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posted June 16, 2001 01:25 AM UIN: 16262997
Herrick finishes for a second time, wins for a second time in thundercars

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/14/01 - Mont Alto's Lance Dewease has been running so
good that even a dying cylinder couldn't keep him from running away from a
stout field in Thursday's round two of the All Star-NCRA Eastern Showdown
Series at Lincoln Speedway. Dewease made it two for two against the
invading All Stars and NCRA sprinters after grabbing the lead from race-long
leader Todd Shaffer on the backstretch of the 16th lap and then running
uncontested the rest of the way.
Dewease, who won the previous night at Bedford Speedway in the opening
night of action in the special All Star/NCRA Series, timed forth quick over
the 42-car field in time trials, but said his motor was going sour near the
end of the 30 lap contest.
"We had a good car last night and the crew worked real hard today in this
heat," said a victorious, and tired Dewease in victory lane. "The car was
good again tonight. We kind of had a cylinder we weren't sure about today.
We figured we'd run it and I think it was dying those last five laps. But
when the track gets slick like this, it don't kill you a whole lot."
Polesitter Shaffer grabbed the lead at the drop of the green to start the
30 lap event with Dewease charging from his third starting spot into second
when outside frontrow starter Dean Jacobs drifted wide in the third and
fourth turns of the opening lap. Fifth-starting Donnie Kreitz Jr. Slipped
around Jacobs for third on the second lap, as Shaffer tried to open up some
daylight between himself and the second-place Dewease. What little lead
Shaffer had gained was lost as he headed into lapped traffic on the ninth
Eight-time NCRA champ Gary Wright of Hooks, TX brought out the race's first
caution on the 11th lap with a spin in the second turn.
Dewease nearly drove around Shaffer on the restart, but Shaffer recovered
exiting the turn before the caution waved again for a three-car tangle
involving Bobby Weaver, Brian Ellenberger, and Aaron Berryhill on the first
"I thought I showed my hand too soon there on Todd (Shaffer) when I just
about had him on that restart," Dewease said. "I didn't know if he'd move
out or not, and he didn't, and I went to the bottom and lost a little
momentum...we got to running the top there pretty good there at the end."
Shaffer maintained the top spot through another caution for Byron Reed and
Mike Wagner on turns three and four of the 12th lap. Danny Smith shredded a
tire and knocked off a nerf bar at the same time, and returned to the race
in time for the restart.
Dewease stuck to Shaffer's bumper and was finally able to take momentum on
the top side for the lead on the restart. From there, he drove away from
the field, and crossed 4.73 seconds ahead of a late charging Sean Michael,
who got by Shaffer on a 24th lap restart.
"I saw Sean (Michael) come up through there and I knew he must have been on
the top too."
Shaffer hung on for third, with Rahmer advancing from 14th to finish fourth
and Donnie Kreitz, Jr. completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were
Cris Eash, Steve Siegel, top-finishing All Star Jason Johnson, Chris Knopp,
and Dean Jacobs.

"The All Stars and the NCRA are all a good group of guys," Dewease added.
"They treat everybody fair, and you can't ask for anything better than that.
When they come to Pennsylvania they're a little bit behind the eight-ball.
Where they race they don't need as stout of a motor. Our engine programs
here locally are pretty good."
Dewease's second win of the year was the 13th of his career in the Pigeon
Hills, and brought the Joe Harz-owned Carl Harz Furniture/Hank's Performance
Products team $5,000 for his eighth overall win in 410 competition in 2001.
Heats for the super sprints were won by Jeff Rohrbaugh (York, PA), Kenny
Jacobs (Holmesville, OH), Reed (Monclova, OH), and Travis Rilat (Desoto,
Dean Jacobs of Wooster, OH won the Dash, while Brian Ellenberger of Butler,
PA won the B-Main.
Fast time in time trials over the 42-car field was set by Greg Hodnett of
Memphis, TN, with a one-lap time of 13.389 seconds (100.829 MPH).

Littlestown's Sean Herrick started on the pole and led flag-to-flag in the
20-lap thundercar feature. Herrick has won both races that he's finished
this year. A wild battle for second saw Bobby Rudisill, Bobby Beard, Steve
Clabaugh, and Gary Potts shuffle Ken Berwager from second to sixth over of
the final lap. Berwager was actually blinded after losing his last tearoff
as Rudisill was making the pass.
Heats for the 30 thundercars were won by David Prunkl (who dropped from the
feature field while running second during an 11th lap caution), Pat McClane,
and Mike Ciezobka (who dropped from the field with a flat tire while running
eighth on the next-to-last lap of the feature), with Duane Watson winning
the consolation.

