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Author Topic:   Farmer City Raceway ......June 22, 2001 results
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posted June 23, 2001 01:14 AM
Farmer City Raceway
Farmer City IL
June 22, 2001

The fans that came to Farmer City tonight got
a rare treat. Roger Long won the feature, but he
made the pass for the lead on the low side of
the track. Long, normally a rim-rider, passed
Matt Taylor on lap 4 by driving way down on
the inside of the track. Joe Ross, Jr closed down
Long's lead late in the race and even tried to
pass even lower on the track than Long was.
After Mike Mullvain set fast time, the dash was
won by Gary May, with Don Hammer
and Junior Shickel taking the heat races.
The top six finishers in the feature were:
36 Roger Long
25 Joe Ross, Jr.
117 Matt Taylor
S10 Jr. Shickel
30 Mike Glasscock
3 Toby Scharp


And for some additional notes:
I would have posted further results, but just as Long took the checkered flag, about
six morons decided it was time to come running up the grandstands and STAND directly in front of me. And yes, they did get an earful. ggrrrrrrrrr.......
The additional spots I know of:
1A Justin Allgaier was 9th
5F Lonnie Franklin Jr. gang said they though they were 11- 12th
99 Scott Duff thought they were about 13th or so
more or less unofficial I'm not sure)
7th -10 Kirby Damery
8th -45 Gary May
10th- 0 Richie Hedrick(started 19th was late after KMS rained out)

Richie Hedrick is 2nd in KMS points and has won one feature at Farmer City in 2001

A tip of the hat to Peorian Toby Scharp!
Toby is a regular at Peoria Speedway, and made his first trip ever to Farmer City. I passed him on the interstate about 60 miles from the track, so I knew he was headed the right direction. I never saw the truck in the pits until after the trophy dash. Found out that he had 2 flat tires on the trailer, and had to drive BACK about 15 miles to get fixed. I had never met this guy until tonight, but I have seen him race a number of times at other tracks, and, honestly was never impressed. Starting at the back of the slow heat, he just basically hot lapped, learned the track. With a little set-up assistance from Mike Mullvain, Toby started the feature in 18th spot, and started passing cars right away. This guy finished sixth on a racetrack he had never even seen before, with a smaller engine than most of the other guys(358) AND an unfamiliar, fairly new(to him anyway) chassis. Good Job, nice race!!!!

5h Randy Huffman (ran side by side with Al Crawley 10 laps)
72 Brian Lynn
75 Gary Turpin
T33 Tim O'Donnell
20 Al Crawley
4 Marty Hiser
26 Eric Smith
The top nine cars ran side by side 3-4 wide the whole race..... fun stuff for a fan

9 Eric Smith
10 Dave Sandage(1/4 lap behind Smith)
31 Jeff Leka(1/2 lap behind Smith)

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