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Author Topic:   Determined, Lemirande fends off challengers for win
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posted May 27, 2001 06:36 PM UIN: 16262997
Determined, Lemirande fends off challengers for win

Throughout the week, drivers and fans kept looking skyward waiting for the rain to stop. Finally, Saturday came without the persistent rain that preceded it and the fans were treated to some of the finest driving this year. The track prep crews did an outstanding job getting the track ready for Sunland Enterprises sponsored night of racing and the drivers were rewarded with multiple lanes of smooth racing. Racing got off to a fast and furious start as the Bud Dash For Cash saw the top six drivers from last week race for a cash prize. Dale Boerschinger picked up the win but last weeks feature winner Nick Woods’ car made heavy contact with the wall ending his night early.
The IMCA Stock class once again saw Jeremy Christians take the lead by lap five but this time he would have company. Rob Schmid was determined to end Christians run of three straight wins. Jeff Owens, who had finished second to Christians three straight times ran a comfortable third with rookie John Stanton alone in fourth. For 10 laps Schmid stayed glued to Christians, diving under him at each corner and waiting for Christians to make a mistake. Running fifth, Elroy Thrun appeared to be gaining on Stanton and with three laps to go had closed onto the bumper of a slightly slowing Stanton. Then, with two laps remaining, Stanton’s clutch exploded and the two made incidental contact sending Stanton spinning to the infield where he would remain. Schmid would still be pressuring Christians right up to the end but would finish half a car length short as Christians picked up his fourth straight victory.
Tim Lemirande took the lead on lap 2 of the IMCA Modified feature just as the only caution between all three classes came out for a stalled Dennis Schultz car. Lemirande continued to lead after the restart but had Dan Musbach all over him. Musbach pressured for the lead but soon found himself defending second against Jay Schraufnagel. Side by side they raced without allowing Lemirande to pull away. Musbach and Schraufnagel each took turns trying to pass Lemirande but the lead would not change. For the last 15 laps a blanket would have covered the three cars. A mistake by any of the drivers would have cost them a position. Dale Boerschinger closed on the front three with a couple laps to go as Todd Ascherien held off Dan Miller and Rick Strommen for fifth. Schraufnagel was able to get his nose under Lemirande on the final two laps but would not be able to make the pass as Lemirande went on to score his first win of the season.
Not to be outdone by the other class’s exciting racing, the DCRA Pure Stock class would also put on a good show of clean, close, caution free racing that also saw a side by side finish. Randy Schimmel led the first couple of circuits before Darrell Bittner took the top spot. Bittner would lead Nate Schepp, Schimmel and Steve Seitz until lap 11 when he retired with mechanical problems. Bittner’s early exit handed the lad over to Steve Seitz who had his hands full with Schepp who was trying multiple lines to get around for the lead. Schimmel would also have a tough time running in third as Craig Lepple was all over him. As hard as he tried, Schepp just couldn’t get around Seitz and as the checkered flag flew, Seitz would be in the lead by only a few feet. Lepple would also edge Schimmel by inches for third.
Tim Paitrick Transmissions sponsored the final events of the night as the Powder Puff races took place. Katie Vandekolk piloted Duke Bresser’s IMCA Modified to victory, as did Michelle Sauerbrei in Kevin Renk’s IMCA Stock car. Kim Mann took her husband Bob’s Pure Stock car to a win showing an aggressiveness that might suggest she should get her own racecar. In the Junior Hot Rods Jesse Krahn and Justin Bobholz were winners in their races.

IMCA Modified:
Feature: 1) Tim Lemirande, Verona; 2) Jay Schraufnagel, Beaver Dam; 3) Dan Musbach, Grafton; 4) Dale Boerschinger, Green Bay; 5) Todd Ascherien, Beaver Dam; 6) Rick Strommen, Beaver Dam; 7) Dan Miller, Horicon; 8) Scott Houpt, Theinsville; 9) Sammy Strasser, Beaver Dam; 10) Dave Schoenberger, Beaver Dam
B-Main: 1) Scott Lewis, Waukau; 2) Keith Schmitt, Beaver Dam; 3) Dave Schoenberger; 4) Scott Magsman, De Forest; 5) Jim Kaul, Grafton
First Heat: 1) Jay Schraufnagel; 2) Terry Broesch, WI Dells; 3) Kurt TerBeest, Markesan; 4) Scott Houpt
Second Heat: 1) Dan Musbach; 2) Tim Lemirande; 3) Dale Boerschinger; 4) Sammy Strasser
Third Heat: 1) Dennis Schultz, Oshkosh; 2) Todd Ascherien; 3) Lee Tibbits, Hebron; 4) Andy Voigt, Beaver Dam
Fourth Heat: 1) Dan Miller; 2) Rick Strommen; 3) Dennis Haldemann, Janesville; 4) Kelly Brown, Randolph
IMCA Stock:
Feature: 1) Jeremy Christians, Horicon; 2) Rob Schmid, Burnett; 3) Jeff Owens, Randolph; 4) Elroy Thrun, Horicon; 5) Jerry Schaalma, Juneau; 6) Scott Erdmann, Juneau; 7) Brett Wenzel, Two Rivers; 8) Curt Beek, Waupun; 9) Kevin Renk, Ripon; 10) Brian Brooks, Neshkora
First Heat: 1) Jeff Owens; 2) Scott Erdmann; 3) Elroy Thrun; 4) John Stanton, Reeseville; 5) Brett Wenzel
Second Heat: 1) Jeremy Christians; 2) Rob Schmid; 3) Jerry Schaalma; 4) Roger Johnson, Saukville; 5) Kevin Renk
DCRA Pure Stock:
Feature: 1) Steve Seitz, Beaver Dam; 2) Nate Schepp, Juneau; 3) Craig Lepple. Beaver Dam; 4) Randy Schimmel, Beaver Dam; 5) Trevor Schmidt, Hartford; 6) Chris Reinwald, Horicon; 7) Bob Mann, Reeseville; 8) Jason Behring, Beaver Dam; 9) Brent Lepple, Beaver Dam; 10) Andy Voigt, Beaver Dam
First Heat: 1) Randy Schimmel; 2) Darrell Bittner, Horicon; 3) Bob Man; 4) Nate Schepp; 5) Craig Lepple
Second Heat: 1) Jason Behring; 2) Steve Seitz; 3) Trevor Schmidt; 4) Ed Coulter, Beaver Dam; 5) Jim Steger, Beaver Dam

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