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posted June 01, 2001 07:38 AM UIN: 16262997

BRISTOL, TN - Through the years, Bristol Motor Speedway has been known
famous finishes with Earnhardt and Labonte, and Wallace and Gordon being
most notable. Add Scott Bloomquist and Freddy Smith to the list.

Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN led only the last 20 feet of the 30-lap United
Dirt Track Racing Association Pro DirtCar Series main event Thursday night,
but it was the last 20 feet to the checkered flag in night one of the 2nd
Annual Battle of Bristol Presented by Free Service Tire and Auto Centers
Advance Auto Parts.

The defending and four-time UDTRA champion took his Miller Brothers Coal
Warrior/Custom Mustang to the outside in turn three, pulled up along side
Smith in turn four, and then won the race to the checkered flag by less
a half car-length.

"I worked the bottom for a little bit, but the race went quicker than I
thought it would," Bloomquist said. "I kept showing my nose to Freddy on
the inside, but the track was slick getting off the corners, so I moved
the outside on the last lap and went for broke."

Rather than going for broke, Bloomquist went for the top prize of $10,000
winning his second UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series main event of the season, and
the 79th of his career.

Bloomquist also scored the clean sweep, setting fast time among the 89
entrants with a speed of 116.411 miles per hour in Wednesday night's
qualifications, and he also won the first 12-lap Borla Performance heat

The 1996 UDTRA Champion Smith led 29.8 laps, but had to settle for second
the Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Custom Monte Carlo.

"I ran out of brakes with five laps to go, and if it wasn't for that I would
have been O.K.," Smith said. "I saw him (Bloomquist) coming on the high
side, but there was nothing I could do."

The defending Battle of Bristol Champion and the 1999 UDTRA Champion Dale
McDowell finished third in the Larry Shaw Race Cars Larry Shaw/Hatfield
Monte Carlo.

"This track was real racy tonight, and this year I'm in a different chassis
this year with the Larry Shaw Race Car than I was last year with the GRT,"
McDowell said. "We've made a lot of adjustments to the car and used a
little different tire compound than anyone else. We learned some things
tonight that will help us Friday night and Saturday night."

Despite a smoking engine from a loose fitting on a valve cover, Scott Sexton
of Pigeon Forge, TN brought his Smooth Cut Lawn Care Stinger/Custom Grand
Prix home in the fourth place. Steve Francis of Ashland, KY posted his
top ten finish in the first 18 event of the UDTRA season with a fifth-place
effort in the Valvoline/Mopar Performance Rocket/Stanton Dodge.

Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH took the sixth spot in the McCullough
Motorsports Rayburn/Pro Power Grand Prix, and 1997 UDTRA Champion Billy
Moyer of Batesville, AR was seventh in the Petroff Towing/J&J Steel
Rayburn/Clements Monte Carlo. Steve Boley of West Liberty, IA finished
eighth in the Ron Alpen Ford Mastersbilt/Cornett Mustang.

Randle Chupp of Mooresville, NC drove his Biscotti's Restaurant and
Winery/Park Ohio Rocket/Draime Monte Carlo to a ninth place finish, and
UDTRA point leader Rick Eckert of York, PA rounded out the top ten in the
Raye Vest Rocket/Cornett Mustang. Eckert now leads Francis in the UDTRA
DirtCar Series point standings by 197 points.

Eckert was also one of four drivers to share the JE Pistons Hard Charger
the Race Award. Eckert started 16th and finished 10th. Earl Pearson Jr.
Jacksonville, FL started 18th and finished 12th in the Dunn-Benson Ford
Rocket/Eatmon Mustang, Dan Schlieper of Pewaukee, WI started 23rd and
finished 17th in the Performance Roofing Systems Rayburn/Pro Power Monte
Carlo, and Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC started 24th and finished 18th subbing
for Skip Arp of Georgetown, TN in the Curtis Equipment GRT/Cornett Mustang.

At the drop of the green flag, Bloomquist and Smith raced side-by-side for
the first five laps, with Smith on the outside holding a slight advantage.
Wendell Wallace of Batesville, AR brought out the only caution flag in the
race on lap nine by stalling his JFR Graphics/Monday Motorsports GRT/Russell
Baker Grand Prix in turn four.

