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Author Topic:   Chris Hackett stops Barton at Raceway 7
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posted June 09, 2001 02:43 PM UIN: 16262997
Chris Hackett stops Barton at Raceway 7

Conneaut, OH (June 8) - Chris Hackett from Erie, PA stopped **** Barton's win streak at three, by taking the 25-lap Maloney Tool and Mold Super Late Model feature event on Friday night at Raceway 7. In a special event sponsored by Roberts Trucking, Jay Watson from Conneaut, Ohio collected his second feature win of the season in the Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models. Bill Watson picked up his first feature win of the season in the MHC Inc. E-Mods. In the Fame Manufacturing Street Stocks, sophomore driver Darrell Bossard drove to his first Raceway 7 feature win.

The 25-lap feature for the Maloney Tool and Mold Super Late Models started with Chris Hackett and Andy Kania leading the field on the starting grid. An opening lap tangle involved six cars, with four able to continue. Hackett moved to the point before the yellow appeared again on lap 2. Back to green, Hackett showed the way but soon had his hands full with **** Barton, who had won all of the previous three feature events. By lap 10, Barton was looking to the high side of Hackett. The pair came across the line side-by-side on lap 11, with Hackett ahead by inches. Barton would complete the pass in turns one and two, emerging on the backstretch as the leader. But when a tangle in turn four required a yellow flag, scoring would revert back to lap 11 with Hackett placed back in the lead. The restart saw Hackett make the best of his second chance, as Scott Brady had slipped by Barton on the restart. Hackett pulled away from the field, leaving the battle for second as the laps clicked by. Barton would regain second on lap 22, but Hackett had an insurmountable lead. Hackett would race home the winner in an impressive drive for the first year Late Model driver, up from the Steel Blocks. Barton settled for second but still holds the point lead. Brady drove a strong race to show in third. Rob Blair was involved in the first lap tangle, but raced back through the field to finish fourth. Brent Rhebergen was fifth. Sixth went to18th starting Jim Dandy, Jr., as Ryan Markham, Mark Osburn, Bruce Hordusky, and Rusty Whitmore rounded out the top ten. Blair, Brady, and Dan Armbruster were the qualifying Heat winners, and the Last Chance Race winner was Frank Poniatowski.

Roberts Trucking sponsored the special 25-lap feature event for the Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models, with Dwayne Pond and Dan McDonald on the front row. McDonald moved to the early lead as the green flag laps clicked by. Up to challenge was fourth starting Dave Hess, Jr. On lap 4, Hess made a pass on the backstretch to garner the lead on lap 5. Hess pulled to a healthy lead as fifth starting Jay Watson moved to second on lap 9. The extended period of green flag racing ended on lap 11, wiping out the lead that Hess had built up. After a caution on lap 13, another extended period of green found the battle for the lead developing. Watson pulled up to challenge, making a bid on the inside of the backstretch on lap 18. The pair made contact, as Watson was able to complete the pass. A yellow flag on the last lap would bunch the field a final time, putting Hess and 21st starting Doug Eck on his bumper. Eck moved to second on the final round, and tried a move on the leader. But Watson raced home as the winner for the second consecutive race. Eck's impressive run passing 19 cars gave him a close second. Jim Davis grabbed third on the last lap from Hess. In his second Steel Block Late Model start, Dwayne Pond drove to an impressive fifth. Heat race winners were Hess, Watson, and Davis. Brian Huffman won the Last Chance Race.

Ryan Goff and J.B. Dandy led the 20-lap MHC Inc. E-Mod feature to the green flag, with Dandy taking the lead. After a lap 2 restart, Dandy felt a challenge from fourth starting Bill Watson. With a pass on the backstretch, Watson moved to the lead on lap 6. Todd Roncaglione grabbed second on lap 8, and pulled up to challenge for the lead. A lap 11 restart bunched the field again, as the lead battle continued. Roncaglione had pulled inside of Watson on lap 15, and was inching ahead off turn two as the yellow flag would come out. The restart would line Ron Roncaglione outside of his younger brother on the restart, and he would take second as racing resumed. With the brothers Roncaglione racing for second, it allowed Watson to race home as the winner. Ron Roncaglione would nose Todd for second at the finish. Dale Applebee was fourth, with Mike Hess fifth. With a sixth place finish after being involved in the lap 11 incident, Brent Rhebergen's efforts would net him the point lead. Watson, Dandy, and Hugo Litwiler were the Heat winners, and Jack Andrew took the Last Chance Race.

