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posted May 20, 2001 04:16 PM UIN: 16262997
ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 5/19/01 - Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.
For Cris Eash, it didn't hurt to be good and lucky.
A late-race incident between leader Niki Young and Fred Rahmer led to a
$2500 payday for Eash Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway. It was the first
win of the year for Eash and the 27th of his career at the Pigeon Hills
"We have been consistent, but not consistent enough,'' said Eash in victory
lane. "We have been in the top ten a lot, but it has been in the bottom half
of the top ten. The car is running good and hopefully we can get stronger in
the second half of the season.''
"I got that one handed to me. We were getting close to them, but who knows
what would have happened if it kept going. I was real impressed with Niki
(Young). He wasn't giving an inch to Rahmer trading slide jobs with him."
Rahmer, who started 12th, caught race-long leader Niki Young by the 16th
lap, and tried to pass the Spring Grove speedster with a slider, only to
have Young slip under the defending Lincoln champ to maintain the top spot.
The fans rose to their feet as Rahmer again tried the same move three laps
later, with Young duplicating his effort in holding the leading feature
winner of 2001 at bay.
Rahmer tried one more time to slide under the Young in the third and fourth
turns, but Young would not be intimidated kept his throttle to the floor.
Rahmer made contact with Young, causing the leader to hit the wall and
rollover, bringing out the red flag - and sent the fans into a frenzy.
Rahmer, who kept going after the contact, pulled into the pit area during
the stoppage with a broken radius rod, giving the lead to Eash who was
running third.
From there, the race belonged to Eash, who led the rest of the way to post
a half-straightaway victory at the checker.
Bobby Weaver ended up second, and was followed by Darren Eash, Billy Sims,
and Josh Wells. Cliff Brian, Chris Knopp, Glenndon Forsythe, Johnny
Mackison, Jr., and Dustin Hoffman completed the top ten.

Rookie Chad Trout started fourth, took the lead from Will Urkuski on lap
three, and paced the field the rest of the way to score an impressive first
career victory in the 358 Sprint portion of the program. Joe Ilg, Scott
Ausherman, Eric Stambaugh, and Adrian Shaffer rounded out the top five.

David Prunkl became the third first-time 2001 winner of the night in the
20-lap thundercar feature. Prunkl started on the pole and led wire-to-wire.
Bryan Wagaman started fourth, grabbed second from Roy Warehime on lap two,
and chased Prunkl the rest of the way. Bobby Rudisill, Neil Smith, and
Bernie Beard (who started 21st) completed the top five. The win ended
Beard's three-race winning streak at Lincoln.

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