On the restart, Moran stepped to the outside from the seventh position,
climbed to fifth by lap 12. McDowell also made a move on lap 12 to make
inside pass in turn four on Sexton for the third spot. Sexton's car began
to smoke on lap 21, but he said he checked the gauges which were O.K. and
charged on.

As Smith worked lapped traffic on lap 24, Bloomquist began to close in on
the leader, and began looking inside. On laps 25 through 29, Bloomquist
could pull along side Smith going into the corners, but Smith would have
advantage coming off the turns.

Coming down the backstretch on the final lap, Bloomquist made his first
of the race to the outside in turn three, pulled along side Smith in turn
four, and then the two raced side-by-side down the front straightaway.
20 feet to the checkered flag, Bloomquist inched ahead and won the race
less than a half car-length.

Other Borla Performance 12-lap Heat Races were won by Smith, Sexton,
McDowell, Francis, and Wallace, who won the $50 Scott Performance Wire Bonus
Award. Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN won the 12-lap Renegade Transporters
1st Consolation Race in the Ware Funeral Home Rocket/Cropper Monte Carlo,
and Arp won the Polaris ATVs 2nd 12-lap Consolation Race.

The action of the 2nd Annual Battle of Bristol Presented by Free Service
Tire and Auto Centers and Advance Auto Parts continues Friday night with
another 30-lap $10,000-to-win main event for the UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series.
All cars will qualify one lap, run six 12-lap Borla Performance Heat Races,
and the Renegade Transporters and Polaris ATVs 12-lap Consolation Races.

The grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., with hot laps set for 6:30 p.m., and
racing scheduled for 7:30 p.m. For ticket and race day information call
Bristol Motor Speedway at (423) 784-1161 or visit their web site at


1. 1 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Ford 30 $10,000
2. 2 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Chev. 30 $6,000
3. 4 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Chev. 30 $3,000
4. 3 52 Scott Sexton Pigeon Forge, TN Pont. 30 $2,500
5. 5 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Dodge 30 $2,000
6. 8 99 Donnie Moran Dresden, OH Chev. 30 $1,800
7. 12 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR Chev. 30 $1,600
8. 7 26 Steve Boley West Liberty, IA Ford 30 $1,400
9. 14 114 Randle Chupp Mooresville, NC Chev. 30 $1,200
10. 16 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Ford 30 $1,100
11. 11 1j Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA Chev. 30 $1,000
12. 18 1 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Ford 30 $950
13. 15 E1 Mike Balzano Parkersburg, WV Chev. 30 $900
14. 9 30 Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV Chev. 30 $875
15. 20 28m Jimmy Mars Elk Mound, WI Chev. 30 $850
16. 19 71 Don O'Neal Martinsville, IN Chev. 30 $825
17. 23 s9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI Chev. 30 $800
18. 24 31 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC Ford 30 $750
19. 21 5 Ronnie Johnson Chattanooga, TN Pont. 30 $700
20. 22 h2 Duayne Hommel Newport, TN Chev. 29 $700
21. 17 1a Rick Aukland Zanesville, OH Pont. 29 $700
22. 10 100 C.S. Fitzgerald Lexington, VA Ford 10 $700
23. 6 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR Pont. 8 $750
24. 13 1m Chris Madden Laurens, SC Chev. 1 $700

FAST QUALIFIER: Bloomquist, 116.411 MPH
PROVISIONALS: Schlieper (3) and Mars
LAP LEADERS: Smith, 1-29, Bloomquist 1
JE PISTONS HARD CHARGER OF THE RACE: Eckert (started 16th and finished
10th), Pearson (started 18th and finished 12th), Schlieper (started 23rd
finished 17th), and Cook (started 24th and finished 18th)
UDTRA SHOOTOUT INVITEES: Sexton, Hommel, Fitzgerald, Mark Noble, Dale Ball,
and Sandy Goddard (Promoter's Choice)

BORLA PERFORMANCE 12-LAP HEAT RACES (Top 3 Finishers Advance To Main Event;
4th Through 11th Advance To Consolation Race):

