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Author Topic:   Lernerville Speedway Race Results
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Lernerville Speedway Race Results
278 N. Pike Road Sarver, Pa 16055
Phone: 724-353-1511 Fax: 724-353-2650

Date: 6/22/01

Triangle Gasoline Sprint Feature: Feature Race Notes:
Started: 4
1. Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex Wins: 2
Laps: 20
2. Gary Kriess Jr., Butler
3. Jamie Smith, Economy Lap Leaders: Schaeffer 1,
Hawley 2-9, 19-20
4. Kenny Hardy, New Castle Lynch 10-18
5. Brent Matus, Wampum Sprint Qualifying Race
6. Rod George, Kittanning 1st Heat: Arnie Kent,
New Castle
7. Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning 2nd Heat: Jimmy Hawley,
West Middlesex
8. Scott Priester, Rimersburg 3rd Heat: Mike
Kaminski, Sarver
9. Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
10. Eric Smith, Sarver B-Main: Chad Hill,
11. Mike Kaminski, Sarver
12. Gary Rankin, Renfrew
13. Chad Hill, Cowansville
14. Arnie Kent, New Castle
15. Roger Bennett, Evans City
16. Brian Woodhall, New Kensington
17. Glenn Noland, Beaver Falls
18. Ed Lynch, Apollo
19. George Frederick, Sewickley
20. Bill Kiley, Cabot
21. Deana Barbara, Pittsburgh
22. Sheila Rankin, Renfrew
23. Troy Preston, West Middlesex
24. Dave Wagner, New Castle

Friedman's Market/Bi-Lo Foods
Late Model Feature: Feature Race Notes:
Started: 1
1. John Flinner, Zelienople Wins: 3
Laps: 20
2. Ben Miley, Venetia
3. Nick Jones, Pittsburgh Lap Leaders: Flinner 1-20
4. David Scott, Garland
5. Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp. Late Model Qualifying Race
6. Bobby Bertges, Apollo 1st Heat: David Scott,
7. Chuck Kennedy, Mars 2nd Heat: Lynn Geisler,
Cranberry Twp.
8. Tom Kitchen, Saltsburg 3rd Heat: Joe Johnson,
9. Russ Kolesar, West Mifflin
10. Gary Lyle, Hyde Park B-Main: Tony Burke, Sarver
11. Bob Wearing Sr., Callery
12. Dave Norton, Shinglehouse
13. Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
14. Brandon Wearing, Callery
15. Tony Burke, Sarver
16. Scott Jenkins, Smithon
17. Jeff Henry, Butler
18. Rick Lias, Smicksburg
19. Spanky Dougherty, Freeport
20. Bob Puz, Rural Ridge
21. Dave Wade, Pittsburgh
22. Mike Cecere, Baldwin
23. Joe Johnson, Monaca
24. Carl Bittner, Sarver

Ferrante Oldsmobile V-8 Modified Feature: Feature Race Notes:
Started : 7
1. Brian Swartzlander, Allegheny Twp. Wins: 1
Laps: 20
2. Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
3. George Hobaugh, Karns City Lap Leaders: Hobaugh
1-10, Swartzlander 11-20
4. Tommy Marshall, III, Kennerdell
5. Tom Winkle, Mars Modified Qualifying
Race Winners:
6. Carl Murdick, Butler 1st Heat: Lonny
Riggs, Volant
7. Kevin Bolland, New Brighton 2nd Heat: Brian
Swartzlander, Allegheny Twp.
8. Gary Risch Jr., Sarver 3rd Heat: Dave
Murdick, Slippery Rock
9. Chetter Johnson, Penn Run
10. Scott Gurdak, Spring Creek
11. Phil Evans, Greensburg
12. Ron Took, Evans City
13. Lou Gentile, Youngstown, OH
14. Mike Sutton, Evans City
15. Del Rougeux, Frenchville
16. Nick Richey, Oil City
17. Dave Harbaugh, Ellwood City
18. Jim Faas, Creighton
19. Doug Fleeger, Butler
20. Leroy Westwood, Kittanning
21. Red Fordyce, Strongstown
22. Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew
23. Lonny Riggs, Volant
24. Carl Weatherby, Volant
25. Ryan Caldwell, Evans City

Dingbats Restaurant Pure Stock Feature:
1. Jeff Walters, Evans City
2. Joe Kelley, Mt. Plesant Feature Race Notes:
Started : 8
3. Scott Bochek, Cheswick Wins: 3
Laps: 15
4. Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
5. Butch Lambert, Mars Lap Leaders: Kelley 1-5,
Bochek 6-10,
6. Chris Schneider, Tarentum Walters 11-15
7. Nick Reges, Butler Pure Stock Qualifying Race
8. Dave Spangler, Renfrew 1st Heat: Joe Kelley, Mt.
9. Joe Yakich, Prospect 2nd Heat: Butch
Lambert, Mars
10. Robert Kosecki, Leechburg 3rd Heat: Scott Bochek,
11. Herman Bertolini, Creighton
12. Rob Shook, Creighton B-Main: Terry Faas,
13. Randy Caldwell, Sarver
14. Neil Tristani, Tarentum
15. Roland Hall, Cabot
16. Mike Faas, Natrona Heights
17. Mike Turner, Butler
18. Jody Schnur, Butler
19. Chuck Gebauer, Pittsburgh
20. Rick Burris, Saxonburg
21. Matt Rubright, Harmony
22. Paul Schrekengost, Creighton
23. Wayne Carbo, Mars
24. Terry Faas, Tarentum

