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Author Topic:   Quarterson wins second straight in Sprints
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posted June 10, 2001 08:36 PM UIN: 16262997
Quarterson wins second straight in Sprints; Riggs wins #2 in Mercer

By Mike Leone

June 9, 2001

Mercer (PA)...Mercer Raceway Park returned to action Saturday night.
Recording wins and celebrating in the Moore's Auto Body victory lane were
Tom Quarterson-Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars, Lonny Riggs-Bolland
Machine Big-Block Modifieds, Steve Young-New Castle School of Trades
Sportsman Modifieds, and Andy Buckley-Butterfield's Pub Stock Cars.

It was Mahoning Valley Scrappers Night as 100 free tickets were distributed
to their baseball facility and their mascot "Scrappy" made an appearance.
Rawlings gave out 300 free baseballs, and all Little Leaguers were admitted
free. It was CD 93.3 night as the rock station did a live remote from the
speedway and gave out prizes throughout the night.

Tom Quarterson made it two in a row in the 20-lap Luxaire Heating & Cooling
Sprint Car feature with a last lap pass of Troy Preston. "Troy went the
wrong line on the last lap," said the excited West Middlesex, Pa. driver. "I
took a chance around the line of the slower car and hoped I'd get in front
of him and I did!"

Rob Eyler blasted into the lead at the start over Gary McCollum and Tommy
Burns, Jr. in third. Gary Kriess, Jr., who started sixth, used the outside
to make it all the way to third on lap two passing Burns for the position.
Eyler's shot at his first career Mercer win was erased when John Toth III
spun on lap six. Eyler and McCollum had nowhere to go with both getting into
Toth and flipping. All three drivers were okay, but done for the night.

The accident moved Kriess to the lead ahead of Burns and Preston. When
racing resumed, Preston passed Burns at the flag stand for second on lap
six. Quarterson, who started 10th, got by Jason Jacoby for fourth on lap
nine then inherited third one lap later when Burns stopped bringing out the
caution. On lap 13, Gregg McCandless slowed on the front-stretch and Mike
Shearer flipped violently in turn one trying to avoid him. Shearer was okay.

Lap 13 saw Preston take charge passing Kriess off the inside of turn four.
Kriess dropped to third when Quarterson slipped underneath the April 28
winner in turn two for second on lap 15. Quarterson ran down Preston and was
all over the fellow West Middlesex driver on lap 17. On the last lap,
Preston went low trying to lap McCandless, while Quarterson went high and
had enough momentum to carry him past Preston for the lead and the win.

Quarterson drove the R&R Engine Rebuilders #27 to his 12th career Mercer win
and has now won the last four features he has competed in. "The Powells give
me a good car night after night," said Quarterson. "They want me to do my
job and I can do it!"

Preston held on for second over Kriess. New York's Mike Woodring came from
eighth to place fourth over Jacoby. Sixth through tenth were Jack Sodeman,
Jr., Brad Ellenberger, Mike Kekich in **** Schuller's #61, rookie Brian
Woodhall, and Arnie Kent. Heat winners over the 28-car field were Woodring,
Ellenberger, and Jacoby.

After getting passed for the win at the checkers the night prior at
Lernerville Speedway, Lonny Riggs returned to victory lane for the second
time this season in the 20-lap Bolland Machine Big-Block Modified feature.
"It's hard to let one go like that last night," said the Volant, Pa. winner.
"We're glad to be back here tonight."

Steve Young took the initial lead over Don McKnight at the start, while
Riggs came from sixth to third on the opening lap. Riggs moved into second
on lap four when he passed McKnight. Rob Curtis' spin brought out the first
caution with 11 laps completed. On lap 13, Riggs would make the winning move
getting under Young at the start-finish line.

Three cautions slowed action between laps 18 and 19. Riggs went on for his
ninth career Mercer win, which also includes five Sportsman Modified wins
and two Stock Car wins in the Merle Black-owned, Winners Circle Automotive
Machine/Suhrie Industrial Supply Tool Rental-sponsored #58.

Rookie big-block driver, Frank Guidace, who started seventh, recorded his
best finish in second after passing Dean Pearson and Young on the final lap.
Point leader Pearson was third over Young and Lou Blaney, who started 10th.
Completing the top 10 were McKnight, 17th starter Rodney Beltz, Adam Siegel,
Les Myers, and 22nd starter Scott Gurdak. Heat victors over the 24-car field
were Myers, Pearson, and Riggs.

Steve Young of Grove City, Pa. won his second 20-lap New Castle School of
Trades Sportsman Modified Feature. Young started 11th and moved up to second
on lap nine when an accident took out Randy Rodemoyer, Curt Matthews, and
Rick Ryder, who were running second through fourth. Andy Priest set the pace
for the first nine laps, but Young was able to drive by for the lead on lap
10 and never looked back. Young's 10th career Sportsman Modified win came
aboard the J.R. Greer-owned, Montgomery Truss & Panel-sponsored #11t. Priest
and 10th starter, Bill Adams, battled the entire second-half of the event
with Priest edging Adams at the finish for second. Rick Hall and Al Priester
recorded their first top fives in fourth and fifth respectively. John
Buchanan, Young, and Priest won the heats over the 27-car field.

Andy Buckley of Stoneboro, Pa. became the seventh different winner in seven
races by scoring the win in the 15-lap Butterfield's Pub Stock Car main.
Qualifying for his first feature of the season, Jim Miller set the pace for
the first six laps. Fifth starter, Gary Norman, and eighth starter, Ron
Iorio, took over the first and second spots on lap seven. Gary Robinson
dropped Miller back another spot on lap nine taking third.

