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posted May 27, 2001 06:28 PM UIN: 16262997
Takes OšReilly Series point lead after capturing Adams County 50

CORNING, IOWA (May 26, 2001) ­ Kyle Berck knew where he wanted to go
Saturday night, and he knew how to get there. Berck, of Marquette, Neb., was
shooting for his first OšReilly Auto Parts All-Star Series, NASCAR Touring
win of the season, and he got it here at Adams County Speedway in the Adams
County 50.
Berck, who won the Bud Pole Award at the season-opening OšReilly Series race
in April, had his Dorothy Lynch Dressings/Speedway Motors Ford humming
Saturday. Berck prefers the low groove and said he found some moisture down
there that gave him good traction at the half-mile oval. Berck started on
the pole and led all the way. In doing so, he also took over the point
standings in NASCAR Os only dirt track touring series.
Going into Sunday nightšs OšReilly Auto Parts All-Star Series race in
Greenwood, Neb., Berck has 634 points to Ed Kosiskiš s 625. Other top
drivers are Gary Webb, Blue Grass, Iowa, 605; Joe Kosiski, Omaha, Neb., 583;
and Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill., 565.
ŗWešre kind of hoping that Ed doesnšt chase this whole thing because hešs
definitely going to keep the pressure on,˛ said Berck. ŗWešve chased points
with Ed for years and years, and we respect each other a bunch. If he
decides to keep chasing the series, believe me, hešs going to be there right
to the end.˛
Webb chased Berck from the drop of the green flag Saturday but could not get
close enough to mount a passing bid, even though the race was slowed once by
a caution. Webb ended up second, followed by Joe Kosiski; Skip Frey, Ely,
Iowa; and Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill., in that order.
ŗWešre going to have to keep finishing these races -- thatšs our first goal
-- and win them when we can,˛ said Berck in Victory Lane. ŗWe got one
tonight, and wešre thrilled.˛
Qualifying heat races went to Webb; Scott Koskovich of Omaha, Neb., and
Brian Harris of Davenport. Todd McKee of Massena, Iowa, picked up a
consolation event.

OšReilly Auto Parts All-Star Series Race Report
Adams County Speedway
Corning, Iowa
May 26, 2001
Race No. 4

First Qualifying Heat:
1. Gary Webb- Blue Grass, Iowa
2. Dave Eckrich- Oxford, Iowa
3. John Anderson- Omaha, Neb.
4. Kyle Berck- Marquette, Neb.
5. Joe Kosiski- Omaha, Neb.
6. Ray Guss Jr.- Milan, Ill.
7. Larry Skalberg- Emerson, Iowa
8. Todd McKee- Massena, Iowa
9. Kurt Kile- West Liberty, Iowa
10. Skip Frey- Ely, Iowa

Second Qualifying Heat:
1. Scott Koskovich- Omaha, Neb.
2. Denny Eckrich- Tiffin, Iowa
3. Chris Spieker- Massena, Iowa
4. Billy Tuckwell- Metamora, Ill.
5. John Hampel- Nodaway, Iowa
6. Bill Mlarnik- Omaha, Neb.
7. Greg Larsen- Plattsmouth, Neb.
8. Jeff French- Waukee, Iowa
9. Tom Cannon- Iowa City, Iowa
10. Mike Whitehead- Clarinda, Iowa

Third Qualifying Heat:
1. Brian Harris- Davenport, Iowa
2. Sonny Findling- Kirksville, Mo.
3. Rick Wendling- Hazelton, Iowa
4. Skip Frey- Ely, Iowa
5. Ed Kosiski- Omaha, Neb.
6. Jason Hobscheidt- Nehawka, Neb.
7. Steve Kosiski- Papillion, Neb.
8. Donnie McClellan- Grant City, Mo.
9. Steve Ihm- Hazel Green, Wis.
10. Terry Buresh- Bellevue, Wash.

Bud Pole Qualifying:
1. Denny Eckrich

1. McKee
2. French
3. McClellan
4. Skalberg
5. Kile
6. Ihm
7. Glendenning
8. Whitehead
9. Buresh
10. Cannon

Adams County Speedway 50.
1. Berck
2. Webb
3. Joe Kosiski
4. Frey
5. Guss
6. Ed Kosiski
7. Wendling
8. Denny Eckrich
9. Anderson
10. Dave Eckrich
11. Findling
12. Hampel
13. Larsen
14. McClellan
15. McKee
16. French
17. Ihm
18. Koskovich
19. Hobscheidt
20. Steve Kosiski
21. Kile
22. Harris
23. Skalberg
24. Spieker
25. Tuckwell
26. Mlarnik

For Further Information, Contact:
Phil Roberts, NASCAR, (319) 284-6863 (

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