The 15-lap Fame Manufacturing Street Stock feature started with Ryan Blood and Rich Howell on the front row, with Howell taking command. Tim Mann moved to second on lap 3, but was unable to challenge the leader through several restarts. With the last restart on lap 11, ninth starting Darrell Bossard moved to second and pulled up to challenge. Howell inched away though, and appeared to have victory in his sights as the white flag waved. But through the final turns, Howell had a problem and drifted high on the track. Bossard shot by and would nab his first Raceway 7 feature victory. Mann also got by to get second, his best ever finish. Howell crossed the line in third, but would be disqualified as he was light at the scales. That moved Chuck Sullivan to third, ahead of Darren Buell, and point leader Mike Hochschild. Heat winners were Blood, Buell, and Howell, and the Last Chance Race winner was Mike Horton.

Raceway 7 will be back in action on Friday, June 15. A four-division program of racing will be on tap, as it will be Lakeview Ford Street Stock Night. It will be Scout Night, with all Scouts in uniform receiving free General Admission. There will also be Bike Races for the kids. The gates open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Raceway 7 is located six miles south of Interstate 90 on Ohio Route 7. For more information, please call 814-967-4230 for the office, or 440-594-2222. For the most complete source of Raceway 7 information, please visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:

Friday, June 15 - Lakeview Ford Street Stock Night, a special event. Four-division racing plus Scout Night. All Scouts in uniform will receive free General Admission. Bike races for kids.
Friday, June 22 - Triple Nickel, $5000 to win for Super Late Models. Four-division racing plus Speedo the Clown. (Triple Nickel to be run in conjunction with Triple Nickel event and McKean County Raceway, $5000 to win, plus a $5000 purse shoot-out for the top finishers from both.
Friday, June 29 - $2000 to win Super Late Models, sponsored by Corry Laser. Four-division racing.

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Raceway 7 results for Friday, June 8, 2001.

Maloney Tool and Mold Late Models - Car Count - 33.
Heat winners - Rob Blair, Scott Brady, Dan Armbruster.
Last Chance Race winner - Frank Poniatowski.
Feature - 1)Chris Hackett. 2)**** Barton. 3)Scott Brady. 4)Rob Blair. 5)Brent Rhebergen. 6)Jim Dandy, Jr. 7)Ryan Markham. 8)Mark Osburn. 9)Bruce Hordusky. 10)Rusty Whitmore. 11)Dan Armbruster. 12)Dave Lyon. 13)Rich Gardner. 14)Frank Poniatowski. 15)Greg Fenno. 16)Wally Fox. 17)Steve Halpainy. 18)Lee Patrick. 19)Matt Lux. 20)Tony Lombardi. 21)Andy Kania. 22)Keith Zimmerman. 23)Rick Briggs.24)Dave Kister. Did not start, Dutch Davies.
Did not qualify - Mickey Wright, Kirk Bradley, Kevin Santee, Bill Cunningham, Dale Applebee, Bryan Durig, Boom Briggs, Chet Alexander.
Updated Point Standings - 1) 845, 28B, **** Barton. 2) 730, W11, Rob Blair. 3) 700, 61, Dan Armbruster. 4) 580, 33, Chris Hackett. 5) 570, 14L, Dave Lyon. 6) 530, 19, Jim Dandy, Jr. 7) tie 500, 1, Rich Gardner and 07R, Brent Rhebergen. 9) 480, 11R, Rusty Whitmore. 10) 475, 5M, Ryan Markham.

