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posted June 03, 2001 10:21 AM UIN: 16262997
Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN made it a very profitable two for three
this week at Bristol Motor Speedway in United Dirt Track Racing Association
Pro DirtCar Series action.
The defending and four-time UDTRA Champion won the 60-lap finale Saturday
night in the 2nd Annual Battle of Bristol.
Bloomquist was able to get to the inside and use a lapped car as a pick to
pass early race leader and 1997 UDTRA Champion Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR
coming off the second turn on lap 32 for the lead and eventual win.
"Billy had a strong engine, and I was running a taller gear, so had trouble
keeping up early in the race," Bloomquist said. "With the set up we had, the
longer I ran, the better the car got, and the engine really had a strong top
end. We did everything right this week, except we didn't bring enough parts
last night to fix the car."
Bloomquist also won the 30-lap preliminary UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series event
at Bristol Motor Speedway on Thursday night, but broke a rear-end assembly
just before taking the green flag during the first heat race on Friday
night. Bloomquist scratched his car for the evening, and borrowed another
car to finish 21st in the main event.
In addition to winning his 79th and 80th career UDTRA victories, Bloomquist
also set fast time on both Wednesday and Friday night qualifications.
Bloomquist's fast lap came on Friday night with a lap around the .533-mile
high-banked clay-on-concrete oval in 16.370 seconds for an average speed of
117.214 miles per hour.
The Saturday night win was worth $25,000, with another $1,000 for his fast
time honors. With contingencies and awards, Bloomquist took home a total of
Steve Francis of Ashland, KY rallied from the eighth starting spot to
finish second. Moyer ended up in the third spot, with Bill Frye of
Greenbrier, AR finishing fourth, and Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC took the
fifth spot.
UDTRA point leader Rick Eckert of York, PA rounded out the top ten in the
Raye Vest Rocket/Cornett Mustang. Leaving Bristol, Eckert's point lead over
Steve Francis has now shrunk to 139 points.

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posted June 03, 2001 10:25 AM UIN: 16262997
Thursday - May 31, 2001
Bristol, TN
UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series (Day 1 of 3)
Feature (30 Laps) - 1. Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg ($10,000); 2. Freddy
Smith; 3. Dale McDowell; 4. Scott Sexton; 5. Steve Francis; 6. Donnie Moran;
7. Billy Moyer; 8. Steve Boley; 9. Randle Chupp; 10. Rick Eckert; 11. Davey
Johnson; 12. Earl Pearson Jr.; 13. Mike Balzano; 14. Steve Shaver; 15. Jimmy
Mars; 16. Don O'Neal; 17. Dan Schlieper; 18. Ray Cook; 19. Ronnie Johnson;
20. Duayne Hommel; 21. Rick Aukland; 22. C.S. Fitzgerald; 23. Wendell
Wallace; 24. Chris Madden.
Lap Leaders - Freddy Smith (1-29), Bloomquist (30)
Heat Winners - Scott Bloomquist, Freddy Smith, Scott Sexton, Dale McDowell,
Steve Francis, Wendell Wallace
Consolation Winners - Don O'Neal, Skip Arp
Time Trials (fast time) - Scott Bloomquist, 16.483 seconds

Friday - June 1, 2001
Bristol, TN
UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series (Day 2 of 3)
Feature (30 Laps) - 1. Jimmy Mars ($10,000); 2. Freddy Smith; 3. Dan
Schlieper; 4. Skip Arp; 5. Ray Cook; 6. Wendell Wallace; 7. Steve Francis;
8. Dale McDowell; 9. Earl Pearson Jr.; 10. Scott Sexton; 11. Bill Frye; 12.
Brian Birkhofer; 13. Rick Eckert; 14. Mike Balzano; 15. Lance Mathees; 16.
Shannon Babb; 17. Jimmy McCormick; 18. Ronnie Johnson; 19. Randle Chupp; 20.
Duayne Hommel; 21. Scott Bloomquist; 22. Don O'Neal; 23. Billy Moyer; 24.
Davey Johnson.
Lap Leaders - Freddy Smith (1-18), Jimmy Mars (19-30)
Heat Winners - Freddy Smith, Jimmy Mars, Skip Arp, Ray Cook, Ronnie Johnson,
Dan Schlieper
Connsolation Winners - Randle Chupp, Davey Johnson
Time Trials (fast time) - Scott Bloomquist, 16.370 seconds

Saturday - June 2, 2001
Bristol, TN
UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series (Day 3 of 3)
Feature (60 Laps) - 1. Scott Bloomquist ($26,950); 2. Steve Francis; 3.
Billy Moyer; 4. Bill Frye; 5. Ray Cook; 6. Dale McDowell; 7. Dan Schlieper;
8. Steve Shaver; 9. Mike Balzano; 10. Rick Eckert; 11. Jimmy Mars; 12.
Duayne Hommel; 13. Wendell Wallace; 14. Davey Johnson; 15. Shannon Babb; 16.
Jimmy McCormick; 17. Joe Izzo; 18. Mike Duvall; 19. Brian Birkhofer; 20.
C.S. Fitzgerald; 21. Freddy Smith; 22. Earl Pearson Jr.; 23. Scott Sexton;
24. 16 89 Marshall
Lap Leaders - Billy Moyer (1-31), Scott Bloomquist (32-60)
Heat Winners - Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer, Bill Frye, Shannon Babb,
Freddie Smith, Scott Sexton
Consolation Winners - C.S. Fitzgerald, Brian Birkhofer
UDTRA Point Standings - 1. Rick Eckert, 3127 points; 2. Steve Francis, 2988;
3. Scott Bloomquist, 2733; 4. Billy Moyer, 2619; 5. Wendell Wallace, 2590;
6. Dan Schlieper, 2584; 7. Dale McDowell, 2557; 8. Jimmy Mars, 2544; 9.
Freddy Smith, 2534; 10. Ray Cook, 2499; 11. Joe Izzo (R), 2093; 12. Shannon
Babb, 2090; 13. Randy Korte, 2033; 14. Steve Shaver, 1780; 15. Davey
Johnson, 1720; 16. Steve Boley, 1656; 17. Brian Birkhofer, 1640; 18. Rick
Aukland, 1619; 19. Randle Chupp, 1476; 20. Earl Pearson Jr., 1448.

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