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Author Topic:   Tim Dietz awarded first ever ARDC vs. NAMARS Midget Car Clash Event
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posted June 24, 2001 10:21 AM UIN: 16262997
Tim Dietz awarded first ever ARDC vs. NAMARS Midget Car Clash Event; Fog
claims other features

By Mike Leone

June 23, 2001

Mercer (PA)...Mercer Raceway fought Mother Nature's elements all day long on
Saturday. Rain showers through mid-afternoon delayed the start and fog
claimed the final checker of the night with 28 of the scheduled 40 laps of
the Midget Car feature completed and cancelled the Non-Winged Sprint Car and
Stock Car features. "Wingless- The Return" was sponsored by Chevron East.

Tim Dietz was declared winner of the inaugural Northern States Midget
Classic, an ARDC vs. NAMARS clash event, after 28 laps. Dietz was the
beneficiary of leader Teddy Beach's flat tire and the fog that rolled in
under red flag conditions. "You can't do anything about Mother Nature," said
the exhausted York, Pa. driver. "I'm glad it ended. I don't know if I could
of held on for any more laps. I know I was out in front, but I'm beat!"

Dietz set the pace for the first four laps before local driver, Travis
Miniea of Sharon, Pa., and seventh starter, Ray Bull, took over the top two
spots. Miniea's lead lasted for only a lap when he looped his mount in turn
four handing the lead to Bull with Dietz in second and Beach to third.

Beach passed Dietz for second on lap eight then ran down leader Bull. The
17-year-old youngster made a nice move on lap 11 coming off turn four on the
inside to take over the lead from Bull. Dietz re-passed Bull for second on
lap 17 at the start-finish line in what would turn out to be the winning

On lap 27, Beach's fine run ended with a flat tire giving the lead back to
Dietz, who led the next two laps before fogged checkered the event with 28
laps of the scheduled 40 in the record books. The win was worth $2,000 for
Dietz and car owner Roger McKeehan. Dietz gave McKeehan his second straight
Mercer win after Mark Freeland won the ARDC event last season. "I want to
thank my car owner Roger McKeehan for giving me equipment to have. That's
why were fast. He has good stuff and he knows what it takes to win."

"It's a shame that it rained today and delayed us," said the happy Dietz. "I
'm just glad that the fans stayed out and watched us. These are real race

Bull was second over Matt Sandy, Chris Coers, and Shane Hollingsworth. Sixth
through tenth were Miniea, Ed Stimely, Jr., Marc Dailey, Critter Malone, and
Bryan Kobylarz. Heat winners over the 33-car field were Dietz, Bull, Dailey,
and Miniea. Kobylarz won the B main.

A field of 23 Luxaire Heating & Cooling Non-Winged Sprint Cars were
scheduled to start the 30-lap $2,000 to-win feature. With the wings
returning for the rest of the season and the night considered completed
because all of the preliminaries were completed the decision was mutual to
split the $10,065 among the 23 drivers with each receiving $437.60. Heat
winners were Tom Quarterson, Jamie Smith, and Mark Cassella. Drivers will
receive points for the heats plus 10 show-up points.

The Butterfield's Pub Stock Cars will make-up their 20-lap $400 to-win
feature at a date to be announced. Heat winners for the 38-car field were
Willie Aley, Andy Buckley, Ron Iorio, and Terry Kroner. Winning the two B
mains were Keith Nagy and Brian Miller.

NAMARS vs. ARDC Midget Car Clash (28 laps): 1. TIM DIETZ ($2,000) 2. Ray
Bull 3. Matt Sandy 4. Chris Coers 5. Shane Hollingsworth 6. Travis Miniea 7.
Ed Stimely, Jr. 8. Marc Dailey 9. Critter Malone 10. Bryan Kobylarz 11.
Randy Maustellar 12. Doug Cross 13. Gary Halteman 14. Rod Clary 15. Mark
Wakefoose 16. Steve Craig 17. Lew Blair 18. Teddy Beach 19. Rick Vaughn 20.
Kathy Kurtz 21. Aaron Pierce 22. Brad Kuhn 23. Mark Freeland 24. Jim Jackson
DNQ-Jerry Kobza, Walt Stearly, Fred Schell, Chris Morway, Brian Suchy, Shawn
Burke, Duane Maustellar, Buddy Baker, P.J. Pavlick.

Luxaire Heating & Cooling Non-Winged Sprints:

Heat #1: Tom Quarterson, Jimmy Hawley, Arnie Kent, Tommy Burns, Jr., Gary
Edwards, Scott Priester, John Toth III, Mel Straley.

Heat #2: Jamie Smith, Scott Bonnell, Gary Kriess, Jr., Aaron Shaffer, Brian
Woodhall, Charlie Cornelius, Brian Hartzell, Steve Belin.

Heat #3: Mark Cassella, Paul White, Jr., Skip Dougherty, Lou Blaney, Critter
Malone, Jason Jacoby, Brent Matus.

Butterfield's Pub Stock Cars:

Heat #1: Willie Aley, Bob Sloss, Gary Robinson, Mike Aley, Phil Kaufman,
Lonnie O'Brien, Jeff Kravec, Duane Grinnell, Tom Miller, Greg Beach.

Heat #2: Andy Buckley, Shaun Hooks, Bill Hanna, Dave Ferringer, Keith Nagy,
Mark Felicetty, Don Greenlee, Bob Garris, Andy Thompson, Erick Cwynar.

Heat #3: Ron Iorio, Gary Miller, Jr., Rick Norco, Rick Anthony, Brian
Miller, Dan Fedorchak, Tim Zuschlag, Ed Hays, Jarrot Moore.

Heat #4: Terry Kroner, Bobby Whitling, Jim Miller, Gary Norman, William
George, Sr., Bob Hays, Ray Bailey, Jr., Robert Caszatt, Jr., Adam Aley.

B main #1: Nagy, Kaufman, O'Brien, Thompson, Kravec, Felicetty, Grinnell,
Garris, Cwynar, Greenlee, T. Miller, Beach.

B main #2: B. Miller, Fedorchak, George, Zuschlag, B. Hays, Bailey, A. Aley,
E. Hays, Caszatt, Moore.

Upcoming Shows

6/30 Sprints, Big-Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, & Stock Cars. "American
Patriot Night"/Fireworks Spectacular-all vets with ID admitted free. Rain
date July 7.

7/7 Sprints, Big-Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, Stock Cars & Demo Derby.
McElwain Family of Dealerships Corp & "Meet Your Hero" Night/Big-Block Mods.
Twin-State & PCTC Night.

7/14 Sprints, Big-Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, & Stock Cars. Pizza Joe's
presents "A Night of Hope"- An American Cancer Society Charitable Event.
Bible School closing ceremonies.

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Racing at 6:30 p.m.

Contact: Mike Leone, 53 East Glenora Drive, Grove City, PA 16127. Office
phone 724-964-9300 and fax to 724-964-0604. Home phone/fax: 724-748-3358.

Mercer Raceway Park is located 3 miles north of I-80, exit 2. The track is
0.5 miles north of SR 258 on US 19, then 0.2 miles east on Fairgrounds Road
in Findley Township. The office number is 724-964-9300. Fax to 724-964-0604.
The race track phone number is 724-662-1310. Our web site is E-mail to


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