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Author Topic:   Bureau County Speedway 6-8-01 Results
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Bureau County Speedway 6-8-01 Results Princeton, IL Kathy Costerisan

Sportsman State Wide Builders Feature - 1 Don Bell, Sheffield, 2
Gary Wetsel, Princeton, 3 Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 4 Steve Oeder, Princeton,
5 Kory Rokey, Wyanet, 6 Jason Anderson, Princeton, 7 Kevin Hoffman,
Sportsman Heat One - 1 Jason Anderson, 2 Rokey, 3 Bell, 4 Moon, 5
Wetsel, 6 Oeder, 7 BJ Storm, Princeton, 8 Scott Cimei, Magnolia

I.M.C.A. Modified State Wide Builders Feature - 1 Tom
Jensen, Rutland, 2 Marty Thompson, Mineral, 3 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 4
Tim Kimrey, Mendota, 5 Sean Evans, Ohio, 6 Dave McCutchan, Princeton, 7
Ron Coletrain, Sparland, 8 Mike Simons, Wilmot, WI, 9 Mark Vervynck,
Kewanee, 10 Nick Simons, Wilmot, WI, 11 Jack Rebholz, Lacon, 12 Don
Cole, Sterling, 13 Chuck Ostergaard, Wildwood, 14 Matt Moon, Wyanet, 15
Jason Hyerdall, Wildwood.
I.M.C.A. Modified heat one - 1 Chuck Ostergaard, 2 Jensen, 3
Moon, 4 Kimrey, 5 Evans, 6 M. Simons, 7 McCutchan.
I.M.C.A. Modified Heat Two - 1 Mark Verbeck, 2 Thompson, 3
Hyerdall, 4 Cole, 5 Vervynck, 6 Rebholz, 7 N. Simons, 8 Coletrain.

I.M.C.A. State Wide Builders Late Model Feature - 1 Steve
Morgan, Orangeville, 2 Marty Thompson, 3 Bill Tuckwell, Metamora, 4
Bryan Moon, 5 Kevin Skipper, Fulton, 6 Jeff Grabill, Princeton, 7 Todd
Sandusky, Coal Valley, 8 Jason Jaggers, Wyanet, 9 Johnny Johnson,
Chillicothe, 10 John Piccatto, Spring Valley.
I.M.C.A. Late Model Heat - 1 Marty Thompson, 2 Morgan, 3
Grabill, 4 Tuckwell, 5 Moon, 6 Jaggers, 7 Piccatto, 8 Sandusky, 9
Johnson, 10 Skipper.

Street Stock State Wide Builders Feature - 1 Randy Lucas,
Princeton, 2 Cliff Morse, Tiskilwa, 3 Keith Lucas, Princeton, 4 Brad
Carrington, Wyanet, 5 Brian Lucas, Princeton, 6 Heather Thacker, Walnut,
7 Jim Prokup, Dalzell, 8 Gary Leadley, Mendota, 9 Richie Bell,
Sheffield, 10 Buddy Boyd, Polo, 11 Greg Leadley, Princeton.
Street Stock Heat One - 1 Buddy Boyd, 2 Bell, 3 Carrington, 4
B. Lucas, 5 Gary Leadley, 6 Thacker.
Street Stock Heat Two - 1 Cliff Morse, 2 Greg Leadley, 3 R Lucas,
4 K. Lucas, 5 Prokup.

Bomber State Wide Builders Feature - 1 Ande Bivens, New
Bedford, 2 Eric "Spud" Balensiefen, Princeton, 3 JD Rutledge, Ohio, 4
Eric Whittington, Princeton, 5 Chris Hicks, Tiskilwa, 6 Gary "Poke"
Clark, Princeton, 7 Craig Hoffman, Princeton, 8 Adam Odell, Dover, 9
Justin Rutledge, Princeton, 10 Nathan Balensiefen, Sheffield, 11 Aaron
Carpenter, Annawan, 12 Jeremy Reed, Tiskilwa, 13 Jimmy Thompson,
Mineral, 14 Jeff Frank, Princeton, 15 Rob Riley, Ohio.
Bomber Heat One - 1 Eric Balensiefen, 2 JD Rutledge, 3 Bivens, 4
Odell, 5 Carpenter, 6 Frank, 7 Clark, 8 Thompson.
Bomber Heat Two - 1 Nathan Balensiefen, 2 Reed, 3 Whittington, 4
Hicks, 5 Hoffman, 6 Justin Rutledge, 7 Riley.

