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The Challenger Raceway. Mailing address, 12554 Highway 286 West, Clarksburg, PA, 15725. Office phone - 724-726-5494, track phone - 724-726-9808, or e-mail
Media Contact: Rich Berry, 330-629-9324, or e-mail

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Indiana, PA (April 28) - David Scott from Garland, PA collected his second feature victory of the season at Challenger Raceway on Saturday night. The thrilling Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature saw Scott narrowly defeat Dave Satterlee in a battle through the closing laps. Also notching his second victory of the season in the Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds was Jeff Taylor from Saltsburg, PA. Rob Kosecki from Leechburg, PA became the third different winner in as many events in the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks. John Mazey from Bolivar, PA was another new winner in the North East Locators Auto Sales Strictly Stocks.

The 25-lap Pittsburgh Crankshaft Late Model feature started with started with Dave Satterlee and Mike Blose leading the field on the starting grid. Satterlee moved to the early lead as the field searched high and low for racing room. David Scott was on the move, racing from fifth starting spot to take the lead on lap 5. Nick Jones moved to second, and set his sights on Scott. The only restart of the event would take place on lap 10, with Scott using the low groove to continue to lead. As the green flag laps continued, Satterlee regained second before losing the spot to Tom Decker at the halfway mark. Scott continued to lead the way working the low groove of the speedway. With the high groove coming in, Satterlee moved back to second and closed in on the leader. The pair raced the final three laps side-by-side, with Scott holding on to score a close win over Satterlee. Decker came home third, ahead of Jones and Bob Wearing, Jr. Completing the top ten were Dave Norton, Gary Lyle, Matt Urban, Rodney Phillips, and Rob King. Heat Race winners were Wearing, Jones, and Wally Fox, with the Last Chance Race going to Urban.

The 20-lap Townsend Gas & Oil Modified feature started with Rich Womeldorf and Jeff Taylor on the front row, with Womeldorf leading the first round. Taylor would take over by lap 2, working the extreme outside groove of the speedway. With Taylor inching away in the top spot, the battle was for second with Bob Rougeaux and Joe Kelley swapping the position for most of the event. A late yellow flag on lap 17 gave the field one last shot at the leader, but Taylor went on to score his second victory of the season. Jim Dandy, Jr. spun on lap 4, but charged back to the front to get second in the closing laps. Rougeaux was third, ahead of Denny Perigo and Kelley. Kelley and Taylor were Heat Race winners.

Neil Tristani and Rob Kosecki led the 15-lap Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature to the green flag with Kosecki taking the early lead. A lap 1 yellow flag would be the only caution period of the event, setting up an extended period of green flag racing to conclude the event. Kosecki continued to lead on the restart, as fifth starting Joe Kelley pulled up to challenge. The lead battle was intense as race traffic became involved. Kosecki made all of the right moves through the traffic to collect his first feature victory of the season. Jeff Walters made a last lap pass of Kelley to take second place. Ninth starting Butch Lambert had closed right to the leaders by the closing laps, but settled for fourth. Chris Schneider was fifth. Heat Race winners were Kelley and Walters.

The 15-lap feature for the North East Locators Strictly Stocks went to John Mazey. From the pole position, defending point champion Mazey led every lap in securing his first victory of the season. Throughout the caution-free event, the battle for second place changed each lap, with Dennis Aukerman finally getting the position from Heat winner Larry McBryar. Joe Starcher and Mark Marian filled the top five.

Challenger Raceway is right back into action on Sunday, April 29, as the traveling Renegade STARS Late Model Series makes their first of two Challenger visits in 2001, with the Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds also on the card. The weekly four-division racing program will take place on Saturday, May 5 as part of Indiana County Technology Center Night. It will also feature the Mechanics Race for the Pure Stocks. The gates for all racing programs open at 5:30, with racing starting at 7:30. Challenger Raceway is located 6.4 miles southwest of US 422 on SR 286, then one mile north on McIntyre Road. For more information, please call 724-726-5494 for the office, or 724-726-9808 for the track. For the most complete source of Challenger Raceway information, visit the track's web site at

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Upcoming events:
Sunday, April 29 - STARS Late Models, Spring Fling, $5,000 to-win plus Mideastern Modifieds.
May 5 - Four division racing plus Pure Stock Mechanics Race. Indiana County Technology Center Night.
May 12 - Four division racing plus kids bike races.

