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Author Topic:   Bureau County Speedway 6-22-01 Results
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posted June 23, 2001 10:52 AM UIN: 16262997
Bureau County Speedway 6-22-01 Results Kathy Costerisan Princeton, IL
Sportsman Feature - 1 Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 2 Steve Oeder, Princeton, 3
Gary Wetsel, Princeton, 4 Kory Rokey, Wyanet, 5 Don Bell, Sheffield, 6
Kevin Hoffman, Princeton, 7 Scott Cimei, Magnolia, 8 Jason Jaggers,
Wyanet. 9 Jason Anderson, Princeton.
Sportsman Heat One - 1 Gary Wetsel, 2 Moon, 3 Rokey, 4 Anderson
Sportsman Heat Two - 1 Don Bell, 2 Oeder, 3 Jaggers, 4 Hoffman, 5 Cimei

Bomber Feature - 1 Eric Balensiefen, Princeton, 2 Gary Clark,
Princeton, 3 Eric Whittington, Princeton, 4 Nathan Balensiefen,
Sheffield, 5 Craig Hoffman, Princeton, 6 Chris Hicks, Tiskilwa, 7 JD
Rutledge, Ohio, 8 Aaron Carpenter, Annawan, 9 Justin Rutledge,
Princeton, 10 Ande Bivens, New Bedford, 11 Jared Coppejans, Annawan, 12
Jeff Frank, Princeton, 13 Rob Riley, Ohio, 14 Adam Odell, Dover, 15
Jimmy Thompson, Mineral.
Bomber Heat One - 1 Nathan Balensiefen, 2 Justin Rutledge, 3 Clark, 4
Hoffman, 5 Hicks, 6 Riley, 7 Coppejans, 8 Thompson.
Bomber Heat Two - 1 Eric Whittington, 2 Odell, 3 E. Balensiefen, 4 JD
Rutledge, 5 Bivens, 6 Carpenter, 7 Frank.

I.M.C.A. Modified Feature - 1 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 2 Tim Kimrey,
Mendota, 3 Tom Jensen, Rutland, 4 Marty Thompson, Mineral, 5 Sean Evans,
Ohio, 6 Matt Moon, Wyanet, 7 Nicholas Simmons, Genoa City, WI., 8
Michael Simmons, Genoa City, WI., 9 Jack Rebholz, Lacon, 10 Matt Olson,
Sandwich, 11 Dave McCutchan, Princeton, 12 Ron Coletrain, Sparland.
I.M.C.A. Modified Heat One - 1 Nicholas Simmons, 2 Thompson, 3
Coletrain, 4 Evans, 5 Jensen, 6 Olson, 7 McCutchan.
I.M.C.A. Modified Heat Two - 1 Mark Verbeck, 2 M Simmons, 3 Kimrey, 4
Rebholz, 5 Moon, 6 Mark Vervynck, Kewanee

Street Stock Feature - 1 Clifford Morse, Princeton, 2 Keith Lucas,
Princeton, 3 Randy Lucas, Princeton, 4 Richie Bell, Sheffield, 5 Gary
Leadley, Mendota, 6 Brad Carrington, Wyanet, 7 Brian Lucas, Princeton, 8
Jim Prokup, Dalzell, 9 Heather Thacker, Walnut, 10 Greg Leadley,
Street Stock Heat One - 1 Cliff Morse, 2 Thacker, 3 K Lucas, 4 Bell, 5
G Leadley
Street Stock Heat Two - 1 Greg Leadley, 2 R Lucas, 3 Carrington, 4 B
Lucas, 5 Prokup

I.M.C.A. Late Model Feature - 1 Mike Cothron, Moline, 2 Bryan Moon,
Wyanet, 3 Kevin Skipper, Fulton, 4 Steve Morgan, Orangeville, 5 Marty
Thompson, Mineral, 6 Bill Tuckwell, Metamora, 7 Jason Jaggers, Wyanet, 8
Johnny Johnson, Chillicothe, 9 Larry Yardley, Sterling, 10 Jeff Grabill,
I.M.C.A. Late Model Heat One - 1 Kevin Skipper, 2 Thompson, 3 Cothron,
4 Johnson, 5 Yardley
I.M.C.A. Late Model Heat Two - 1 Jason Jaggers, 2 Moon, 3 Morgan, 4
Tuckwell, 5 Grabill.

