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Author Topic:   Collins Turned Pike's Oval Ford Blue
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posted May 06, 2001 08:46 AM UIN: 16262997
Collins Turned Pike's Oval Ford Blue
Sue DuRoy May 5,2001Pike County
Jerry LaPrarrie, Gregg Hollingsworth, and Davin Bates all took heat wins
for UMP
Gregg Hollingsworth, Davin Bates and Jerry La Prairie fought for the led
lap after lap side by side 2 and three wide. LaPrairie got in a scrap and was
out of the race leaving it to Bates and Hollingsworth. Bates with the lead
held Hollingsworth off and took the win. Hollingsworth second, Tony Henry
third, Scott Holt fourth and Paul Jones fifth .Hollingsworth, Bates and
LaPrairie took the heat wins.
Robert Ringo and Kerry Vicknair took the street stock heat wins. Robert
Ringo jumped out in the lead on the start. Yellow flew when Case started to
loose it and Bourgeois tried to avoid it and wound up flipping .On the
restart Vicknair caught Ringo and took over the lead. Vicknair scored the
win. Matthew Simeon slipped by Ringo and took second. Ringo third, Jamie
Hamilton fourth and fifth Jason Holland.
Diamond Dave Siegert jumped into the lead on the start of the SUPR race.
Raymond Taylor ran second Sam Patrick running third got a tap from Watson
that sent him spinning in four. On the restart it was Diamond Dave followed
by Wing. Wing worked on Siegert till he finally got by and went on to take
the win followed by Siegert and Marlon Wild..
The first heat for SUPR Bubba Mullins jumped into the lead followed by a
three wide battle for second between Verlon Lee, Bill Avant, and David
Ashley. Mullins went on unchallenged to take the first heat win, Heat two
Marlon Wild jumped into the lead . Yellow flew when Rob Litton spun. On the
complete restart again Wild took the lead. Chris Wall blasted into s side by
side battle with Wild for the lead on the start. David Knight and Rob Litton
got together in two for another yellow. On te restart it was Wild all the way
to take the checkered. Heat four Keith Mancel pulled into the lead. Sam
Patrick ran him down poking a nose under Mancel in the turns, But Mancel held
Patrick off and took the win. Heat five Raymond Taylor blasted into the lead
and led every lap to take the win. Sixth and last heat race Diamond Dave
Siegert ran wheel to wheel for two laps with Ryan Plaisance till he pulled in
the led and went on to score the win. First of two last chance races Rob
Litton and David Knight battled it out for the lead till Litton got it and
took the win. Ryan Plaisance led every lap of the second last chance race and
took the win.
Novice B main Stephen Polk sat on the pole, but on the start Robert
Petit Jr jumped from the second row to the lead. Then LeeRoy Callender came
from the middle of the pack into the lead and led every lap at one point
Stephen Polk, Joe Carboni and Henry Carroll ran three wide for second behind
Callender. Polk took second, Petit third, Dallas fourth and Joe Carboni fifth.
Novice A main Austin Butler started from the pole and into the lead
followed by Mark Hardwick lap after lap. Then Zane Barcelona snuck in the top
three to battle with Butler and Hardwick for the win but on the last lap
Shawn Barber slipped up on them all and slid into the lead and took the win
followed by Hardwick, Chad Coon, Claude Thigpen and Lefty Cockran. Butler,
Hardwick and Cockran all shared heat wins.
Jamie Blades led every lap of the pure stock feature. Justin Bowman ran
second and chased Blades lap after lap. Chad Coon ran third, but under
caution Bowman and Coon both went in the pits. On the restart it was Blades
all the way. Jimmy Stephens worked his way up through the field to take
second. Brown took third. And Chad Bush fourth .Jamie Blades also took the
heat win.
Donald Collins and Robert Morel took the super stock heat wins. Collins
in his new shiny black Ford Mustang sat on the pole for the feature with
Morel beside him. The two ran a Ford Chevy drag race but Collins Ford out
pulled Morel. After several cautions Collins would always pull away from
Morel. Collins took the win followed by Morel, Charles Sibley, Tim Thornton,
and rounding out the top five was Ted Pearce.

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