Lincoln Speedway will reel-off the second of two shows this weekend,
Saturday night, June 16th, when the super sprint & thundercar regulars will
play host to the traveling UNITED RACING CLUB (URC) SERIES. Gates will open
at 5:30 PM, with hotlaps at 7 PM and the first heat taking the green flag at
7:30 PM.

Thursday - June 14, 2001
Abbottsown, PA
Feature (30 laps) - 1. 88H-Lance Dewease ($5,000); 2. 1-Sean Michael
($2,500); 3. 88-Todd Shaffer ($1,700); 4. 77-Fred Rahmer ($1,400); 5.
69-Donnie Kreitz Jr. ($1,250); 6. 17-Cris Eash ($1,200); 7. 66-Steve Siegel
($1,150); 8. 22E-Jason Johnson ($1,100); 9. 10N-Chris Knopp ($1,050); 10.
7R-Dean Jacobs ($1,000); 11. 15K-Chad Kemenah ($800); 12. 12-Greg Hodnett
($600); 13. U2-Travis Rilat ($520); 14. 6-Kenny Jacobs ($500); 15. 55-Mike
Wagner ($500); 16. 5R-Byron Reed ($500); 17. 66-Aaron Berryhill ($500); 18.
07-Jeff Rohrbaugh ($500); 19. 4-Danny Smith ($400); 20. 65-Johnny Mackison
Jr. ($400)(DNF); 21. 30-Darren Eash ($400)(DNF); 22. 3-Curt Michael
($400)(DNF); 23. 22D-Rodney Duncan ($400)(DNF); 24. X-Bobby Weaver
(Alt.)($400)(DNF); 25. 20-Brian Ellenberger ($400)(DNF); 26. 9-Gary Wright
(Alt.)($400)(DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Todd Shaffer (1-15), Lance Dewease (16-30)

K-T Equipment Rental Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 07-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2.
7R-Dean Jacobs; 3. 10N-Chris Knopp; 4. 22D-Rodney Duncan; 5. 12-Greg
Hodnett; 6. 32-Brook Weibley; 7. 22M-Mark Smith; 8. 17N-Niki Young; 9.
91-John Sernett; 10. 14-Sean Walden; 11. 61-Earnest Jennings (DNF). Time -

JB Enterprise Racing Products Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 6-Kenny
Jacobs; 2. 55-Mike Wagner; 3. 88-Todd Shaffer; 4. 66-Steve Siegel; 5.
69-Donnie Kreitz Jr.; 6. 3-Curt Michael; 7. 9-Gary Wright; 8. 20-Brian
Ellenberger; 9. 30-Darren Eash; 10. 88-Jerrod Wilson. Time - 2:22.00

Crown Battery Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 5-Byron Reed; 2. 66-Aaron
Berryhill; 3. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 4. 15K-Chad Kemenah; 5. 17-Cris Eash;
6. 22E-Jason Johnson; 7. X-Bobby Weaver; 8. 55S-Billy Sims; 9. 94-Glenndon
Forsythe; DNS - 26-Pat Cooper. Time - 2:24.06

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (10 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. U2-Travis Rilat; 2.
77-Fred Rahmer; 3. 4-Danny Smith; 4. 88H-Lance Dewease; 5. 1-Sean Michael;
6. 7-Keith Kauffman; 7. 63R-Barry Ruble; 8. 15P-Pierron Reasner; 9. 63-Greg
Wilson (DNF); 10. 51-Jerrod Hull (DNF); DNS - 6W-Josh Wells. Time - 2:25.88

Haulmark Dash (4 Laps) - 1. 7-Dean Jacobs; 2. 1-Sean Michael; 3. 88H-Lance
Dewease; 4. 12-Greg Hodnett; 5. 55-Mike Wagner; 6. 15K-Chad Kemenah. Time -

B-Main (12 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 20-Brian Ellenberger; 2. 3-Curt Michael;
3. 22E-Jason Johnson; 4. 30-Darren Eash; 5. 7-Keith Kauffman; 6. 17N-Niki
Young; 7. 32-Brook Weibley; 8. 55S-Billy Sims; 9. 63R-Barry Ruble; 10.
15P-Pierron Reasner; 11. 91-John Sernett; 12. 88-Jerrod Wilson; 13. 14-Sean
Walton; 14. 61-Earnest Jennings; 15. X-Bobby Weaver (DNF); 16. 94-Glenndon
Forsythe (DNF); 17. 22M-Mark Smith (DNF); 18. 63-Greg Wilson (DNF); 19.
9-Gary Wright (DNF); 20. 51-Jerrod Hull (DNF). Time - 3:05.87

