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posted April 29, 2001 10:09 AM UIN: 16262997

Afton, NY… Mike Ricci, of Kingston, took home the win in the 30 lap
DIRT 358 Modified Main event after dueling it out side-by-side with
Jeff Rudalavage for several laps.
Hankains native Steve Walsh grabbed the early lead at the start of the
race, but Mike Clapperton, of Sidney Center, took over the top spot on
a lap three re-start.
Ricci made his way up through the pack quickly from his ninth starting
spot, as he edged out Walsh for the second spot on the fourth circuit.
Clapperton had his hands full holding off Ricci, as North Norwich's Mitch
Gibbs made his way into the third spot.
Ricci got a good jump on a lap twelve restart, and took over the number
one spot from Clapperton. Meanwhile, points leader Rudalavage, of
Olyphant, PA, broke into the top five.
Rudalavage, who started 14th, looked to have the hottest setup, as he
diced his way up through the pack. A caution period on the fifteenth lap
saw Rudalavage seated in second, right on the back bumper of leader Ricci.
As the field went back to green flag racing, Ricci and Rudalavage
battled side by side, inside and out for the next several laps. Ricci won
battle as he took the lead for good on lap 24.
Ricci became the fourth different winner in four Modified features at
the Afton Attraction this season. Rudalavage finished second, followed
by Gibbs, Clapperton, and Otego's J.R. Hurlburt.
After suffering from mechanical problems last week, Harpursville's Don
Hart, Jr. rebounded by dominating the 20 lap DIRT Sportsman
Hart, Jr., who started fourth in the field, took the lead from
Edmeston's Tony Ross on a second lap re-start, and never looked back as he
on to lead the rest of the way to pick up his first feature win of the season.
Points leader Arnie Slade, of Guilford, had a solid run in second, but
could not mount a serious challenge on the Hart machine. Deposit's
Chad Cook finished third, followed by Tim French, of Rockdale, and Ross.
Guilford native Todd Hurlburt was the early race leader in the 20 lap
Pro Stock feature, but pole sitter Harold Humphrey, of Norwich, got a
good run on a lap three re-start to re-take the top spot.
Binghamton's P.J. Goodwin lloked fast, as he made his way to the second
spot from his tenth place starting spot in just four laps.
Humphrey, who has suffered from mechanical problems while leading this
year seemed to be changing his luck, but would again fall to
mechanical failure during an eighth lap caution period.
Goodwin inherited the lead, but had Afton's Wade Decker right behind
him looking to make a bid for his first win of the season. Goodwin
had the car to beat though, as he went on for the win, with Decker in for
second. John Walker, Jason Youngs and Hurlburt completed the top
The 20 lap Pure Stock feature events saw outside pole sitter Butch
Green, of Binghamton, take the early lead over Rob Loucks on Bainbridge.
Deposit's Denny Decker moved into the second spot on the ninth lap, and
began to put the heat on Green. Rookie Driver Green, in only his
fourth start, managed to hang on to the top spot, until Decker made a move by
on the twelfth lap.
Loucks took over second from Green the next lap, but couldn't make a
bid for the lead, as Decker went on to pick up the win by a good
margin. Loucks finished Second, followed by Green, Bob Stilson, and Buck
In Four Cylinder Stock action, rookie driver Jason Jaindl, of Afton,
found himself at the pole starting position. After briefly losing the top
spot to Ralph Cuozzo, Jr., of Unadilla, Jaindl took the lead back just three
laps in.
Cuozzo and Afton's Ralph Jennings, Jr., gave chase, until Cuozzo lost
the handle on his machine with just two laps to go. Cuozzo managed
to get correctd without bringing out the caution, but his chance for a win
was gone.
Jaindl went on to become the second rookie feature winner at Afton this
year, with Jennings in for second, followed by Russell Hendrickson
Jr, Bob Doolittle, and Skip Pickwick.
Berkshire's Louie Gordinier continued his domination of the Dwarf Car
class as he picked up the win in the twelve lap mian event for the
third time this year.
Gordinier, who started seventh, took the lead from Windsor's Gordie
Isham on the second lap, and went on the lead the rest of the way en
route to the checkereds.
Isham came in for second, with Duane Knapp, Steve Tourje and Chic
Chandler completing the top five.

358 MODIFIED RESULTS:Mike Ricci, Jeff Rudalavage, Mitch Gibbs, Mike
Clapperton, J.R. Hurlburt, George Hoffmier Jr, Skip French, Dana Wagner, John
Siedlecky, Steve Walsh, Carl Bittenbender, Brad Schaffer, Dave VanBuren Jr,
Aaron Excell, Jim Witko Jr, Tony Pepicelli, Rick Amo, Mark Terry, Ed Strada,
Witko Sr, Pat Jordan, Wayne Reutimann Jr.

SPORTSMAN RESULTS: Don Hart Jr, Arnie Slade, Chad Cook, Tim French, Tony
Ross, Ladd Yeomans, Billy Harris, Steve Anderson, Craig Pritchard, Tim
Ross, Butch Klinger, Bob Conklin, Craig Pope, Chad O'Hara, Dave Crandall.

PRO STOCK RESULTS: P.J. Goodwin, Wade Decker, John Walker, Jason Youngs, Todd
Hurlburt, Brian Steigerwald, Mike Decker, Jason Bartsh, Fred Christ,
James Cornell, Winnie Winchester, Pat Nolan, Roger Lewis, Neil Palladino,
Denny Smith, Harold Humphrey, James Christ, Bob Zimmerman, Jason Schlafer.

PURE STOCK RESULTS: Denny Decker, Rob Loucks, Butch Green, Bob Stilson, Buck
Mills, Shaun Walker, Mark Effner, Steve Green, Dennis Valentine, Kurt
Decker, Jerry Whorral.

FOUR CYLINDER STOCK: Jason Jaindl, Ralph Jennings Jr, Russell Hendrickson Jr,
Bob Doolittle, Scott Johnson, Jamie Banta, Ralph Cuozzo Jr, George
Crippen, Fred Newton, Lori Bishop, Leonard Miller, Ed Leslie, Rob Coulman.

DWARF CARS: Louie Gordinier, Gordie Isham, Duane Knapp, Steve Tourje, Chic
Chandler, Floyd Clark Jr, Dennis Copp, Ray Vosburgh, Tim O'Neill, Chris

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