1ST HEAT: 1. Bloomquist; 2. Boley; 3. Madden; 4. R. Johnson; 5. O'Neal;
Lance Mathees; 7. Bob Robertson; 8. Bob Gordon; 9. Gar Dickson; 10. Michael
Jackson; 11. Mike Gault; 12. David Payne; 13. Jim Clemons; 14. Brandon

2ND HEAT: 1. F. Smith; 2. Moran; 3. Chupp; 4. Bill Frye; 5. Phil Hall;
Dale Ball; 7. Clayton Christenberry; 8. Brandon Umberger; 9. Tyrel Todd;
Stacy Boles; 11. Greg Burchett; 12. Randy Lucas; 13. Chuckie May; 14. Joe

JE PISTONS 3RD HEAT: 1. Sexton; 2. Shaver; 3. Balzano; 4. Cook; 5. Shannon
Babb; 6. Steve Russell; 7. Mark Noble; 8. J. Johnson; 9. Larry Blankenship;
10. Roger Lucas; 11. Bear Patterson; 12. Wylie White; 13. Winky McGee; 14.
Brian Birkhofer; 15. Marshall Green.

4TH HEAT: 1. McDowell; 2. Fitzgerald; 3. Eckert; 4. Mike Duvall; 5. Jason
Smith; 6. Tommy Kerr; 7. Brad Carty; 8. Sandy Goddard; 9. Anthony Arnwine;
10. Jerry Bradley; 11. Derrick Rainey; 12. Lane Culver; 13. Mark Vineyard;
14. Dennis Franklin; 15. Jimmy McCormick.

5TH HEAT: 1. Francis; 2. D. Johnson; 3. Aukland; 4. Skip Arp; 5. Duke
Whiseant; 6. Mars; 7. Schlieper; 8. M. Johnson; 9. Eddie Rickman; 10. Bill
Reed; 11. Jeff Monger; 12. Kip Cochran; 13. Rick Rickman.

SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE 6TH HEAT: 1. Wallace; 2. Moyer; 3. Hommel; 4. Randy
Korte; 5. Pearson; 6. Patrick Duggan; 7. John Mason; 8. Stacy Holmes; 9.
David McCoy; 10. Chuck Southard; 11. Danny Breuer; 12. Randy King; 13. Don

CONSOLATION RACES (12-Laps, Top 2 Finishers Advance To Main Event):

RENEGADE TRANSPORTERS 1ST CONSY: 1. O'Neal; 2. R. Johnson; 3. Cook; 4.
Babb; 5. Noble; 6. Frye; 7. Ball; 8. Russell; 9. Mathees; 10. Robertson;
Gordon; 12. J. Johnson; 13. Dickson; 14. M. Jackson; 15. Umberger; 16.
Blankenship; 17. Ro. Lucas; 18. Boles; 19. Burchett; 20. Todd; 21. Hall;

POLARIS ATVs 2ND CONSY: 1. Arp; 2. Pearson; 3. Mars; 4. Korte; 5.
Whiseant; 6. Mason; 7. Goddard; 8. Schlieper; 9. Holmes; 10. Kerr; 11. M.
Johnson; 12. Reed; 13. Arnwine; 14. Monger; 15. E. Rickman; 16. Bradley;
May; 18. Southard; 19. McCoy; 20. Breuer; 21. Rainey; 22. Duvall.


1. Rick Eckert - 2869
2. Steve Francis - 2672
3. Scott Bloomquist - 2451
4. Billy Moyer - 2353
5. Wendell Wallace - 2316
6. Dan Schlieper - 2273
7. Dale McDowell - 2265
8. Freddy Smith - 2249
9. Jimmy Mars - 2239
10. Ray Cook - 2189
11. Joe Izzo - 1900
12. Randy Korte - 1893
13. Shannon Babb - 1857
14. Steve Shaver - 1558
15. Steve Boley - 1556
16. Davey Johnson - 1541
17. Rick Aukland - 1479
18. Brian Birkhofer - 1404
19. Terry English - 1398
20. Chub Frank - 1319

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