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posted May 13, 2001 11:53 PM UIN: 16262997

Mothers Day brought out twin Mini Stock features at Gasport
Sunday Night and Jamie Gilbert aboard his "Herby the Love Bug" prooved
to be more than the rest of the field could handle. Starting up front in
the Mini main number 1 it was Alex Wheeldon and Rob Wagner with Wheeldon
as the early leader along with Mike Baxter until lap 3 as Wagner took
the lead for one lap than with Norm Mark holding down the fort for a
quick lap. But the eyes were on Gilbert as he took over on lap 5 with an
outside pass to take the top spot.2 Cautions would slow Gilbert's pace
as he went on the victory. Next in line was Norm Mark, Mike Cove, Jake
Adair and Wagner.Wagner and Gilbert won the heats.
Feature 2 for the Mini Stocks it was Alex Wheeldon and and Jeff
Mark with Wheeldon in the lead but the yellow flew on lap 3 for a 3 car
tangle. Jake Adair took the lead on lap3 with a nice inside move as he
would hold on until Jamie Gilbert got thru the pack they battled side by
side until Adair wound up with a flat tire forcing him to pit briefly.
Gilbert would hold on making it 2 for 2 for the night. Next in line was
Mike Cove, Jeff Mark, Brian Lawrie, and Carol Reece.
The 20 lap Sportsman main was led to the green by Jeff Leggett
and Darrell Ebersole with Leggett the leader opening up a nice lead for
the early going. Rob Petz started 8th and close in used the inside of
the fast surface to his advantage picking off cars lap after lap. By
lap5 Pietz was 3rd and his sights set on Ebersole and Leggett continuing
the inside line he took over 2nd on lap 6 and set up Leggett for the
pass which he made on lap 13 and would continue to hold onto for the
caution free win. Leggett would finish 2nd followed by a fast Boyd
MacTavish, Ebersole and Joh McKenney. Leggett and Ebersole wre the heat
The 15 lap Pro Stocks were led by Danny Gilbert and Jeff Dayman
with leading the frst 3 laps but the caution flew for Stan Zanchin as he
came to a halt. Gilbert chose the outside which gave Ken Sargent the
bottom for the restart hich proved fateful for Gilbert as Sargent took
the lead. The red flew as contact between Bill Bleich and Tim Zack
resulted in a stuck throttle for Zack as he went uncontroled off of turn
1. Sargent would continue on after a delay and pick up the victory Roger
Chrysler was second followed by Dayman, Gilbert and Bleich. Bleich won
the lone heat.
The Street Stocks put on their usual great race as the battled 3
and yes 4 wide at times. The 15 lapper was led by Fred Korton and Aaron
Vasas with Vasas as the leader for the first 12 laps but Mark Loveland
started 10th and worked his way to the lead on lap12 and took over and
went on for his 2nd win in 2 weeks. the pace was slowed only on lap1 as
Jason Fontaine came to a halt in turn 4. Loveland was followed by Vasas,
Nick Mcallef, Rob Murray, and Lloyd Cichocki. Cichocki and Micallef won
the heats.
The 8 lap Women Are Racing event was won by Christine Porter
over Jen Micallef, Linda Roe and Lisa Dietz.
PIT NOTES: A moment of silence was held as Pro Stock racer Roger
Chrysler lost his pitman Kenny Van Every after a lengthy illness. Double
points were held in all classes except Sportsman as they ran regular
points. The track was in very good condition giving 2, 3 and sometimes 4
wide racing during the nite. Next up onMay 20th will be twin Street
Stock features and a Syracuse Firecracker Qualifier for July 3rd.
Formore information call Gasport at (905)834-4797 or visit on-line at: Gates will open in the pits at 4:30 with the
grandstands at 5PM and green flag will fly at 6:30 Sunday Night.
SPORTSMAN FINISH: ROB PIETZ, Jeff Leggett, Boyd MacTavish, Darrell
Ebersole, John McKenney, George Bosse, Adam Ferri, Paul Gaboury, Dwayne
Winfield, Mike Martin, Rob Knapp, Mark Potter, Kenny Winfield and Dave

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