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posted May 06, 2001 08:53 AM UIN: 16262997
For Immediate Release May 5, 2001
STRONGSTOWN, PA - John Britsky of Indiana took top honors in the season
opening #1 Cochran Late Model main event Friday at Dog Hollow Speedway.
Shawn "Sheets" McGarvey of Coalport won the Hugill Sanitation Limited Late
Model feature. Other winners included Mike Laughard of Strongstown in the
street stocks and Ron Hanna of Mundy's Corner in the pure stocks.
A one hour 15 minute rain delay only made the surface more race able.
John Britsky and Dave Peterman brought the #1 Cochran Late Model field down
to the start with the pair running door-to-door most of the opening lap,
with Britsky finally taking command of the field. Duane Stiner and Rodney
Phillips made their presence known as they closed in on Britsky late
following a lap 7 caution for Louie Jacoby who got tagged by Matt Gaston.
Jacoby was out for the night.
On the restart Britsky continued to lead and the front three were
nose-to-tail. Phillips began to fade but made a last attempt at the front
and reeled in the leader, but he and Stiner came up short as Britsky took
the first win of the new season. Stiner, Phillips, Rick Davis and Jerry
Redden completed the top five. Phillips and Stiner won the preliminaries.
Tim Mullen and Dave Lee restarted at the front of the Hugill Sanitation
Limited Late Model field after Dave George got out of shape and sent Dan Lee
into the wall at the initial start. On the complete restart Dave Lee took
the lead and ran door-to-door with Shawn McGarvey for the top spot for three
laps. McGarvey took the lead for good on lap 7 and never looked back. With
three laps to go Jerry Timchak made one last effort to gain to gain on
McGarvey. While he did close in he came up short at the finish. The top five
were: McGarvey, Timchak, Bob Kelly, Jason Witherite and Dan Lee. Heat race
wins went to Shawn McGarvey and Jerry Timchak.
The street stock feature saw John Weaver beat Rich Britton to the first
turn. Weaver led for four laps, before Mike Laughard worked his way into the
lead following an outside move on a restart. As the field approached lapped
traffic, and began working it, Jim Boyer, in fourth place at the time, went
to the middle groove, saw an opening and made it four wide to take the lead.
Boyer led for two laps before Laughard worked his way back to the lead on
lap 11 and end held off Boyer and Shawn Mogle for the win. The official top
five were: Laughard, Boyer, Mogle, Britton and Weaver. Jim Boyer and Tom
Troxell won the heats.
Neil Berndt and Matt Luther led the pure stocks to the green flag with
Berndt taking the top spot. He led the first lap before Ron Hanna took the
lead when Berndt went high in turn four. Once out front Hanna held off Terry
Nihart and went on to collect his first win of the new season. John Mazey
was third, with Bill Sigafoes was fourth and Scott Wagner was fifth.
Charlie Boring and Ron Hanna split the heats.
DOG TRACKS: The new season saw 15 late models, 16 limited late models, 22
street stocks and 18 pure stocks to total 71 competitors for the season
opener..A hard rain shower delayed the action for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and
only made the track a much more competitive..Racing action was completed by
11:05 p.m..Kevin Smyers has taken over the flagging duties for the injured
John Replogle who was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash last
season...The Hollow will swing back into action this Friday evening at 7:30
p.m. with a regular show for the #1 Cochran Late Models, Hugill Sanitation
Limited Late Models, street stocks and pure stocks...We hope to see you
where the drivers really Howl!
#1 Cochran Late Models: 1. John Britsky, Clymer; 2. Duane Stiner,
Houtzdale; 3. Rodney Phillips, Punxsy; 4. Rick Davis, Indiana; 5. Jerry
Redden, Mahaffey; 6. Tony Raneri, Johnstown; 7. Paul Michny, Pine Flats; 8.
Eric Moore, Frenchville; 9. Steve Vrana, Clymer; 10. Matt Gaston, Punxsy.
Hugill Sanitation Limited Late Models: 1. Shawn "Sheets" McGarvey,
Coalport; 2. Jerry Timchak, Houtzdale; 3. Bob Kelly, East Freedom; 4. Jason
Witherite, Luthersburg; 5. Dan Lee, Windber; 6. Bill Krause, Houtzdale; 7.
Denny Petyak, Gallitzen; 8. Heath Gaston, Punxsy; 9. Rich Evans, Revlock;
10. Tim Mullen, Ebensburg/
Street Stocks: 1. Mike Laughard, Strongstown; 2. Jim Boyer, Indiana; 3.
Shawn Mogle, Ernest; 4. Rich Britton, Johnstown; 5. John Weaver, Commodore;
6. Phil Leddon, Blairsville; 7. Randy Campbell, Hollidaysburg; 8. Bob Bean,
Emlenton; 9. Ron Wallace, Johnstown; 10. Jim Laughard, Strongstown.
Pure Stocks: 1. Ron Hanna, Mundy's Corner; 2. Terry Nihart, Ebendburg; 3.
John Mazey, Bolivar; 4. Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville; 5. Scott Wagner, Irvona;
6. John Tobin, DuBois; 7. Tim Laughard, Strongstown; 8. Bill Hebanthal,
Blairsville; 9. Charlie Boring, Bolivar; 10. Brian Daughenbaugh, Mundy's

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