Revamped Program at Bureau County Speedway
With the election of a new president and vice president of the Board of
Directors at Bureau County Speedway, several changes went into effect
for Friday night's races. The order of the program was changed with the
I.M.C.A. Late Model division running last on the schedule.
Single file restarts instead of the customary double row restarts were
started. This allows the cars to get strung out and eliminates some of
the opportunities for wrecks on the restarts. A cone is placed in the
center of turn four and all drivers must go by it in single file before
they can start passing each other. If a car runs over the cone, or
passes before the cone, they are put to the back of the field.
In the Street Stock feature, Heather Thacker had a little problem
getting around the cone. She was threatened with the black flag after
running the cone over two laps in a row and bringing out the yellow.
Gary Leadley was the leader of the Street feature until Clifford Morse
dove to the inside and passed the second place car of Brian Lucas and
Leadley in one swoop. Morse held onto the lead, despite challenges by
both Keith and Randy Lucas. On the last lap, Keith pulled along side of
Morse, but Morse was able to pull away to take his first career feature
win. Keith finished second ahead of son Randy Lucas. Richie Bell spun
just before the flag stand, but didn't lose a position, finishing
fourth. Morse started out the evening by winning one of the Street Stock
heat races. Greg Leadley won the other.
Brian Moon of Wyanet won his first Sportsman feature of the year.
Schertz Countryside Sales sponsored the night's racing program and also
Moon's car so it was an enjoyable win for the sponsor. Moon got around
the race leader, Kevin Hoffman, and pulled away to a nice lead with ten
laps to go. Steve Oeder got hung up behind Hoffman for a while, but
eventually got around him to finish second. Gary Wetsel and Don Bell won
the Sportsman heat races.
The second race on the program was the Bomber feature. Eric "Spud"
Balensiefen took his third feature win of the season. Gary "Poke" Clark
had his best run of the year, sticking right behind Balensiefen in
second. Eric "Mud Dog" Whittington won one of the Bomber heat races and
moved up through the field to finish the feature in third. Nathan
Balensiefen won the other heat and finished fourth in the feature.
Mark Verbeck of Annawan took a motor with 21 races on it to victory
lane in the I.M.C.A. Modified feature. Not only did he win, but he
walked away from the rest of the field. Tim Kimrey should get extra
credit for going from the back to the front. Kimrey spun twice in the
feature and ended up in the back of the pack. He was able to work his
way quickly through the field to finish in second place. Tom Jensen
finished third.
Wisconsin driver, Nicholas Simmons, won the first I.M.C.A. Modified
heat and Verbeck won the second.
The last race on the program was the I.M.C.A. Late Model 25 lap
feature. Bryan Moon looked like he was going to take his second feature
win of the night as he opened a huge lead on the rest of the field.
Meanwhile, Mike Cothron was busy working his way through the field. With
five laps to go, Cothron had taken second place from Kevin Skipper and
had worked right up behind Moon. Although most of the passing had taken
place on the inside Friday night, Cothron used the top of the track to
go around Moon and take the lead. Cothron took his second Late Model
feature win of the season. Moon finished second. Skipper earlier won a
heat race and finished third in the feature. Steve Morgan ran out of
laps, finishing in fourth. Jason Jaggers did double duty Friday. He ran
his late model, winning the other heat race. He also piloted Steve
Wetsel's Sportsman car for him, while Wetsel was on a fishing trip.
Intermission entertainment was provided by four of the Sta-bil
Lawnmower Racers from Princeton who put on a racing exhibition on the
front stretch.

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