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posted June 17, 2001 12:02 PM UIN: 16262997
Tampa Florida June 16, 2001
Sport Allen out of Pinellas Park proved why he is the man to beat in the
upcoming Hot Shoe Race for Sprints, as he took the lead from a fast running
Sheldon Kinser Jr. on lap 16 and easily cruised home the winner in the 25 Lap
Alliance Elevator and Hoist Main event. Brandon Dover led the 18 car starting
field to the green flag, but Land O Lakes veteran Roland Johnson took the
lead down the backstretch on lap 1, Johnson held the top spot until Tavares'
Sheldon Kinser Jr. grabbed the lead on lap 5. Kinser had his All Pro Bumper
to Bumper #22 pulling away from the field when all of a sudden on lap 15, the
car slowed, turning the lead over to Sport Allen who never looked back.
Defending Champion Johnny Gilbertson just nipped Tampa's Gene Lasker at the
line for second with Roland Johnson and Seffner's Brian Maddox rounding out
the top 5. In Late Model action iit was David Schmauss in his Cardinal Paint
& Body Shop 105 getting the win in the Alliance Elevator and Hoist 25 Lap
Main. Phillip Cobb, Bill Howard, Bobby Alexander Sr. and Bobby Alexander Jr.
completed the top 5. Jame Burrows made it two in a row in Limited Late Models
as he won the 15 Lap Alliance Elevator and Hoist main over David Simpson,
Phillip Brower, Forrest Gough and Ricky Land. Scotty Williams in his Ace
Welding #27 took the Alliance Elevator and Hoist 15 lap Mini Stock main over
Andy Kelley, William Hampton, Devin Dixon and Rich Livernois. Allie Bessette
in his Fawn's creative hair and tanning #99 claimed his first career win in
the Alliance Elevator and Hoist Street Stock A Main. Danny Paris, John
Borders, Timmy Bronson and Jason Bronson rounded out the top 5. The Alliance
Elevator and Hoist B Main went to Ron Pope over Tony Traina and Charlie
"Wallbanger" Wiberg. The C T Earle Fastest Man on Foot Dash went to Limited
Late Model driver Jerry Rogers

RESULTS- SPRINTS- Heat 1-Sheldon Kinser Jr. Heat 2-Frank Carlsson Jr.
Main-Sport Allen, Johnny Gilbertson, Gene Lasker, Roland Johnson, Brian
Maddox, Brandon Dover, Casey Johnson, Bubba the Love Sponge, Danny Martin
Jr., Jim Perricone, Frank Carlsson Jr., Tim George, Randy Carr, Darryl Smith,
Sheldon Kinser Jr., Ryan Partin, Tom Winegardner, Taylor Andrews DNS

LATE MODELS- Heat 1-Roger Crouse Heat 2-Jerry Rogers Main-David
Schmauss, Phillip Cobb, Bill Howard, Bobby Alexander Sr., Bobby Alexander
Jr., Donnie Tanner, Jerry Rogers, Roger Crouse, Trevor Merrill, Ted Erskine,
Frank Erskine Sr., Bob Peterson, Dan Darnell, Tim Gay

LIMITED LATE MODEL- Heat 1- Forrest Gough Heat 2- Jerry Rogers
Main-Jamie Burrows, David Simpson, Phillip Cobb, Forrest Gough, Ricky Land,
Micheal Lamb, Paul Samson, Jerry Rogers, Tom Zalys, John Norris, Terry Gay,
Jeremy Simpson, Raymond Rogers, David Boerner, Jerry White, Jeff Mathews,
Randy Sheilds Jr., Dave Wright
MINI STOCK- Heat 1-Greg Pae Heat 2-William Hampton Main-Scotty Williams,
Andy Kelley, William Hampton, Devin Dixon, Rich Livernois, John Misculczi,
Charlie Paris, Ken Rutledge, Dustin Perez, Greg Pae, Brian Debore, Jason
Canon, Larry Stepp, Robert Auguston, Brian Jenson, Marty Dailey, Rick
Reynolds, Ronnie Inman, Spencer Buzbee, Chad Rose, Chris Livernois

STREET STOCKS- Heat 1-Eric Johnson Heat 2-John Borders Heat 3-Allie
Bessette Main-Allie Bessette, Danny Paris, John Borders, Timmy
Bronson, Jason Bronson, Bryson Ryker, Jim Greenwood, Mac Kersey, Steve
Johnson, Wayne Hays, Eric Teal, Mike Gamache, Gene Ford, Bruce Ponti, Tim
Spencer, Tim Hunt, Eric Johnson, Terry Bronson, Jeff Stewart, Gary Sheffield,
Bruce Harvey, Chad Smith, Joe Greenwood, Jason Dyal
B Main-Ron Pope, Tony Traina, Charlie Wiberg, Rob Roy, Steve Spencer, Arvid
Blaisedell, Jason Whitslar, Chris Greenwood, Jack Rowland, Loren Bailey, Glen
Hodges, Randy Johnson,

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