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Author Topic:   Riverside Speedway Results
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posted June 17, 2001 12:03 PM UIN: 16262997
SPRINTS - 16 Cars
1) Bryce Vowan, 2) Eddie Gallagher, 3) Mike Ward, 4) Jim Bowden, 5) Sonny Sayre, 6) Mitch Williams, 7) Kenny Coke, 8) Josh Baker, 9) A.G. Raines, 10) Henry Gustavus Jr., 11) Raymond Stull, 12) Shorty Chambliss, 13) Mike Davis, 14) D.J. Masner, 15) Jeff Leach, 16) Glen Passmore
Bryce Vowan and A.G. Raines set on the front row for the 20 lap affair. Vowan jumped to the early lead with Raines and Gallagher close behind. The initial start would be waved off for a pileup involving Gustavus, Leach, and Passmore. Gustavus would take a slow roll-over in the incident, but his excitement for the night was far from over. On the ensuing restart Vowan would take the lead with Gallagher getting around Raines for second. Caution would fly a few laps later for a slowing Shorty Chambliss. On the restart Vowan would maintain his lead with Gallagher and Raines in striking distance. On lap 12 Gustavus started flipping end over end going into turn 3 and ultimately cleared the catch fence and landed outside the track. He was miraculously uninjured. With the red flag out many of the drivers made air pressure adjustments, and prepared for the last eight laps. On the restart Gallagher would stick his nose on the high side of Vowan, but was unable to complete the pass. Caution would wave again on lap 16 for a slowing Raines. This set up a 4 lap shootout between Vowan and Gallagher. Despite the best efforts of Gallagher, Vowan was able to hold on to record his second career sprint car win.

1) Jamie Dacus, 2) Dean Carpenter, 3) Bubba Wilburn, 4) Larry Potter, 5) Jason Hood, 6) Steven Knight, 7) Rudy Bobo, 8) Danny Rice, 9) Mark Shaw, 10) Calvin Shrader, 11) Tommy Ray, 12) Greg Dixon, 13) Lyle Seltmann (dns), 14) James Braswell (dns)

Jamie Dacus lead flag to flag in the late model feature with heavy pressure from Dean Carpenter. At the line though it was Dacus by a couple of car lengths.

1) William Berryhill, 2) Mark Brandon, 3) Ben Reed, 4) James Godsey, 5) Howard Kimbrough, 6) Dewayne Honeycutt, 7) Brandon Poppenheimer, 8) Randy Berryhill, 9) Dennis Kimbrough, 10) Tony Higgins, 11) Tommy Ray, 12) Al Butler, 13) John Howard, 14) Tim Sawyer (dns), 15) Joey Melton (dns)

1) Ricky Vandergriff, 2) Dennis Shepherd, 3) Richard Gray, 4) Ronnie Brown, 5) Mike Carr, 6) Winfred Gatlin, 7) Raymond Gustavus, 8) Allen Fincher, 9) Kenny Kilpatrick, 10) David Freeman

1) Tommy Hall, 2) Tim Howard, 3) Mike Bowles, 4) Jeff Richardson, 5) Bill Edwards, 6) Greg Vandergriff, 7) Terry Anderson, 8) Donnie Adams, 9) Kenneth Doyle (dns), 10) Greg Kirkman (dns), 11) Ernie Heath (dns), 12) Jeremy Dalton (dns)

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We had some good races and best of all, no one got hurt even though some cars took some spills. It's marvelous how safety engineering over the years has paid off. We hope to see y'all next week.

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