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posted June 16, 2001 05:15 PM UIN: 16262997
June 15, 2001

STRONGSTOWN, PA - Jeff Enos of Blairsville and George Scanlon of Ebensburg
took their first feature wins of the season Friday night at Dog Hollow
Speedway in the Street stock and pure stock divisions respectively. Mike
Stine of Smithmill topped the six cylider/small block modifieds
Repeat wins went to John Britsky of Indiana in the #1 Cochran Late Models
and Shawn McGarvey of Coalport in the Hugill Sanitation Limited Late Models.
John Britsky and D.J. Troutman lined up on the front row of the #1 Cochran
late model feature, with Britsky taking the lead. The race came to a
grinding halt at the start when John Yamrick tangled with Rob Nichols in the
first turn causing seven cars to pile up. The crash ended Yamricks night.
There were no injures.
On the complete restart Britsky took the lead and began to sail towards his
second win of the year. He was in his own world, but on lap seven, Rodney
Phillips came from fourth to second and began to reel in the leader, but
Phillips had suspension problems and drove off the second turn, ending his
night. Britsky hold off Rick Strong, Jason Carnahan and Duane Stiner the
rest of the way to get his second win of the year. Strong crossed the scales
too light and was disqualified. The top five were: Britsky, Carnahan,
Stiner, Sam Stile and Dave Satterlee. Rodney Phillips and John Britsky were
credited with heat wins.
In the Hugill Sanitation Limited Late Models Rick Singleton led the three
quarters of the first lap, before going high in the fourth turn. This
allowed Shawn McGarvey to take the lead and once out front there was no
looking back, as McGarvey breezed to his third win of the season at the
Strongstown oval. Singleton was giving it his all and entering the fourth
turn on lap 8 he spun his #99 and tailed the field. This gave Denny Petyak
second, as Singleton worked his way back towards the front but ran short of
time. The top five at the finish were: McGarvey, Petyak, Dan Lee, Jerry
Lower and Jim Parson. Shawn McGarvey and Denny Petyak split the heats.
Mighty Mike Stine went from third to first before the first turn in the
small block modified feature. Once he was in the lead, he eventually had to
keep Lou Gentile behind him as the pair jockeyed for position the rest of
the race, but Gentile was unable to power by as Stine too his first win of
the season. Gentile, Red Fordyce, Jerry Bowser and Mark Frankhouser
completed the top five. Red Fordyce and Mike Stine split the heats.
Bill Pluta led John Weaver into the first turn at the start of the street
stock feature and while looking strong he could not keep the #11 of Jeff
Enos at bay. Enos made the inside pass of Pluta on lap four, but the caution
flew before the lap was in the books, thus, relegating him to second. On the
restart, Enos did it the hard way, as he passed Pluta on the out side and
went on to get the win, his first ever in a street stock. Pluta held on to
second, with Bill Lyons, Jim Laughard and Shawn Mogle completing the top
five. Shawn Mogle and Mike Laughard won the prelims.
In the pure stocks, it was Doug Reed taking the early lead, and setting the
pace for four laps, then George Scanlon came into the picture, and with him
was Bill Sigafoes, and Terry Nihart. The top four were running from the rest
of the field when Nihart began to loose ground and Scanlon made the move
into the lead. Once out front, Scanlon never looked back, taking his first
official win of the season. Sigafoes was second, with Nihart third, Matt
Luther fourth and Matt Summers fifth. Bill Sigafoes and Neil Berndt won the
DOG TRACKS: 86 Teams were signed into the pits, including: 22 Late Models,
18 limited late models, 12 modifieds, 20 street stocks and 14 pure
stocks.This week there will be trophies sponsored by Hugill Sanitation of
Mahaffey and kids bike races. Kids 11 and under will be racing and helmets
are required. There will be a regular show for the late models, limited late
models, street stocks and pure stocks.Coming on July 6 McDonalds School Bus
Races, on July 13 MACS Late Models, $5000 to win.Gates will open this week
at 5 in the pits, 6 for spectators and racing begins at 7 p.m. For further
information check out the web site at

#1 COCHRAN LATE MODELS: 1. John Bristky, Indiana; 2. Jason Carnahan,
Indiana; 3. Duane Stiner, Houtzdale; 4. Sam Stile; 5. Dave Satterlee,
Rochester Mills; 6. Rob Nicholes; 7. Schoo Rhodes, Somerset; 8. Paul Michny,
Pine Flats; 9. Gary Stahl, Johnstown; 10. Dave Peterman, Indiana

HUGILL SANITATION LIMITED LATE MODELS: 1. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 2. Denny
Petyak, Gallitzen; 3. Dan Lee, Windber; 4. Jerry Lower, Williamsburg; 5. Jim
Parson, Bellwood; 6. Heath Gaston, Punxsy; 7. Rick Singleton, Hesston; 8.
Bill Krause, Houtzdale; 9. Bob Kelly, East Freedom; 10. Jerry Timchak,

SMALL BLOCK MODIFIEDS: 1. Mike Stine, Smithmill; 2. Lou Gentile, Hubbard,
OH; 3. Red Fordyce, Strongstown; 4. Jerry Bowser, Punxsy; 5. Mark
Frankhouser, Philipsburg; 6. Howard Michaels, Mercer; 7. Pud Welsh, Elwood
City; 8. Stan Bell, Mercer; 9. Dave George, Leechburg; 10. Leroy Westwood,

STREET STOCKS: 1. Jeff Enos, Blairsville; 2. Bill Pluta, Jr., Carinbrook; 3.
Bill Lyons, Shelocta; 4. Jim Laughard, Strongstown; 5. Shawn Mogle, Ernest;
6. John Weaver, Commodore; 7. Randy Campbell, Hollidaysburg; 8. Tom
Williams, Tyrone; 9. Phil Leddon, Punxsy; 10. Ron Lute, Loretto.

PURE STOCK: 1. George Scanlan, Ebensburg; 2. Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville; 3.
Terry Nihart, Ebensburg; 4. Matt Luther, Ebensburg; 5. Matt
Summers,Vandergrift; 6. Doug Reed, Cresson; 7. John Mazey, Bolivar; 8. Tim
Laughard, Strongstown; 9. Rick Maxim, Reynoldsville; 10. Brian Daughenbaugh,
Mundy's Corner.

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