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posted June 24, 2001 09:57 AM UIN: 16262997
Abbottstown, PA
2nd Annual Kevin Gobrecht Memorial
Super Sprints:
Feature (30 laps) - 1. Todd Shaffer ($5,000); 2. Keith Kauffman; 3. Steve
Siegel; 4. Fred Rahmer; 5. Lance Dewease; 6. Cris Eash; 7. Sean Michael; 8.
Greg Hodnett; 9. Chris Knopp; 10. Johnny Mackison, Jr.; 11. Donnie Kreitz,
Jr.; 12. Mark Smith; 13. Craig Keel; 14. Dave Ely; 15. Jeff Rohrbaugh; 16.
Darren Eash; 17. Todd Hestor; 18. Brook Weibley; 19. Bobby Weaver; 20. Shawn
Keen; 21. Niki Young; 22. Billy Sims (DNF); 23. Cliff Brian (DNF); 24. Mark
Richard (DNF). Time - 7:30.17 (New Track Record - old record was 7:42.75 set
by Steve Kinser on 6/3/95)
Lap Leaders - Keith Kauffman (1-29); Todd Shaffer (30)
Heat Winners - Jeff Rohrbaugh, Fred Rahmer, Shawn Keen, Cliff Brian
B-Main Winner - Johnny Mackison Jr.
Time Trials (fast time) - Craig Keel, 13.146 seconds (102.693 MPH)

Feature (20 Laps) - 1. Mike Ziegler Jr. ; 2. Ken Berwager; 3. Craig Smith;
4. Nat Tuckey; 5. Chet McCormick; 6. Jerry Bingaman; 7. Tony Kuhn; 8. Mike
Ciezobka; 9. Neil Smith; 10. Jeremy Brown; 11. Bobby Beard; 12. Steve
Clabaugh; 13. Bobby Rudisill; 14. Greg Feltch; 15. Allen Cullum; 16. Randy
Doty (DNF); 17. Bernie Beard (DNF); 18. Craig Wagaman (DNF); 19. Gary Potts
(DNF); 20. Dave Highlands (DNF); 21. Mike Walls (DNF); 22. David Prunkl
(DNF); 23. Jeff Wilson (DNF); 24. Cork Laughman (DNF). No Time
Lap Leaders - Craig Wagaman (1-9), Mike Ziegler Jr. (10-20)
Heat Winners - Mike Zeigler, Jr., Bobby Beard, David Prunkl
Consolation Winner - Bobby Rudisill

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Total posts: 3279
posted June 24, 2001 10:02 AM UIN: 16262997
ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/23/01 - They don't call him "Mr. Excitement" for
Millerstown's Todd Shaffer dove under race-long leader Keith Kauffman in
the final turns two turns to give Bob and Don Leiby their 200th career win
as sponsors in the 2001 Carquest Pennsylvania Speedweek opener at Lincoln
Speedway Saturday night. And the 30-lap time of seven minutes, 30.17
seconds shattered Steve Kinser's existing track record by more than 12
"Man, it doesn't get any better than that," shouted a victorious Shaffer in
victory lane. "We used to sneak into the pits and hide under Keith
Kauffman's rig at Port Royal...Keith is a good friend of mine and we raced
hard. It's easier to be in second in lapped traffic and I just got a shot
there at the end, took it, made it, and we're here. This is something else."
"For the Leiby's, this is there 200th win," Shaffer added. "Last night at
the Grove I saw they had a sign in the trailer and I just shook my head and
walked away...the last time they made a sign it was for my 100th and I
didn't win for three months. I'm glad we got that 200th win for them because
they've been a lot of help and I wouldn't be here without them."
The former Kauffman stowaway started on the inside of the second row by
virtue of his fourth quick time, but yielded to Steve Siegel in the first
two turns. He crossed fourth at the end of the first lap, followed Siegel
for the first 14 laps before swapping the runner-up spot on laps 15 and 16,
claimed second for good on lap 17, and then tracked down Kauffman over the
final 13 laps before making the race-winning move on the final turns.
Siegel passed polesitter Greg Hodnett for second on lap seven, and Shaffer
raced with Hodnett for the next seven laps before getting by on lap 14. By
the time Shaffer moved into second, Kauffman held a commanding 1.2- second
Shaffer began reeling in the leader as the laps wound down, but it didn't
appear he would be able to catch Kauffman with the white flag waving. A
lapped car became a factor in turns one and two of the final lap, giving
Shaffer the break he needed as he closed onto the back bumper of the
Middleswarth Potato Chips #7 as the two went down the backstretch the final
time. Kauffman stayed on the cushion through the final turns, but couldn't
hold off the charging Shaffer, who hung it out with a big-time slider
exiting turn four. Shaffer's margin of victory was less than a car length.
"I didn't see a flag until five laps to go," said Shaffer, "Then I started
counting them down and I thought, 'Man, if I could just get a little
closer', and I was fortunate to hit turns one and two perfect and a lapped
car helped me get a run on him. He would have confused me if he stayed on
the bottom through the final two turns, but I'm sure Keith saw the
(score)board and he stayed on the top to block either Lance or me. This is
one we'll savor for a while."
Siegel crossed third, with tenth-starting Fred Rahmer finishing fourth and
Lance Dewease completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were Cris Eash,
Sean Michael, Hodnett, Chris Knopp, and Johnny Mackison Jr.
Heats for the sprints were won by Jeff Rohrbaugh, Rahmer, Shawn Keen, and
Cliff Brian. Johnny Mackison Jr. won the B-Main. Fast time in time trials
over the 40-car field was set by Craig Keel from Weedsport, NY, with a
one-lap time of 13.146 seconds (102.693 MPH).

Spring Grove's Mike Zeigler, Jr. assumed the lead when race-long leader
Craig Wagaman dropped out during an tenth-lap caution and went on to win his
fifth of the year in the 20-lap thundercar feature. Ken Berwager chased
Zeigler the rest of the way to finish second, with Craig Smith, Nat Tuckey,
and Chet McCormick rounding out the top five. Bernie and Bobby Beard,
battling for second in the season-long point standings, got together on the
frontstretch while racing for the runner-up spot on lap 12, ending Bernie's
night and sending Bobby to the pits for repairs. Bobby returned to the
field and finished 11th.
The win was the seventh of Zeigler's career in the Pigeon Hills, moving him
into a tie with Les Davis and Denny Hahn for 13th on the all-time Lincoln
thundercar win list.
Heats for the 31 thundercars were won by Ziegler Jr., Bobby Beard, and
David Prunkl, with Bobby Rudisill winning the consolation.

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