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posted May 20, 2001 07:56 AM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Sammy Swindell of Cordova, TN demolished the competition for
his first win of the season in the 30-lap Pennzoil World of Outlaw feature
and Rodney Franklin of White Post, VA held off Doug Burkholder for his first
win in the ITSI 25-lap late model main event before a record breaking crowd
Saturday night at the Hagerstown Speedway. Swindell earned $10,000 for his
win and Franklin's win was his 112th career win.

Swindell started fourth in the 26-car World of Outlaw field as Joey
Saldana grabbed the early lead from the pole. On the third lap, Saldana
drifted high enough for Swindell to slip by to take the lead. Once in front
Swindell had no challengers. Three laps after taking the lead, Swindell was
putting the slower cars a lap down. While Saldana, Tim Shaffer and Jeff
Shepard tried to keep within striking distance of the leader, Swindell was
weaving through lapped traffic with ease and had opened nearly a half-lap
lead when the red flag was waved for Donny Schatz, who turned over on the
backstretch against the foot of the scoreboard after making contact Craig

On the restart, Swindell continued his torrid pace and by lap 19 was in
lapped traffic as Mark Kinser began battling it out with Danny Lasoski. As
Swindell was setting a staggering pace, Kinser and Lasoski were battling for
the Series point lead for the fifth spot. With two laps remaining, Danny Wood
flipped against the guard rail in the second turn wiping out Swindell's four
second lead as Kinser and Lasoski passed Shepard for four fourth and fifth
respectively. On the restart, Swindell had no problem the final two laps to
record his first win of the season. Saldana and Shaffer were next across the
line with Mark Kinser moving on top of the Pennzoil World of Outlaws points
finishing in fourth ahead of Lasoski. Andy Hillenburg came from 12th for
sixth with Shepard, Dale Blaney, Lance Dewease and Brad Furr completing the
top ten. Lasoski, Blaney and Saldana won heats and Saldana won the
Channellock Dash. Craig Dollanski set fast time of 15.167 seconds.

"Its been a big problem qualifying better," said Swindell. "It makes a
difference where you start. Joey (Saldana) didn't go in low enough so we went
underneath of him to get the lead. The car ran great the rest of the way."

In the late model feature, James Adkins grabbed the lead from the outside
pole as Rodney Franklin started back in the 12th spot. Timmy Booth and
Charlie Schaffer stayed with the leader as Adkins stayed high against the
cushion. By the fifth lap, Roy Deese Jr., who started ninth had worked his
way to third with Franklin right behind Schaffer in fifth. During the fourth
caution on lap six, Booth went to the pits moving Deese up a notch to second
with Franklin right behind. On the restart, Franklin rolled past Deese for
second and took the lead on lap 10 when Adkins went high over the cushion.

Deese grabbed second from Adkins on lap 13 and pulled even with Franklin
on lap 15. Deese grabbed the lead from Franklin on lap 16 and slowed a lap
later with mechanical problems turning the lead back to Franklin. Doug
Burkholder, who started 17th, then moved into second and began to battle
Franklin for the lead. The drivers battled back and forth with Burkholder
moving in front in the turns only to have Franklin edge in front down the
straightaways. At the checker, Franklin was able to hold off Burkholder for
the win. Burkholder settled for second in his best outing of the season with
Ray Kable Jr. also having his best run to finish in third. Frankie Plessinger
was next with Brent Smith coming from 16th for fifth. Completing the top ten
were Sean Cosgrove, Schaffer, 24th starting Harold Dorsey, Jr, Deese and
Buck Tomblin. K&J Toys heat winners for the 25 cars were Schaffer, Andy Fries
and Booth. Burkholder won the Ernie's Salvage Yard and the Timber Wolf Hard
Charger Award.

"Its been a horrible season," said Franklin in Victory Lane for the first
time since May 6th, 2000. "Ever since the crash last year we haven't been
good. This car does good on a cushion and I always do good when the Outlaws
are here because the track conditions for them fits my style."