6/29 "Fab Four" Racing, Purvis Brothers/Pennzoil Night
7/6 "Fab Four" Racing, York Sprint Triathlon Series and PCTC Senior
7/13 "Fab Four" Racing plus Ferraccio Family Supermarkets Kids Night,
(Bike Races 12 and Under, Helmets Required), Snyders of Berlin
7/24 (Tues.) Pennzoil World of Outlaws Don Martin Memorial Show,
$34,000.00 to Win, Silver Cup X, 8:00PM Start(Raindate Wd. 7/25)

Sarver, PA June 22, 2001

A packed grandstand watched an awesome holiday show at Don Martin's
Lernerville Speedway with sparkling Zambelli fireworks lighting up the sky
and the drivers illuminating the track. Winning the "firecracker" action
packed features were the following: Triangle Gasoline Sprints-Jimmy Hawley,
West Middlesex; Friedman's Supermarkets/Bi-Lo Foods Late Models-John Flinner,
Zelienople; Ferrante Oldsmobile Modifieds-Brian Swartzlander, Allegheny
Township, and Dingbats Restaurant Pure Stocks-Jeff Walters, Evans City. It
was #1 Cochran Automotive Night and Rob Cochran added $50 to each winner's

"Lady Luck" smiled at Jimmy Hawley tonight! In the 20-lap Triangle Sprint
feature, Ed Lynch's misfortune was Hawley's gain. Leading the feature with
two laps to go, Lynch's engine developed mechanical problems and he made a
premature exit, and Hawley inherited the lead. In victory land Hawley said,
"This was a "gimme" tonight but I'll take it!" Coming from fourth, Hawley
passed leader Kevin Schaeffer on lap two and guided the field for until lap
nine. Two caution events occurred on laps three and four, one for Troy
Preston and the other for Glenn Noland. Both drivers lost the handle in turn
four. Lynch came from twelfth to shadow Hawley by lap 6. Successfully
mastering lapped traffic on lap 10, Lynch went low in turn two, passing
Hawley for the front spot. Once in front Lynch increased his lead to several
lengths and looked to have the money banked until misfortune crossed his path
with two laps to go. Hawley drove a flawless race to garner win number two of
the season at the track in Doc and Debbie Crawford's #C3. Point leader Hawley
padded his lead to 17, with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds and a sixth
thus far this season. Runner-up Gary Kriess Jr had his best showing of the
season to ward off Jamie Smith. Kenny Hardy put the Dionese #15 in fourth
and was trailed by Brent Matus, Rod George, Kevin Schaeffer, Scott Priester,
Ralph Spithaler, and Eric Smith. Arnie Kent, Hawley and Mike Kaminski won the
prelims and Chad Hill scored a win in the B-Main.

Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, John Flinner was flying
in the 20-lap Friedman's Supermarkets/Bi-Lo Foods Late Model main collecting
win number 3. From the pole position Flinner's John Johnson's #48 was in
charge the distance in the non-stop event. Flinner was dialed perfectly into
the track and increased his lead to a straightaway at the checker. He tops
the point chart with a remarkable 3 first places and 2 seconds thus far this
season. Acquiring his best finish of the season, runner-up Ben Miley won the
battle for second over Nick Jones and David Scott, respectively. Coming from
tenth, Lynn Geisler drove to a fifth and was followed by Bobby Bertges, Chuck
Kennedy, Tom Kitchen, Russ Kolesar, and Gary Lyle. Scott, Geisler and Joe
Johnson placed first in the heats and Tony Burke won the B-Main.

Flying Brian Swartzlander squeaked out his first big win of the season in
the 20-lap Ferrante Oldsmobile Modified feature event defeating a strong
running Dave Murdick. Swartzlander's McCutcheon Enterprise #83S came from
to pass George Hobaugh for the top spot on lap eleven. Running the high
line, Swartzlander was continuously challenged by first Hobaugh and then
Murdick. About lap 17, Swartzlander said, "I saw Davey coming and tucked it
under." Once Swartzlander took away Murdick 's low groove, he kept him at bay
as Murdick also got boxed in when approaching lapped traffic. With this
victory, defending Champion Swartzlander padded his point lead. Hobaugh
placed third for his best showing of 2001. Tommy Marshall was fourth and Tom
Winkle earned fifth. Six through ten went to Carl Murdick, Kevin Bolland,
Gary Risch Jr, Chetter Johnson and Scott Gurdak. Lonnie Riggs, Swartzlander,
and D. Murdick checkered the heat races.

Jeff Walters won a competitive "heart pounding" 15-lap Dingbats
Restaurant Pure Stock feature to overpower runner-up Joe Kelly. Running four
abreast and jockeying for position, Joe Kelley was in charge laps one through
five. Scott Bochek took the helm laps six to ten, with Walters coming from
eighth to second at this point. Using the inside, Walters passed Bochek on
lap 11 remaining in front of the pack to the checker and decreasing Lambert's
point lead to six digits. With two laps to go Kelley passed Bochek for the
second position relegating him to third. Bob Lipinski had a great race to nab
fourth and was followed by Butch Lambert. Six through ten went to Chris
Schneider, Nick Reges, Dave Spangler, Joe Yakich and Rob Kosecki. Kelley,
Lambert and Bochek were the heat winners and Terry Faas claimed the B-Main.

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