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Author Topic:   Scribner scores first win at Dodge
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posted June 17, 2001 10:08 AM UIN: 16262997
Scribner scores first win at Dodge

Elbert and Pfitzinger Ltd. sponsored a night of racing Saturday that saw some very strange things take place. With the amount of water we had this week the track became rutted very early in the heat races but the drivers did their best and overcame adversity. The area also saw another freak wind and rainstorm that doused the area for only a few minutes but it was enough to suspend racing while ground crews determined the best course of action. Eventually the decision was made to take the grader out onto the track and scrape the top layer off the track. It took some time but the track was brought back to a condition far better than before. The racing resumed on a very smooth and tacky track.
In IMCA Stock action, Tim Paitrick jumped out to a big lead early over Jerry Schaalma and John Stanton. By lap 5 Jeremy Christians had moved into third as the caution waved for a spun car. One lap after the restart, Christians took over the top spot over Paitrick and Rob Schmid leaving Jeff Owens and rookie Stanton to battle hard for fourth and fifth. Another caution waved as Schmid spun his car up in front of Stanton and the two made tremendous contact as Stanton T-boned Schmid’s car causing considerable damage to both cars. Both drivers were slightly shook up and by the end of the night were starting to stiffen up. Elroy Thrun was also involved but was able to continue and eventually finish fifth. Owens used the restart to get around Paitrick for second but was not able to challenge Christians for the win. Christians went on to score his fifth straight victory of the season.
The DCRA Pure stock class took to the track next as Chris Reinwald took the lead over a strong running Pat Connell. Connell ran on Reinwald’s bumper for a few laps but as the first caution waved for a car in the wall, Connell exited the track with mechanical problems. Bob Mann was having his way with the field as he came up through the pack into second by lap 8. Steve Seitz also had a good car but by the time he cleared traffic, fourth place was the highest he could get to. Randy Schimmel ran a good race all alone in third neither gaining nor losing any ground to anyone. If the cars had rearview mirrors, Reinwald would have seen nothing but Mann’s car all over him. The two cars scooted right along for the remainder of the race but Mann was unable to make a pass for the lead as Reinwald went on to score his first career victory.
Nick Woods appeared to be on his way for a second win as he led to the first caution on lap 9. Although he was leading, it was apparent that he was slowing as both Casey Koch and Jay Schraufnagel caught up to him. Woods would eventually fade and finish 17th with a burned up set of rearend gears. Eric Scribner charged through the field on the restart and by lap 11 he had worked his way into third. Several cautions waved over the next few minutes as cars spun and made contact with each other repeatedly. In between all of the cautions, a lap was completed with Scribner diving hard beneath Schraufnagel for the lead. The final six laps were run under the green flag as Schraufnagel breathed down the throat of Scribner. As the leaders continued to pull away, Sammy Strasser ran alone in third with Kelly Brown running fourth. Schraufnagel appeared to have a better car in the corners but Scribner’s power down the long straigtaways was too much to overcome as he went on to take his first win at the Speedway.
In the Junior Hot Rods, Bobby Vande Zande pedaled his way to a win in the Falbe Collision and Automotive car and Travis Zuelsdorf also took the checkered flag in the Charter Pipeline car. On the card for next week is the celebrity and nostalgic driver races. Come out and see some local celebrities and business owners’ race as well as some of the drivers from the past that had made their names synonymous with racing at the Fairgrounds. T and R Roofing of Freisland will be the trophy sponsor and the kid’s boxcar races will also take place.

IMCA Modifieds:
Feature: 1) Eric Scribner, Kiel; 2) Jay Schraufnagel, beaver Dam; 3) Sammy Strasser, Beaver Dam; 4) Kelly Brown, Randolph; 5) Casey Koch, Beaver Dam; 6) Dale Boerschinger, Green Bay; 7) Terry Broesch, WI Dells; 8) Kevin Kleinschmidt, Fond Du Lac; 9) Scott Lewis, Waukau; 10) Dan Musbach, Grafton
B-Main: 1) Kelly Brown; 2) John Schultz, Oshkosh; 3) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam; 4) Terry Broesch; 5) Dennis Haldemann, Janesville
First Heat: 1) Tim Lemirande, Verona; 2) Casey Koch; 3) Craig Priewe, Beaver Dam; 4) Steve Boelter, Verona; 5) Dave Schoenberger
Second Heat: 1) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 2) Scott Lewis; 3) Jim Kaul, Grafton; 4) Keith Schmitt, Beaver Dam; 5) Scott Magsman, De Forest
Third Heat: 1) Nick Woods, Beaver Dam; 2) Sammy Strasser; 3) Dale Boerschinger; 4) Todd Ascherien, Beaver Dam; 5) Andy Voigt, Beaver Dam
Fourth Heat: 1) Jay Schraufnagel; 2) Eric Scribner; 3) Kevin Kleinschmidt; 4) Dan Musbach; 5) Dennis Haldemann
IMCA Stock:
Feature: 1) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 2) Jeff Owens, Randolph; 3) Tim Paitrick, Beaver Dam; 4) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 5) Elroy Thrun, Horicon; 6) Kevin Rank, Ripon; 7) Curt Beek, Waupun; 8) Thomas Boerson, Waupun; 9) Rob Schmid, Burnett; 10) John Stanton, Reeseville
First Heat: 1) Jerry Schaalma, Juneau; 2) Jeff Owens; 3) Scott Erdmann, Juneau
Second Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) Tim Paitrick; 3) Roger Johnson
DCRA Pure Stock:
Feature: 1) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 2) Bob Mann, Beaver Dam; 3) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam; 4) Steve Seitz, Beaver Dam; 5) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford; 6) Nate Schepp, Juneau; 7) Ed Coulter, Beaver Dam; 8) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam; 9) Craig Lepple, Beaver Dam; 10) Nathan Hodgson, Horicon
First Heat: 1) Randy Schimmel; 2) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 3) Nate Schepp
Second Heat: 1) Chris Reinwald; 2) Bob Mann; 3) Steve Seitz

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