Next Saturday, May 26th, the Mid-Atlantic Championship Series returns to
Hagerstown Speedway for the Richard "Boney" Bonebrake Memorial. The 40-lap
event will pay $7,000-to the winner. It will be Industrial Towel & Supply
Inc. Night at the races. Also on the program will be Spring Championships for
the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic late model sportsman, Ernie Salvage yard pure
stocks and the 4-cyl pure stocks. Race time is 7 P.M.

RESULTS: WORLD OF OUTLAWS TIME TRIALS: 1. Craig Dollansky, 15.028; 2. Mark
Kinser, 15.198; 3. Randy Hannagan, 15.215; 4. Tim Shaffer, 15.257; 5. Sammy
Swindell, 15.281; 6. Ed Lynch Jr., 15.298; 7. Danny Lasoski, 15.316; 8. Jeff
Shepard, 15.334; 9. Danny Wood, 15.355; 10. Andy Hillenburg, 15.363; 11. Dale
Blaney, 15.366; 12. Joey Saldana, 15. 373; 13. Donny Shatz, 15.378; 14. Jason
Myers, 15.378; 15. Lance Dewease, 15. 398; 16. Brian Paulus, 15.404; 17.
Stevie Smith, 15.415; 18. Brad Furr, 15.460; 19. Daryn Pittman, 15. 487; 20
Craig Keel, 15. 520; 21. Johnny Herrera, 15.554; 22. Steve Kinser, 15.593;
23. Paul McMahan, 15.610; 24. Curt Michael, 15.864; 25. Danny Murray, 18.409;
26. Dan Shetler, NT.
(Heat 1) 1. Lasoski; 2. Hillenburg; 3. Shaffer; 4. Dollansky; 5. Schatz; 6.
Paulus. (Heat 2) 1. Blaney; 2. Shepard; 3. Swindell; 4. Smith; 5. McMahan; 6.
M. Kinser. (Heat 3) 1. Saldana; 2. Lynch; 3. Dewease; 4. Wood; 5. Herrera; 6.
Furr. (Dash) 1. Saldana; 2. Blaney; 3. Lasoski; 4. Swindell; 5. Shaffer; 6.
Shepard; 7. Dollansky; 8. Wood; 9. Lynch; 10. M/ Kinser.
30-LAP Pennzoil WORLD OF OUTLAW FEATURE: 1. Swindell; 2. Saldana; 3. Shaffer;
4. M. Kinser; 5. Lasoski; 6. Hillenburg; 7. Shepard; 8. Blaney; 9. Dewease;
10. Furr; 11. Smith; 12. Hannagan; 13. S. Kinser; 14. Dollanski; 15. Pittman;
16. Herrera; 17. McMahan; 18. Meyers; 19. Keel; 20. Wood; 21. Michael; 22.
Paulus; 23. Schatz; 24. Lynch; 25. Shetler. DNS: Murray.

ITSI LATE MODELS: (Heat 1) 1. Schaffer; 2. Friese; 3. Cross; 4. Irwin; 5.
Hulson; 6. Smith. (Heat 2) 1. Fries; 2. Adkins; 3. Deese; 4. Tomblin; 5.
Kable; 6. Burkholder. (Heat 3) 1. Booth; 2. Plessinger; 3. Franklin; 4.
Timmons; 5. Hills; 6. Myers.
25-LAP LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1. Rodney Franklin; 2. Doug Burkholder; 3. Ray
Kable Jr.; 4. Frankie Plessinger; 5. Brent Smith; 6. Sean Cosgrove; 7.
Charlie Schaffer; 8. Harold Dorsey, Jr.; 9. Roy Deese Jr.; 10. Buck Tomblin;
11. D.J. Myers; 12. Richard Walls; 13. Ron Ellis; 14. Richard Irwin; 15.
Daryl Hills; 16. James Adkins Jr.; 17. Scott Cross; 18. Timmy Booth; 19. Doug
Timmons III; 20. Devin Friese; 21. Rick Hulson; 22. Jeff Leiphart. DNS: Mark
Elksnis; Donnie Farlling; Andy Fries.

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