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posted May 19, 2001 01:46 PM UIN: 16262997

Minersville, PA (May 18) - Overcast skies and threatening weather did not
stop Big Diamond Raceway or Duane Howard on Friday night as Howard took his
third $2000 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Modified win of the season. The
evening of NASCAR action was Racing with Jesus Ministries Night and was also
a Team Simpson Racing Products Contingency Night.
Shawn Fitzpatrick of Branchdale, PA took his first NASCAR ShorTrack
Sportsman win of the year while Dave Miller of Pine Grove, PA used a final
lap pass to steal his second straight roadrunner feature win.
Johnny Ray (Reading, PA) continued to impress the fans in his rookie
season at Big Diamond and took the early lead in the 25-lap NASCAR WRS
Modified main event. Ray paced the field through three cautions but Glenn
Strunk (Boyertown, PA) moved the JL Davis Insurance/Mari-Al Auto Body/Norm's
Save Station Troyer 357 into second on lap four while Keith Hoffman
(Whitehall, PA), Duane Howard (Oley, PA) and Jeff Strunk (Bethel, PA), who
started 14th, 13th and 15th respectively, completed the top five.
With Howard charging into third on lap 5, Glenn Strunk decided it was time
and dove to the inside of Ray in turn two and completed his pass for the lead
off turn two to lead lap 6 but Howard also followed him through for second.
Glenn held off Howard until lap 10 when Howard took the lead with an inside
move coming through turn four. Glenn Strunk saw an apparent second place
finish slip from his grasp when the yellow flew with 20 laps complete. That
put his brother Jeff Strunk on his tail in the Kenworth/Cummins/Motor Truck
Equipment Olsen W9 and Jeff took second following the restart.
Duane Howard took the win in Glenn Hyneman's Big Spring Car Wash Troyer
#126 followed by Jeff Strunk, Glenn Strunk, Keith Hoffman (who was testing
Todd Bashore's #4), Johnny Ray, Jerry Higbie, Jr. (Slate Hill, NY), Jim Hauer
(Lebanon, PA), Craig Von Dohren (Barto, PA), Terry Meitzler (Kutztown, PA),
and Scott Albert (Fredericksburg, PA). Heat wins in the 37-car field went to
Meitzler, Howard and Higbie while Ray Swinehart (Bachtelsville, PA) captured
the consolation.
Rick Hendrick (Auburn, PA) moved to the point at the drop of the green
in the Sportsman 20-lap feature. Shawn Fitzpatrick, who tore up his car last
week, saw his rebuild work this week pay off as he took the lead on lap 5 and
never looked back. The focus for most of the race was the battle for third
between John Pachoski (Scranton, PA) Scott Singley (Upper Dublin, NJ) and
Dave Dissinger (Mohrsville, PA), who was looking for his fourth straight win.
Singley finally secured the position on lap 10 and then passed Hendrick for
second on lap 12. As the leaders completed lap 14, Patchoski and Dissinger
got together with Dissinger's streak ending with his 88X spinning and both
cars going to the rear.
Shawn Fitzpatrick had what it took to hold on for his first win of the
season in the Marv Lantry powered Schaeffer's Harley Davidson/Liberty Oil 102
over Scott Singley, a late closing Billy Moyer, Jr. (Pine Grove, PA), Rick
Hendricks, and Brent Boyer (Bloomsburg, PA) in his finest run of the season.
Completing the second five were Mike Schane (Hamlin, PA), Terry Bensinger
(Schuylkill Haven, PA), Randy Mohn (Fredericksburg, PA), Dave Dissinger and
Tom Solderich (Bethlehem, PA). Heat winners were Dissniger, Hendricks and
Fitzpatrick while Luke Wagner (Grantville, PA) won the consolation.
Corey Renninger (Llewellyn, PA) took the lead at the drop of the
Roadrunner 15-lap feature green and looked like he was going wire-to-wire for
the win. Steve Fessler (Schuylkill Haven, PA), Marley Whitcomb (Tower City,
PA), Marty Shappell (Pottsville, PA) and Kirby Schlappich (temple, PA) all
took their turn in second spot but none of them had what was required to
catch Renninger. But last week's winner, Dave Miller was coming hard moving
from fourth to second on lap 13. As they raced off turn four to start the
final lap, Miller got up on the inside of Renninger and he completed his pass
for the lead coming off turn two for the win.
Dave Miller took his second win of the year over Corey Renninger, Mike
Allar (Orwigsburg, PA), Bill McNeal (Williamstown, PA) and Marc Berzowski
(Minersville, PA). Heat winners were Marley Whitcomb and Renninger.
Racing resumes next Friday, May 25, on True Value Hardware Night at Big
Diamond Raceway. The NASCAR-sanctioned action gets underway at 8 PM featuring
the NASCAR ShorTrack Sportsman and NASCAR Roadrunners as well at the NASCAR
Weekly Racing Series Modifieds going in a 35-lap Spring Championship with the
winner earning $2500.
As a special added benefit for the fans to insure the additional ten laps
of the Modified 35 are as exciting as the first 25, all heat qualifiers will
be eligible to be handicapped. That means the track top guns will be coming
from three to five spots deeper in the field than usual.