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Challenger Raceway results for Saturday, April 28, 2001.

Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service Late Models - Car Count - 30.
Heat winners, Bob Wearing, Jr., Nick Jones, Wally Fox.
Last Chance Race winner, Matt Urban.
Feature, David Scott, Dave Satterlee, Tom Decker, Nick Jones, Bob Wearing, Jr., Dave Norton, Gary Lyle, Matt Urban, Rodney Phillips, Rob King, Lynn Geisler, Bob Wearing, Sr., Wally Fox, Mike Blose, Bobby Bertges, Sammy Stile, Tony Burke, Chris Hackett, Bobby Stokes, Brian Weyandt, Chuck Kennedy, Dave Peterman, Matt Lux, Rick Davis.
Did not qualify, Gene Kain, Spanky Dougherty, Frank Poniatowski, Jess Sterbutzel, Matt Gaston, Dwayne Steiner.
Current Point Standings, 281, 24X, Dave Norton; 280, 3, David Scott; 274, 15J, Nick Jones; 270, 43, Tom Decker; 270, 79, Dave Satterlee; 269, 90, Wally Fox; 254, 1P, Rodney Phillips; 249, 10, Gary Lyle; 234, K1, Rob King; 234, 21, Matt Lux.

The Townsend Gas & Oil Modifieds - Car Count - 24.
Heat winners, Joe Kelley, Jeff Taylor.
Feature, Jeff Taylor, Jim Dandy, Jr., Bob Rougeaux, Denny Perigo, Joe Kelley, Bob Skwara, Kenny Hall, Carl McKinney, Rich Womeldorf, Rich Logan, Ken Herman, Chuck Kennedy, Jim Struble, Bruce Dreistadt, Jim Bertges, Jim Fry, Will Cochran, Jim Baker, Jeff Jones, Rick Meglaye, Bobby Watt, Brad Stiles, Kris Pisarcik. Did not start, Butch Lambert.
Current Point Standings, 292, 3, Jeff Taylor; 288, 35, Bob Skwara; 288, 66*, Joe Kelley; 271, 50, Jim Bertges; 269, 6M, Carl McKinney; 264, 2R, Rich Womeldorf; 253, 33, Rich Logan; 245, A1, Chuck Kennedy; 241, 07, Will Cochran; 239, 47X, Bruce Dreistadt.

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks - Car Count - 23.
Heat winners, Joe Kelley, Jeff Walters.
Feature, Rob Kosecki, Jeff Walters, Joe Kelley, Butch Lambert, Chris Schneider, Rusty Martz, Tommy Dembowski, Jason Fosnaught, Nick Reges, Randy Caldwell, Jim Swezey, Neil Tristani, Fred Pfeifer, Dave Novak, Paul Urso, Jeff Enos, Mike Hilla, Jr., John Novak, John Hartman, Mark Black, Jeremy Zufall, Brent Johnson. Did not start, Bill Finley.
Current Point Standings, 293, 18, Jeff Walters; 292, 36D, Rob Kosecki; 289, 27, Butch Lambert; 284, 66, Joe Kelley; 268, 55, Chris Schneider; 266, J19, Jason Fosnaught; 263, 79, Tommy Dembowski; 261, 12, Randy Caldwell; 256, 00H, Mike Hilla, Jr.; 253, V2, Fred Pfeifer.

North East Locators Auto Sales Strictly Stocks - Car Count - 10.
Heat winner, Larry McBryar.
Feature, John Mazey, Dennis Aukerman, Larry McBryar, Joe Starcher, Mark Marian, Bill Hebenthal, Dan Mazzaferro, Matt Hugill, Mike Connor. Did not start, Don Rodgers.
Current Point Standings, 285, 55, John Mazey; 283, 19H, Bill Hebenthal; 283, 68, Joe Starcher; 279, 3M, Mark Marian; 272, 51, Dan Mazzaferro; 198, 91D, Don Rodgers; 193, 7, Henry Wilfong; 193, 25, Dennis Aukerman; 183, 35, Larry McBryar; 176, 39, Mike Connor.

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