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Author Topic:   Butler Results
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posted May 14, 2001 07:25 AM UIN: 16262997
Quincy MI (May 12, 2001) - Huntington Indiana's Terry Sroufe made it 2 for 2 in Late Model features for the 2001 season at the Butler Motor Speedway. Litchfield Michigan's Chad Blonde took the Sprint feature after returning to Butler after a mid season crash last year that took him out for the season. In Street Stock action it was fourteen year old Rusty Schlenk taking his first feature.

Sroufe started on the pole position but didn't take the feature win easily as he had several challenges from fellow Indiana driver Mark Dowdy of Ashley IN. Dowdy actually took the early race lead and led the first five laps before Sroufe was able to use the high side to get around Dowdy. There were several challenges for second also as Bob Flinn would go door to door with Dowdy and was finally able to get around. Dowdy was able to battle his way back into second. Sroufe took the 25 lap feature win over Dowdy, Flinn, George Lindsey, Tim Wilber rounded out the top five.
Heat races were won by Flinn, Lindsey and Dowdy. Randy Woodling took the B Main.

In Sprint Car action it was another great field of cars on hand as 36 sprints waged battle on the Butler high banks. Litchfield Michigan's Chad Blonde took the feature after returning to Butler after a mid season crash last year that took him out for the season.
Charlie Baker started on the outside of the front row and looked to be the man to beat in the early stages of the race. Baker opened up a large lead on the remainder of the field. By lap six the leaders were in lapped traffic and Mark Broughman gained ground. On lap 15 Baker and a lapped car touched but Baker kept going. On lap 16 Blonde moved to the third position and challenging for second after starting in the sixth position. On lap 18 he was finally able to take the second position. On lap 19 Blonde was finally able to pass Baker for the lead.

On lap 20 the first caution flew for the spinning cars of Bob Thoms and Tim Norman. On the restart Blonde was able to jump to a large lead and take the feature over Baker, Broughman, Greg Wheeler from 14th, Sean Robinson from 16th, Doug Zimmerman, Tim Norman, Ken Mackey, Mark Stemen and Kevin Atkins rounded out the top 10.

Heat races were won by Robinson, Wheeler, Chuck Wilson and Mike Schumaker. B Mains were won by Mark Aldrich and Mark Stemen.

In Street Stock action it was fourteen year old Rusty Schlenk taking his first feature. Schlenk started in the third position as Joel Sherman jumped out to the early lead. Schlenk tried to take the lead on a lap three restart but was unable to make that work. By lap five Schlenk and Sherman were battling door to door and Schlenk finally made it work.

Eric Wilson was working his way through the field and was able to pass three cars to take the third position on a lap seven restart. Wilson started in the 12th position. By lap 11 it was a three way battle for the lead with Schlenk, Wilson and Carl Forsythe. Wilson and Schlenk battled back and fourth for the lead throughout the remainder of the race but Schlenk was able to hang on over Wilson, Forsythe, Randy Nichols, Jeff Beaty rounded out the top five.

Heat races were won by Jeff Wadsworth, Wilson, Tim Abbeg and Brian Harris. Tommy McNew and Frank Weller took the B mains.


Heat 1 - Sean Robinson, Doug Zimmerman, Bob Thoms, Gregg Dalman
Heat 2 - Greg Wheeler, Keith Love, Chad Blonde, Charlie Baker
Heat 3 - Chuck Wilson, Tim Norman, Marvin Pifer, Jeff Rankin
Heat 4 - Mike Schumaker, Ken Mackey, Kevin Atkins, Mark Broughman

B Main 1 - Mark Aldrich, Scott Bailey
B Main 2 - Mark Stemen, Barry Roscoe

Feature - Chad Blonde, Charlie Baker, Mark Broughman, Greg Wheeler, Sean Robinson, Doug Zimmerman, Tim Norman, Ken Mackey, Mark Stemen, Kevin Atkins, Chuck Wilson, Scott Bailey, Marvin Pifer, Keith Love, Mike Schumaker, Bob Thoms, Gregg Dalman, Mark Aldrich, Jeff Rankin, Barry Roscoe

Late Models

Heat 1 - Bob Flinn, Terry Sroufe, Mike Rogers, Jim O'neil, Bob Dooley
Heat 2 - George Lindsey, Tom Krankel, Rod Patterson, Rick Swartout, George Baker
Heat 3 - Mark Dowdy, Tim Wilber, Mark Pifer, Jeff Raymond, Chuck Crouch

B Main - Randy Woodling, Jeff Pember, John Olsen, Tod Pifer, Jim Strock

Feature - Terry Sroufe, Mark Dowdy, Bob Flinn, George Lindsey, Tim Wilber, Marv Burroughs, Rod Patterson, Randy Woodling, Jim O'Neil, Mike Rogers, Tobe Lepper, Rick Swartout, Tom Krankel, Jeff Pember, John Olsen, Jim Strock, Chuck Crouch, Jeff Raymond, Tod Pifer, Randy Archer, George Baker, Mark Pifer

Street Stock

Heat 1 - Jeff Wadsworth, Jeff Beaty, Donovan Mathe, Carl Forsythe
Heat 2 - Eric Wilson, Randy Nichols, Rusty Schlenk, Rick Spieth
Heat 3 - Tim Abbeg, Mike Williams, Grady Jarrell, Jack Redding
Heat 4 - Brian Harris, Mark Budd, Joel Sherman, Chuck Ewing

B Main 1 - Tommy McNew, Justin VanWyck
B Main 2 - Frank Weller, Mark George

Feature - Rusty Schlenk, Eric Wilson, Carl Forsythe, Randy Nichols, Jeff Beaty, Mike Williams, Mark George, Mark Budd, Justin VanWyck, Grady Jarrell, Jack Redding, Frank Weller, Chuck Ewing, Brian Harris, Donovan Mathe, Jeff Wadsworth, Joel Sherman, Tim Abbeg, Tommy McNew, Rick Spieth

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