Jay's Auto Wrecking Steel Block Late Models - Car Count - 26.
Heat winners - Dave Hess, Jr., Jay Watson, Jim Davis.
Last Chance Race winner - Brian Huffman.
Feature - 1)Jay Watson. 2)Doug Eck. 3)Jim Davis. 4)Dave Hess, Jr. 5)Dwayne Pond. 6)Merle Terry. 7)Dan McDonald. 8)Bill Henry. 9)Bryan Emory. 10)John Buzzard. 11)Mike Stoneman. 12)Joe Gillespie. 13)Steve Hollabaugh. 14)Chuck Steinle, Jr. 15)Terry Porter. 16)Mark Ashcraft. 17)Tim Glass. 18)Jim Hyde. 19)Dan Tercho. 20)Brian Huffman. 21)Wendell Pinckney. 22)Tom Denzinger.
Did not qualify - Todd Shrefler, Andy Boozel, Tom Bonanno. Did not race, Jim Dandy, Jr.
Updated Point Standings - 1) 755, 95, Jay Watson. 2) 680, 03, Doug Eck. 3) 665, 44H, Dave Hess, Jr. 4) 585, 21*, Bill Henry. 5) 575, 14E, Bryan Emory. 6) 555, 39, Dan McDonald. 7) tie 550, 4T, Merle Terry and J6, Tim Glass. 9) 520, 3H, Steve Hollabaugh. 10) 510, 72, Mike Stoneman.

MHC Inc. E-Mods - Car Count - 29.
Heat winners - Bill Watson, J.B.Dandy, HugoLitwiler.
Last Chance Race winner - Jack Andrew.
Feature - 1)Bill Watson. 2)Ron Roncaglione. 3)Todd Roncaglione. 4)Dale Applebee. 5)Mike Hess. 6)Brent Rhebergen. 7)Kevin Decker. 8)Jim Frontz. 9)Chuck List. 10)J.B. Dandy. 11)Bill Taylor. 12)John Andrew. 13)Jim Abbott. 14)Jeff Shank. 15)Hugo Litwiler. 16)Bob Craig. 17)Dale Fuller. 18)Junior Mechling. 19)Ryan Goff. 20)Jack Andrew. 21)Mike Kinney. 22)Kari Petrosky.
Did not qualify - Bootie Petsko, Tony Hyde, Don Watson, Jim Long, Chris Peterson, Steve Artrip, Robert Bland.
Updated Point Standings - 1) 730, 69, Brent Rhebergen. 2) 715, 94.3, Jim Frontz. 3) 710, 0, Ron Roncaglione. 4) tie 695, 00, Todd Roncaglione and 2*, Bill Watson. 6) 680, 44, Mike Hess. 7) 555, 4, Jeff Shank. 8) 535, 11A, Dale Applebee. 9) 510, 6, Hugo Litwiler. 10) 505, 72, John Andrew.

Fame Manufacturing Street Stocks - Car Count - 32.
Heat winners - Ryan Blood, Darren Buell, Rich Howell.
Last Chance Race winner - Mike Horton.
Feature - 1)Darrell Bossard. 2)Tim Mann. 3)Chuck Sullivan. 4)Darren Buell. 5)Mike Hochschild. 6)Jim McFadden. 7)Mike Boyd. 8)Eugene Stetson. 9)Ryan Blood. 10)Pat Gorton. 11)Bruce Burlingame. 12)Chip Davis. 13)Jim Van Cise. 14)Brian Douglas. 15)Ted Westover. 16)Rich Bates. 17)Brian Watson. 18)Russell Cressley. 19)John Hobbs, Sr. 20)Mike Horton. 21)Kevin White. 22)Rich Howell.
Did not qualify - Brian Guzowski, Paul Pittsenbarger, Barb Bellinger, Glen Myers, Russ Cipra, Lynn Preston, Justin Kreider, Jodi Woodworth, Jeremy Stafford, Jake Fenton.
Updated Point Standings - 1) 820, 88, Mike Hochschild. 2) 685, 2*, Brian Douglas. 3) 675, 22B, Darrell Bossard. 4) 605, 27B, Darren Buell. 5) 595, 27, John Hobbs, Sr. 6) 590, 10, Chuck Sullivan. 7) 565, 12G, Pat Gorton. 8) 490, 63, Tim Mann . 9) 485, 95, Ted Westover. 10) 480, 1C, Chip Davis.

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