25-lap Feature: 1. 126 Duane Howard, 2. W9 Jeff Strunk, 3. 357 Glenn Strunk,
4. 4 Keith Hoffman, 5. R1 Johnny Ray, 6. 77H Jerry Higbie, Jr., 7. 9 Jim
Hauer, 8. 114 Craig Von Dohren, 9. 14 Terry Meitzler, 10. 10 Scott Albert,
11. 33 Ray Swinehart, 12. 102 Tim Fitzpatrick, 13. 55 Dennis Bailey, 14. 99K
Meme DeSantis, 15. 8 Tom Umbenhauer, 16. 87 Kerry Kratz, 17. 21K Kyle Weiss,
18. 58S Shawn Reimert, 19. 3X Ron Mawson, jr., 20. X1 Ryan Moyer, 21. 18C
Craig Whitmoyer, 22. 73 Jack Hartnett, 23. 027 Bruce Williams, 24. 21T Jason
Andrews, 25. R19 Ron Seltmann, 26. 70D Barry Readinger, 27. L70 Larry
Kelleher, 28. 2W Mike Enders. No Time.
Qualifying: 10-lap Heats (7 Qual., 5 Handicapped), 10-lap Consolation (7
Heat 1: 14 Meitzler, 9 Hauer, R1 Ray, 99K DeSantis, 10 Albert, 8 Umbenhauer,
55 D.Bailey, 3H Kevin Steffy, 027 Williams, 27D Scott Davis, L70 Kelleher,
14S Todd Biever, 82 Tom Benner. Time: 3:12.44. . . Heat 2: 126 Howard, W9
J.Strunk, 18C Whitmoyer, 357 G.Strunk, 21T Andrews, 73 J.Hartnett, 70D
B.Readinger, R19 Seltmann, 2W Enders, 91 Rick Stankiewicz, KB1 Rusty Lesher,
114 Von Dohren. No Time. . . Heat 3: 77H Higbie, 4 Hoffman, 102
T.Fitzpatrick, 21K Weiss, 3X Mawson, X1 R. Moyer, 58S Reimert, 33 Swinehart,
87 Kratz, 30 Mike Missimer, TV2 Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 54 Smokey Warren.. No
Time . . Consi: 33 Swinehart, 114 Von Dohren, R19 Seltmann, 027 Williams,
L70Kelleher, 87 Kratz, 2W Enders, 3H Steffy, 14S Biever, TV2 Gunther-Walsh,
KB1 Lesher, 30 Missimer, 27D Davis, 91 Stankiewicz, 54 Warren. No Time.

20-lap Feature: 1. 102 Shawn Fitzpatrick, 2. 7X Scott Singley, 3. 17 Billy
Moyer, Jr., 4. 7 Rick Hendricks, 5. 19 Brent Boyer, 6. M16 Mike Schane, 7.
114 Terry Bensinger, 8. 505 Randy Mohn, 9. 88x Dave Dissinger, 10. 28 Tom
Solderich, 11. 26 Tom Brennan, 12. 8 Brad Force, 13. 77 Jeff Graby, 14. 002
Ed Scott, 15. 21 Chris Clemens, 16. 3X John Patchoski, 17. 316 Jeff Paulson,
18. 611 Brad Grim, 19. 25 John Deatrich, Jr., 20. 926 Darren Dreher, 21. B1
Joe Biasi, Jr., 22. 35 Lance Hoch, 23. 55 John Heckler, 24. 3 Luke Wagner. No
Qualifying: 8-lap Heats (6 Qual., 5 Handicapped), 8-lap Consi (6 Qual.)
Heat 1: 88x Dissinger, 19 Boyer, 002 Scott, 55 Heckler, 7X Singley, 611 Grim,
3 Wagner, 926 Dreher, 39J Jeff Geake, Time: 2:38.19. . . Heat 2: 7 Hendricks,
114 Bensinger, 3X Patchoski, 17 Moyer, 35 Hoch, M16 Schane, B1 Biasi, 8
Force, 316 Paulson, Time: 2:38.75. . . Heat 3: 102 S.Fitzpatrick, 26 Brennan,
28 Solderich, 505 Mohn, 21 Clemens, 77 Graby, 50 Troy Moyer, 25 Deatrich. No
Time. . . Consi: 3 Wagner, B1 Biasi, 8 Force, 25 Deatrich, 316 Paulson, 926
Dreher, 39J Geake, 50 T. Moyer. Time: 2:36.50.

15-lap Feature: 1. 1 Dave Miller, 2. 3C Corey Renninger, 3. 22 Mike Allar, 4.
2 Bill McNeal, 5. 25M Marc Berzowski, 6. 4 Willie Metz, 7. 18 Jason Oswald,
8. 7 Steve Fessler, 9. 85 Chris Eckert, 10. 8M Ken Eckert, Jr., 11. 19W
Derrick Bender, 12. 51W Marley Whitcomb, 13. 77X Kirby Schlappich, 14. 39
Phil Levering, 15. 5 John Ulsh, 16. 77 Barry Schrader, 17. 117 Marty
Shappell, 18. 27X Dave Winslow, 19. 76 Buck Crossley, 20. 1C Rick Bixler, 21.
8 Chris Bowers. No Time.
Qualifying: 6-lap Heats (All Qualify, 6 Handicapped)
Heat 1: 51W Whitcomb, 117 Shappell, 77X Schlappich, 27X Winslow, 2 McNeal, 5
Ulsh, 77 Schrader, 19W Bender, 85 C. Eckert, 4 Metz, 76 Crossley. No Time. .
. Heat 2: 3C Renninger, 1 D.Miller, 7 Fessler, 39 Levering, 25M Berzowski, 22
Allar, 18 Oswald, 8M K.Eckert, 1C Bixler, 8 Bowers. No Time.

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