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Author Topic:   Fast pace fits Friesen at Butler County Speedway
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posted May 25, 2001 11:54 AM UIN: 16262997
Fast pace fits Friesen at Butler County Speedway
RISING CITY, Neb. (May 23) - A fast-paced program at Butler County Speedway saw Jason Friesen in the winner's circle for the third time in as many I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late Model series events.
Occasional showers, strong winds and chilly temperatures allowed for few breaks in the Friesen Chevrolet Challenge Series show. The breaks on the track went against second cousins Al Humphrey and Jason Humphrey, both from Giltner and both sidelined by mechanical misfortune after leading late in the feature race.
Jason Humphrey's departure with three laps to go left Friesen, from Sutton, and Wood River's Tommy Rowe to fight it out for first.
That fight was a short one, however, as Rowe slowed with a rear end problem and Mike Wiarda of Aurora took over the second spot.
Wiarda, pole starter John Bridges of Columbus and George Murdock of Bassett followed Friesen at the finish.
Bridges led all the way from the start to the 15th circuit, holding off challenges by the Humphreys and Harold Schriner of Guide Rock. Al Humphrey finally slipped by Bridges, Jason Humphrey following suit two laps later.
Four cautions kept the field bunched up. The Humphreys' engine problems with five and then three laps remaining would precede Friesen's latest series victory.
Heat winners were Al Humphrey, Schriner and Dennis Swanson of Bassett. Al Humphrey also won the dash.

Feature Results - 1 Jason Friesen, Sutton; 2. Mike Wiarda, Aurora; 3. John Bridges, Columbus; 4. George Murdock, Bassett; 5. Dennis Swanson, Bassett; 6. Bo Egge, Kearney; 7. Billy Murphy, Loup City; 8. Tom Svoboda, David City; 9. Tommy Rowe, Wood River; 10. Harold Schriner, Guide Rock; 11. Steve Kempt, North Platte; 12. Kim McDonald, Grand Island; 13. Steve Hansen , Bassett; 14. Ron Dake, Lincoln; 15. Jeff Moeller, Seward; 16. Randy Sadd, Doniphan; 17. Mike Chapin, York; 18. Jason Humphrey, Giltner; 19. Eric Rempel, Palmyra; 20. Al Humphrey, Giltner.

Challenge Series Top 20 Point Standings - 1. Friesen, 127; 2. Wiarda, 117; 3. Rowe, 109; 4. Egge, 108; 5. Murphy, 107; 6. Al Humphrey, 103; 7. George Murdock, 101; 8. McDonald, 96; 9. Schriner and Swanson, both 94; 11. Bridges, 93; 12. Jason Humphrey, 90; 13. Kempt, 85; 14. Sadd, 71; 15. Alan Jordening, Blue Hill, and Jonathan Rehnberg, Holdrege, both 61; 17. Martin Murdock, Bassett, 55; 18. Moeller, 52; 19. Chapin, 46; 20. Bruce Wasserman, Fairbury, 35.


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