Bivens Wins First - Morgan Wins Fifth Feature at Bureau County

The Bureau County Speedway flagman, Duke Binegar, had to do his job the
old fashioned way Friday night by using just his flags to control the
race. The flag stand fuse box shorted out just when the Sportsman
feature was lined up to come out on the track, which caused the stop
lights to stop working. The races were able to proceed with the help of
the wreckers. The wreckers would turn on their flashing lights whenever
a caution came out to help warn the drivers to slow down.
A jubilant Ande Bivens of New Bedford got to take home his very
first trophy Friday night after winning the Bureau County Speedway
Bomber feature. Fifteen Bombers started the fifteen lap feature. Jeremy
Reed led the first three laps, but he was quickly disposed of by Eric
"Spud" Balensiefen. Balensiefen kept the lead for six laps. He had
pulled away from the second place car of Bivens when he spun coming out
of turn one.
Since the leader dropped out, a side by side restart pitted
Bivens and JD Rutledge head to head. Rutledge slipped up into the
crumbs on the restart, which gave Bivens the advantage he needed to keep
the lead. Bivens held off Rutledge through another restart and pulled
away to take his first feature win. Balensiefen passed Rutledge to
finish second.
Eric and Nathan Balensiefen each won one of the Bomber heat
Steve Morgan of Orangeville is just about untouchable in the I.M.C.A.
Late Model division. Morgan won his fifth Late Model feature Friday
night, out of only seven races this season.
Marty Thompson took the lead on the green flag and his car looked
like it was really hooking up as he led the first eight laps. The
caution came out for John Piccatto on lap eight when he shelled his
motor. Thompson and Morgan put on a driving demonstration when the green
came out again, running side by side, for lap after lap. One time Morgan
would have the advantage, only to have Thompson gain the advantage the
next lap. Morgan was finally able to make his lead stick and pulled away
from Thompson to take the lead for the final time with 13 laps to go.
Morgan took the checkers, followed by Thompson and Bill Tuckwell in
third. Earlier Thompson won their heat race.
Don Bell of Sheffield took his first feature win of the season
in the Sportsman feature. Bell looked like he had his Sportsman car on
a rail as he smoothly led every lap of the twenty lap feature event.
Following Bell across the line were Gary Wetsel and Bryan Moon in third.
Jason Anderson won the Sportsman heat race.
Randy Lucas of Princeton took his first feature win of the
season in the Street Stock feature. Once again the Street Stock drivers
showed that they aren't afraid to lean on each other as the race was
slowed by five cautions for spinning cars.
Randy Lucas took over the lead from Buddy Boyd as they made
their third attempt to get the first lap completed. Lucas was able to
retain the lead as the rest of the pack was sliding around behind him.
Cliff Morse won one of the Street Stock heat races and followed
that up with a great run in the feature. Morse took second place from
Brad Carrington on the fifth lap and ran second behind Lucas for the
rest of the race.
Keith Lucas, Richie Bell and Heather Thacker tried to run three
wide, until Bell and Thacker found themselves hooked together. Lucas
pulled away from them and was able to finish third. Bell spun on the
second to last lap, but didn't bring out the yellow. Randy Lucas led all
but the first lap to take the Street Stock feature win.
Friday night at Bureau County Speedway saw the largest field of
I.M.C.A. Modifieds this year, with fifteen cars. Several new cars
raced, with two of them driving down from Wisconsin. Tom Jensen
inherited the front row when leader Matt Moon spun and collected a few
cars. Jensen was able to hold off Mark Verbeck to take his second
feature win of 2001. Verbeck was able to pull past Jensen for one lap,
but Jensen pulled right back around him on the next lap. Marty Thompson
utilized a lapped car to get around Verbeck to finish second. Tim Kimrey
came back from a mid race spin to finish fourth.

This Tuesday, June 12th, will be the United States Modified Touring
Series race at Bureau County Speedway in Princeton, IL, The winning
Modified driver will take home $2000 to win. Cars from five states are
expected with many regional champions competing. Gates open at 5 and hot
laps begin at 6:45 p.m. Kids can register to win a bicycle given by
USMTS. This will be a great opportunity to see some of the best open
wheel modified drivers in the Midwest. Also running with the modifieds
will be the sportsman and bomber classes. The race in Princeton will be
the first night of a three race series. The next night the drivers will
be running in Darlington, WI. They will run Thursday night at Freeport
Raceway Park in Freeport, IL.

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