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posted May 20, 2001 08:05 AM UIN: 16262997

Afton, NY… George Hoffmier, Jr., of Berkshire, took home the top honors
Friday night in the 30 lap DIRT 358 Modified Main Event.
Sidney Center's Mike Clapperton found himself in the lead on lap two
from his fifth starting spot after pole sitter Jim Witko, Jr., of Clarks
Summit, PA, lost the handle on his machine and collected Rockdale's Tim
French. French was able to continue, but Witko's night came to an
early end.
Hoffmier, Jr., who started sixth, settled in for second behind
Clapperton. As the field returned to green flag racing, Clapperton and
duked it out side by side for severals laps, until Greg Hoke, driving Jeff
Rudalavage's backup car, brought out the caution on lap twelve.
Hoffmier got a good run on the re-start, and took over the number one
spot. From then on out it was all Hoffmier, as he went on to win by a
full straight-away.
Clapperton, who has had trouble dialing in his new 2001 Bicknell
chassis at Afton, finished a solid second, followed by J.R. Hurlburt, Mitch
Gibbs, and points leader Jeff Rudalavage in fifth.
In the DIRT Sportsman division, Deposit native Chad Cook made it two in
a row as he picked up the win in the 20 lap Main event.
Rockdale's Tim French grabbed the early race lead from his outside pole
starting position, but he had his hands full as Edmeston's Tony
Ross, Cook, and points leader Arnie Slade, of Guilford, were all knocking on
his door as they diced back and forth for position.
Cook, who started eighth, ran in second as the yellow flag came out on
the sixth lap. As the green flag fell, Cook took over the top spot from
The top three remained Cook, French and Slade until Craig Pritchard and
Ladd Yeomans tangled on lap 17, bringing out another caution.
Cook held the lead as the field re-started, but Slade was able to get
by French into the second position. Cook held on for the win, and Slade
came in for an impressive fourth consecutive second place finish. Slade has
to be the most consistant finisher this season, with 5 second places
and one win out of six races. French, Don Hart, Jr., and Butch Klinger
completed the top five.
Rookie driver Jessica Zemken, of Canajoharie, made her first trip to
the Afton Speedway in her new Sportsman ride, and finished a
respectable 14th after losing a lap in the pits with a cut tire. Jessica,
just 15 years old, showed that she can run right up there with all the guys.
Third place starter Pat Nolan, of Deposit, took the early lead in the
20 lap Pro Stock feature, as he made it by Fred Christ and Roger Lewis by
the second lap.
Afton's Mike Decker took over the top spot after a lap 5 re-start.
Meanwhile, James Cornell, the young driver from Harpursville in his
sophomore season in a Pro Stock was making his way up through the pack from
his twelfth starting position.
Cornell broke into the top five on lap seven, and found himself in the
second spot behind Decker at he half-way point.
With just five laps to go, Cornell grabbed the lead, as Wade Decker, from
Afton, and Binghamton's P.J. Goodwin all battled with Mike Decker
for the second and third spots.
Cornell went on for the win, his second of the season, followed by his
team-mates Wade Decker and Mike Decker, with Goodwin and Trout
Creek's Denny Smith completing the top five.
Rookie drive Butch Green, of Binghamton, took the lead at the start of
the 15 lap Pure Stock feature over pole sitter Dennis Valentine, of
Deposit's Denny Decker and 16 year old rookie driver Shaun Walker, of
Masonville, ran second and third as they set their sights on Green.
Decker took over the lead on lap six as the yellow flag flew on the Speedway.
Decker kept the lead at the start, as Green and Walker battled for
second, but Green's night would come to an end as the throttle stuck on his
machine on lap nine. Bainbridge native Rob Loucks had nowhere to go as
Green's ride turned sideways in front of him. Loucks was able to
finish out the race.
With just three laps left to go, Walker made a bid for the lead and
took the spot over from Decker. Walker went on to pick up the win, his
second of the year at Afton. Decker finished second, followed by Buck Mills,
Valentine and Loucks.
Unadilla's Ralph Cuozzo, Jr., picked up the win in the 15 lap Four
Cylinder Stock feature event.
Afton's Jason Jaindl, and Russ Hendrickson, Jr., of Harpursville, both
tried to make a bid on the lead, but weren't able to mount a serious
challenge as Cuozzo went on to lead wire to wire to capture the victory.
Jaindl finished second, followed by Hendrickson, Jamie Banta, and Ralph
Jennings, Jr.
It was a good night to be a Knapp in the Dwarf Car division, as cousins
Duane Knapp and Ed Knapp, both of Sherburne, finished first and
second in the 12 lap Main event.
Duane Knapp, who started on the outside pole, led from start to finish
as he picked up his first win of the season.
Oddly enough, it was Spring Championship, double points night for all
divisions, and the Dwarf Car points leader Louie Gordinier was a no-
show. That will definitely shake up the Dwarf Car point standings.
This coming Friday night is another action packed night with all six
classes on the card for a regular show. As always, gates open at 5pm,
with racing set to go at 7:30.

Hurlburt, Mitch Gibbs, Jeff Rudalavage, Dana Wagner, Skip French, John
Siedlecky, Steve Walsh, Jim Witko Sr, Carl Bittenbender, Brad Schaffer, Greg
Hoke, Jim Witko Jr, Ed Strada (DNS).
SPORTSMAN RESULTS: CHAD COOK, Arnie Slade, Tim French, Don Hart Jr,
Butch Klinger, Tony Ross, Joe Rando, Rich Keehle, Tim Ross, Billy Price,
Craig Pritchard, Ladd Yeomans, Bob Conklin, Jessica Zemken, Bill Harris,
Craig Pope, Chad O'Hara.
Goodwin, Denny Smith, John Walker, Neil Palladino, Brian Steigerwald, Todd
Hurlburt, Fred Dennis, Roger Lewis, Russ Card, Pat Nolan, Jerry Northrup,
James Christ, Fred Christ, Jason Youngs, Terry Mudge, Jason Schlafer, Harold
Humphrey, Jason Bartsch, Mark Davis, Winnie Winchester (DNS).
PURE STOCK RESULTS: SHAUN WALKER, Denny Decker, Buck Mills, Dennis
Valentine, Rob Loucks, Craig Decker, Rob White, Bob Stilson, Kurt
Decker, Mike Decker, Butch Green, Scott Alexander.
FOUR CYLINDER STOCK:RALPH CUOZZO JR, Jason Jaindl, Russ Hendrickson,
Jamie Banta, Ralph Jennings Jr, Scott Johnson, George Crippen, Ed
Leslie, Ron Cummings, Lori Bishop, Skip Pickwick, Leonard Miller, Rob
Coulman, Paul Harrington (DNS), Bob Doolittle (DNS), Cyrus Budine (DNS).
DWARF CARS: DUANE KNAPP, Ed Knapp, Steve Tourje, Floyd Clark Jr, Chris
Thompson, Tim O'Neill, Kreig Heroth.

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