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posted May 01, 2001 08:30 AM UIN: 16262997

By Christina Danielsen
Excitement grew with the temperatures as the Hancock County Speedway in
Britt drew closer and closer to the green flag for the season.
The season opener, sponsored by the Britt News Tribune and Forest City
Summit newspapers, brought fans and drivers from around the midwest for an
night packed full of fun and excitement.
John Logue of Boone finished the evening with a clean sweep in the I.M.C.A.
Modified division winning his heat, cash dash and feature in a last minute
move over Al Hejna of Ventura. Logue took the lead over Hejna in corner two
with just three laps to go and never looked back. Al's brother, Mike Hejna
of Clear Lake, followed a close third.
Shane Monson of Clear Lake battled it out with Dan Hanselman of Algona for
the checkered flag in the inthe I.M.C.A. Hobby Stock feature while Earl
Webner of Garner followed in a close pursuit. Webner brought fans to their
feet as he took wins for his heat and cash dash, in the hunt for a clean
sweep. Starting on the outside of row five, Webner manuvered his way through
green flag traffic to capture the third place position on the second lap
where he held on for the checkered.
Ryan Ruter, the Triple Nickel, of Kanawha dominated the Limited 360 Modified
feature , leading the pack to the finish line after placing third in his
heat. Ruter's first place finish blotched a clean sweep effort by Lance
Gardner of Garner, finishing second.
In the I.M.C.A. Stock Car division it was Skeeter Paris of Boone taking home
the checkered, leading the entire race. Travis Hoeft of Ventura hung on for
a second place finish while Amy Woodward of Mason City finished third.
With the new season comes change at the Hancock County Speedway. Racers and
fans can now enjoy the added Econo class, a lower budgeted car for beginning
drivers to test their wheels and have some fun. Nathan Wieg of Hubbard took
first place honors in the Econo division while Lance Deal of Fort Dodge
recorded a second place finish. Wesley Houser of Eagle Grove placed third.
Next Friday is Race Day in Britt, sponsored by the Britt Chamber of
Commerce. A car show will be held downtown from 2 to 5 p.m. Kids contests
are scheduled after school and fans are encouraged to stop down and talk to
their favorite drivers and get their autograph. KIOW of Forest City will be
on hand for a live remote throughout the afternoon.
Each Friday hot laps begin at 7 p.m. with races to follow at 7:30 p.m.
April 27 results
Econo Stock
Heat 1­ Nathan Wieg, Hubbard; Lance Deal, Ft. Dodge; Wesley, Hauser, Eagle
Feature­ Wieg, Deal, Hauser.
Hobby Stock
Heat 1­ Earl Webner, Garner; Jeff Lodin, Kanawha; Dan Hanselman, Algona.
Heat 2­ Brent Hanson, Clear Lake; Roger Kofron, Leland; Tony Smidt, Britt.
Heat 3­ Shane Monson, Clear Lake; John Simpson, Algona; Dan Stromer, Klemme.
Cash Dash­ Webner, Monson, Simpson.
Feature­ Monson, Hanselman, Webner.
Stock Car
Heat 1­ John Campbell, Belmond; Skeeter Paris, Boone; Travis Hoeft, Ventura.
Feature­ Paris, Hoeft, Amy Woodward, Mason City.
Limited 360 Modified
Heat 1­ Ed Green, Algona; Larry Cook, Moorland; Ryan Ruter, Kanawha.
Heat 2­ Lance Gardner, Garner; Matt Neubauer, Waseca, Minn.; Chuck
Gatewood, Eagle Grove.
Cash Dash­ Gardner, Green, Cook.
Feature­ Ruter, Gardner, Cook.
Heat 1­ Kevin Stoa, Polk City; Mike Hejna, Clear Lake; Keith Schmitz,
Heat 2­ John Logue, Boone; Scott Anderson, Mason City; Paul Burger, Belle
Plaine, Minn.
Heat 3­ Jason Sleigh, Lansing, Minn.; Al Hejna, Ventura; Rick Schuller,
Cash Dash­ Logue, Stoa, M. Hejna.
Feature­ Logue, A. Hejna, M. Hejna.

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