On lap 10, Buckley, who started 10th, passed Robinson for third then raced
three-wide for the lead with Norman and Iorio. Buckley nosed ahead to lead
the 10th circuit with Iorio, Norman, and Robinson a close second through
fourth. Buckley would survive four restarts to hold off Iorio for his first
win since back-to-back wins on July 24 and August 7, 1999. Buckley's third
career Mercer win came in his #965. Robinson passed Norman on lap 12 to
finish third and kept his string of seven top fives in seven races intact.
Mike Aley was fifth after starting 17th. Picking heat wins over the 39-car
field were Norman, Bill Hanna, Buckley, and Terry Kroner. Aley and Gary
Miller, Jr. won the two B mains.

Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars: 1. TOM QUARTERSON 2. Troy Preston 3.
Gary Kriess, Jr. 4. Mike Woodring 5. Jason Jacoby 6. Jack Sodeman, Jr. 7.
Brad Ellenberger 8. Mike Kekich 9. Brian Woodhall 10. Arnie Kent 11. Brad
Hastings 12. Nathan Hines 13. Dave Wagner 14. Mark Imler 15. Jody Keegan 16.
Gregg McCandless 17. Aaron Shaffer 18. Tony Stebel, Jr. 19. Tim Hunter 20.
Butch Beasley 21. Mike Shearer 22. Tommy Burns, Jr. 23. Ricky Ferkel 24. Rob
Eyler 25. Gary McCollum 26. John Toth III 27. Randy Kriegisch-DNS 28.
Marshall Whitsel, Jr.-DNS.

Bolland Machine Big-Block Modifieds: 1. LONNY RIGGS 2. Frank Guidace 3. Dean
Pearson 4. Steve Young 5. Lou Blaney 6. Don McKnight 7. Rodney Beltz 8. Adam
Siegel 9. Les Myers 10. Scott Gurdak 11. Rick Hall 12. Rob Curtis 13. Dave
Schrader 14. Carl Murdick 15. Mark Sevin 16. Rick Kress 17. Joe Crawford 18.
Bob Dorman 19. Nick Ritchey 20. Randy Ferguson 21. Chetter Johnson, Jr. 22.
Rich Ferguson 23. Lee Miller 24. Tim Doran-DNS.

New Castle School of Trades Sportsman Modifieds: 1. STEVE YOUNG 2. Andy
Priest 3. Bill Adams 4. Rick Hall 5. Al Priester 6. John Buchanan 7. Gary
Bollinger 8. Andy Paden 9. Greg Unrue 10. Fred Sasse 11. Curt Matthews 12.
D.J. Schrader 13. Barry Bulfone 14. Leroy Johnson, Jr. 15. Dave Cogswell 16.
Bill Baptiste 17. Jay Priest 18. Morgan Sasse 19. Jerry Schaffer 20. John
Jones 21. Chanda Reitz 22. Brad Watson 23. Rick Ryder 24. Randy Rodemoyer
25. Buck Buchanan 26. Les Myers-DNS 27. Allen Ferry-DNS.

Butterfield's Pub Stock Cars: 1. ANDY BUCKLEY 2. Ron Iorio 3. Gary Robinson
4. Gary Norman 5. Mike Aley 6. Shaun Hooks 7. Willie Aley 8. Greg Beach 9.
Andy Thompson 10. Dave Ferringer 11. Todd Titus 12. Bill Hanna 13. Rick
Anthony 14. Terry Kroner 15. Duane Grinnell 16. Dan Fedorchak 17. Gary
Miller, Jr. 18. Lonnie O'Brien 19. Ed Hays 20. Rick Norco 21. Kevin Thompson
22. Keith Nagy 23. Jeff Kravec 24. Jim Miller DNQ-Mark Felicetty, Mike
Turner, Erick Cwynar, Ray Bailey, Jr., Adam Aley, Don Greenlee, Phil
Kaufman, Jim Green, Brian Miller, Tony Bruno, Lynn Hostetler, Rusty Moore,
Bob Hays, Mark Showers, William George, Sr.

Upcoming shows:

6/16 Sprints, Big-Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, & Stock Cars. Jr. Fan Night
featuring the Nickelodeon "Rugrats"-Chuckie, Tommy, & Angelica/Aut Mori
Grotto Clowns/Kids Bike Races/McElwain Family of Dealerships "Meet York
Heroes"-Sportsman Mods/Kids 12 and under receive free treat bag

6/23 "Wingless- The Return" presented by Chevron East- Northern States
Midget Classic, an ARDC vs. NAMARS clash event ($2,000 to-win), Non-Winged
Sprints ($2,000 to-win), & Stock Cars ($400 to-win).

6/30 Sprints, Big-Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, & Stock Cars. "American
Patriot Night"/Fireworks Spectacular-all vets with ID admitted free

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Racing at 6:30 p.m.

Contact: Mike Leone, 53 East Glenora Drive, Grove City, PA 16127. Office
phone 724-964-9300 and fax to 724-964-0604. Home phone/fax: 724-748-3358.

Mercer Raceway Park is located 3 miles north of I-80, exit 2. The track is
0.5 miles north of SR 258 on US 19, then 0.2 miles east on Fairgrounds Road
in Findley Township. The office number is 724-964-9300. Fax to 724-964-0604.
The race track phone number is 724-662-1310. Our web site is E-mail to

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