Sammy Strasser, Beaver Dam; 5) Keith Schmitt, Beaver Dam; 6) Casey Koch, Beaver Dam; 7) Scott Magsman, DeForest; 8) Jim Kaul, Grafton; 9) Jay Schraufnagel, Beaver Dam; 10) Gary Clough, Juneau
B-Main: 1) Sammy Strasser; 2) Jim Kaul; 3) Duke Bresser, Beaver Dam; 4) Tim Gardiner, Escanaba, MI; 5) Gary Clough
First Heat: 1) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 2) Casey Koch; 3) Dennis Haldeman, Janesville; 4) Scott Magsman; 5) Dave Pries, Medaryville, IN
Second Heat: 1) Kelly Brown; 2) Dale Boerschinger, Green Bay; 3) Nick Woods; 4) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam; 5) Sammy Strasser
Third Heat: 1) Jay Schraufnagel; 2) Scott Lewis; 3) Dan Musbach, Grafton; 4) Andy Voigt, Beaver Dam; 5) John Schultz, Oshkosh
Fourth Heat: 1) Todd Ascherien, Beaver Dam; 2) Tim Lemirande, Verona; 3) Eric Scribner, Kiel; 4) Keith Schmitt; 5) Jim Kaul
IMCA Stock:
Feature: 1) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 2) Tim Paitrick, Beaver Dam; 3) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 4) John Stanton, Reeseville; 5) Jeff Owens, Randolph; 6) Scott Erdmann, Juneau; 7) Rob Schmid, Burnett; 8) Elroy Thrun, Horicon; 9) Jerry Schaalma, Juneau; 10) Kevin Rank, Ripon
First Heat: 1) Tim Paitrick; 2) Jeff Owens; 3) Scott Erdmann Second Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) Roger Johnson; 3) Elroy Thrun
DCRA Pure Stock:
Feature: 1) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 2) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford; 3) Craig Lepple; Beaver Dam; 4) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam; 5) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam; 6) Nate Schepp, Juneau; 7) Ed Coulter, Beaver Dam; 8) Steve Seitz, Beaver Dam; 9) Chris Mantz, Watertown; 10) Bob Mann, Reeseville
First Heat: 1) Nate Schepp; 2) Ed Coulter; 3) Jim Steger
Second Heat: 1) Chris Reinwald; 2) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 3) Steve Seitz

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