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Author Topic:   Devil's Bowl Speedway
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posted June 18, 2001 11:26 PM UIN: 16262997
Devil's Bowl Speedway

Results for June 17, 2001

WEST HAVEN, Vt. - Gene Munger will do about anything to win a race,
including borrow a car. Hitching a ride in the backup Dave Camara car,
Munger got to the front quickly and won Sunday night's 30-lap 358 modified
feature at Devil's Bowl Speedway.

Munger's win capped a long night at the Bowl. The surrounding area had
received nearly four inches of rain in a deluge on Saturday, but the track
crew was at the Bowl early Sunday and worked the surface into superb
condition. Then, midway through the show, the lights went out, further
delaying the program. But when it was all over, Munger had his first win of
the season.

A longtime Camara crew member, Munger borrowed his boss' backup car a
couple of weeks ago, when he lost the motor in his usual ride, the Mike
Richards-owned No. 75. The backup Camara Slate car obviously isn't lacking
for power, as Munger ran a strong race and outran Ken Tremont Jr. to get the

Tremont waslooking for his second straight win, but had to settle for
second, a second-and-a-half behind the winner. Defending track champion Tim
Laduc finished third, with Vince Quenneville fourth and Jim Ryan fifth.
While one Camara car sat in victory lane, Dave Camara, the defending overall
CVRA champion, was back in the back, finishing 12th.

Carl Vladyka held off both Mike Haines and Pete Kimball to get his first
victory of the year in the pro-street stock division. Haines had the fastest
car on the track, turning the quickest lap of the feature on lap seven, but
it was Vladyka who came away with the win.

Jeff Washburn, a graduate of the cruiser division, recorded his first
career hobby stock win, beating Vince Santoro to the finish line by .45
seconds, and Dave Kennedy came away with the win in the cruiser division

Devil's Bowl will be holding its annual Kids' Night activities, which
include the popular kiddie rides, on Sunday night. Racing will begin at 7

MODIFIED FINISH: GENE MUNGER, Ken Tremont Jr., Tim Laduc. Vince Quenneville,
Jim Ryan, Brian Whittemore, J.R. Heffner, Ray Hoard, Don Scarborough, Don
Mattison, Sput Shaw, Dave Camara, Frank Hoard Sr., Kevin Perry, C.V. Elms,
Stan Lemiesz, Ron Proctor, Frank Hoard Jr., Jim Introne, Elmo Reckner.

PRO-STREET STOCKS: CARL VLADYKA, Mike Haines, Pete Kimball, Joe Santoro, Dan
Madigan, Fred Little, Mike Paquin, Donny Williams, Dave Wood, Jon Trudeau,
Carol Parker, Denny Martin, Jack Swinton, Ed Pieinazek.

HOBBY STOCKS: JEFF WASHBURN, Vince Santoro, Roy Fifield, Chuck Knowlton,
Jody Davis, Doug Cram, Robert Cox, Joey Trudeau, Adam Stoddard, Tony Condon,
Robert Wedin, Bob Schmidt, John Donnelly, Billy Lussier, Lori Cary, Joe
Ladd, Ron Gregory, Joe Barone, Mark Burch, Randy Alger, Mike Ostrander. DQ:
Richard Stone.

CRUISERS: DAVID KENNEDY, Chris Busta, Tim Whitney, Robert Cole, John Sweet,
Kevin Van Chance, Mitch Gaies, Donald Foley, Duke Whitney, Mike Carman,
Charles Burns, Mike Clark, Jason Kerr.

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