Time Trials - 1. Greg Hodnett, 12, 13.389 seconds (100.829 MPH); 2. Donnie
Kreitz Jr., 69, 13.472; 3. Johnny Mackison Jr., 65, 13.472; 4. Lance
Dewease, 88H, 13.496; 5. Dean Jacobs, 7R, 13.53; 6. Todd Shaffer, 88,
13.544; 7. Cris Eash, 17, 13.594; 8. Sean Michael, 1, 13.607; 9. Chris
Knopp, 10N, 13.616; 10. Steve Siegel, 66, 13.635; 11. Jason Johnson, 22E,
13.646; 12. Greg Wilson, 63, 13.658; 13. Mark Smith, 22M, 13.678; 14. Mike
Wagner, 55, 13.681; 15. Chad Kemenah, 15, 13.704; 16. Fred Rahmer, 77,
13.721; 17. Jeff Rohrbaugh, 7, 13.736; 18. Curt Michael, 3, 13.75; 19. Aaron
Berryhill, 66, 13.75; 20. Danny Smith, 4, 13.756; 21. Rodney Duncan, 22,
13.758; 22. Kenny Jacobs, 6, 13.785; 23. Bryron Reed, 5R, 13.816; 24. Travis
Rilat, U2, 13.82; 25. Brook Weibley, 32, 13.841; 26. Brian Ellenberger, 20,
13.844; 27. Glenndon Forsythe, 94, 13.867; 28. Keith Kauffman, 7, 13.873;
29. John Sernett, 91, 13.882; 30. Gary Wright, 9, 13.951; 31. Bobby Weaver,
X, 13.967; 32. Jerrod Hull, 51, 13.97; 33. Niki Young, 17N, 14.004; 34.
Darren Eash, 30, 14.005; 35. Billy Sims, 55S, 14.083; 36. Pierron Reasner,
15P, 14.329; 37. Sean Walden, 14, 14.414; 38. Jerrod Wilson, 88, 14.674; 39.
Pat Cooper, 26, 14.861; 40. Barry Ruble, 63R, 14.938; 41. Earnest Jennings,
61, 15.203; 42. Josh Wells, 6W, NT.

Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 25-Sean Herrick; 2. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 3. 5-Bobby
Beard; 4. 10-Steve Clabaugh; 5. 8-Gary Potts; 6. 77-Ken Berwager; 7. 22-Nat
Tuckey; 8. 2-Jeremy Brown; 9. X-Bernie Beard; 10. 14-Chet McCormick; 11.
95-Fred Cullum; 12. 11R-Jim Rost; 13. 31H-Dave Highlands; 14. 61-Mike
Ciezobka (DNF); 15. 30-Bryan Wagaman (DNF); 16. 95A-Allen Cullum (DNF); 17.
21-Jerry Bingaman (DNF); 18. 8MD-David Prunkl (DNF); 19. 4PJ-Pat McClane
(DNF); 20. 4-Greg Feltch (DNF); 21. 3-Duane Watson (DNF); 22. 12M-Jake
Markey (DNF); 23. 1-Neil Smith (DNF); 24. 99-Randy Zechman (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Sean Herrick (1-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 8MD-David Prunkl; 2. 4-Greg Feltch; 3.
3R-Bobby Rudisill; 4. 5-Bobby Beard; 5. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 6. 99-Randy
Zechman; 7. 95-Fred Cullum; 8. 30R-Craig Wagaman; 9. 9-Jeff Wilson; 10.
5S-Craig Smith (DNF). Time - 2:48.81

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 4PJ-Pat McClane; 2. 25-Sean Herrick; 3.
22-Nat Tuckey; 4. 10-Steve Clabaugh; 5. 11R-Jim Rost; 6. 14-Chet McCormick;
7. 3-Duane Watson; 8. 95A-Allen Cullum; 9. 24C-Paul Marshall (DNF); DNS -
21A-Mike Ziegler Jr.. No Time

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 61-Mike Ciezobka; 2. 77-Ken Berwager; 3.
2-Jeremy Brown; 4. 1-Neil Smith; 5. 30-Darren Eash; 6. 8-Gary Potts; 7.
X-Bobby Weaver; 8. 20-Pete Lawrence; 9. 31H-Dave Highlands; 10. 12M-Jake
Markey. No Time

Consolation (6 laps/7 to qualify) - 1. 3-Duane Watson; 2. X-Bernie Beard; 3.
95-Fred Cullum; 4. 12M-Jake Markey; 5. 31H-Dave Highland; 6. 95A-Allen
Cullum; 7. 30B-Craig Wagaman; 8. 9-Jeff Wilson; DNS - 20-Pete Lawrence. No

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