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Author Topic:   Bureau County Speedway 4-27-01 Results
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Bureau County Speedway 4-27-01 Results Princeton, IL Kathy
Costerisan 815-875-2606

Sportsman Heat One - 1 Steve Oeder, Princeton, 2 Chip Hickman, Walnut,
3 Gary Wetsel, Princeton, 4 Don Bell, Sheffield, 5 Kevin Hoffman,
Princeton, 6 BJ Storm, Princeton.
Sportsman Heat Two - 1 Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 2 Jason Anderson, Princeton,
3 Steve Wetsel, Bureau, 4 Kory Rokey, Wyanet, 5 Scott Cimei, Magnolia, 6
Brad Anderson, Peoria.

Sportsman Feature - 1 Kory Rokey, Wyanet, 2 Bell, 3 Moon, 4 Hickman, 5
Oeder, 6 B. Anderson, 7 Storm, 8 G. Wetsel, 9 J. Anderson, 10 Cimei, 11
S. Wetsel, 12 Hoffman.

Modified Heat - 1 Marty Thompson, Mineral, 2 Mike Garland, Morrison, 3
Tom Jensen, Rutland, 4 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 5 Dave McCutchan,
Princeton, 6 Matt Moon, Wyanet, 7 Ron Coletrain, Sparland

Modified Feature - 1 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 2 Thompson, 3 Garland, 4
Moon, 5 Jensen, 6 Coletrain, 7 McCutchan.

Late Model Heat One - 1 Mike Cothron, Moline, 2 Bill Tuckwell,
Metamora, 3 Todd Sandusky, Coal Valley, 4 Jeff Grabill, Princeton, 5
Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 5 Johnny Johnson, Chillicothe.
Late Model Heat Two - 1 Kevin Skipper, Fulton, 2 Johnny Johnson, West
Burlington, IA, 3 Steve Morgan, Orangeville, 4 Dan Bardell, Ladd, 5
Jason Jaggers, Wyanet, 6 Marty Thompson, Mineral.

Late Model Feature - 1 Johnny Johnson, West Burlington, IA, 2 Skipper,
3 Tuckwell, 4 Morgan, 5 Grabill, 6 Jaggers, 7 Cothron, 8 Thompson, 9
Bardell, 10 Moon, 11 Sandusky, 12 J. Johnson.

Street Stock Heat - 1 Randy Lucas, Princeton, 2 Clifford Morse,
Tiskilwa, 3 Greg Leadley, Princeton, 4 Keith Lucas, Princeton, 5 Richie
Bell, Sheffield, 6 Brad Carrington, Wyanet, 7 Buddy Boyd, Polo, 8
Heather Thacker, Walnut, 9 Jim Prokup, Dalzell, 10 Brian Lucas,

Street Stock Feature - 1 Gary Leadley, Princeton, 2 R, Lucas, 3 K.
Lucas, 4 Bell, 5 Carrington, 6 Thacker, 7 Prokup, 8 B. Lucas,

Bomber Heat One - 1 Adam Odell, Dover, 2 Matt Ramer, Mendota, 3 Gary
Clark, Princeton, 4 Aaron Carpenter, Annawan, 5 Doug Smith, Princeton, 6
Gary Leadley, Mendota, 7 Ande Bivens, New Bedford, 8 Jeff Frank,
Princeton, 9 Justin Rutledge, Princeton.
Bomber Heat Two - 1 Derick Hicks, Tampico, 2 J.D. Rutledge, Ohio, 3
Chris Hicks, Tiskilwa, 4 Eric Whittington, Princeton, 5 Scott Mecum,
Princeton, 6 Craig Hoffman, Princeton, 7 Nathan Balensiefen, Sheffield,
8 Eric Balensiefen, Princeton, 9 John Ryan, Arlington.
Bomber Feature - 1 Derick Hicks, Tampico, 2 JD Rutledge, 3 Hoffman, 4
Odell, 5 N. Balensiefen, 6 Whittington, 7 Clark, 8 Leadley, 9 Bivens, 10
Carpenter, 11 Mecum, 12 Ramer, 13 Smith, 14 Hicks

Johnson Wins Late Model Feature in First Visit to Bureau County

Veteran driver, Johnny Johnson of West Burlington, Iowa, won the
I.M.C.A. Late Model feature at Bureau County Speedway in Princeton, IL
Friday night in his first visit to the track. Kevin Skipper of Fulton
started on the pole and built up a good lead, while running with the
I.M.C.A. restrictor plate on his motor. Jeff Grabill of Princeton ran
second for the first ten laps, but slid up to the topside, leaving the
bottom open for Johnson to duck through.
For several laps Grabill, Steve Morgan and Bill Tuckwell ran side by
side in a great battle for 3rd through 5th place positions. Tuckwell was
able to shoot past the other two to finish third. With four laps
to go, Johnson was able to get around Skipper when he scuffed the wall
and slowed momentarily for a slower lapped car of the other Johnny
Johnson in the race. Johnson was able to hold off Skipper and take the
First Baptist Church Late Model feature win.
Earlier in the program Skipper and Mike Cothron had won the Late Model
heat races.
Mark Verbeck won his second I MCA Modified feature in two weeks,
running the last 6 laps with just 7 cylinders. Just goes to show you
that you don't need a big motor to win at Bureau County Speedway.
Finishing back a ways in second was Marty Thompson, followed by Mike
Garland in third. Thompson won the Modified heat race.
The Sportsman class was having quite a few problems with multiple spins
and crashes in their feature. They were only able to complete 11 out of
20 laps before their time limit ran out. Don Bell was able to grab the
lead from Chip Hickman on the second lap and held that position through
several restarts.
On lap 11, the drivers were warned their time limit was going to be up
when the next caution flag was thrown. When the race restarted, Kory
Rokey got around Bell on the top. About that time, five cars in the
middle of the pack spun, and the checkered flag was thrown. When the
dust settled, Rokey took the win, followed by Bell and Bryan Moon. Steve
Oeder and Moon won the Sportsman heat races.
The Bombers are back. Eighteen of them raced Friday night. Their first
heat started with a somersault and a splat as Jeff Frank flipped with
Justin Rutledge, dropping both drivers out for the night. Adam Odell won
the first heat race and Derick Hicks won the second.
In their feature, it didn't take Hicks long to take the lead from Matt
J.D. Rutledge, last week's bomber feature winner, was moving up from
the back. Last week he got stuck in the mud during the feature. This
week his body panels were flopping in the wind as he worked his way
around Adam Odell to take second place behind Hicks. Odell had some
problems getting around a lapped car which let Craig Hoffman finish just
ahead of him in third. Hicks took the First Baptist Church Bomber
feature win.

Friday night's race sponsor was the First Baptist Church. For the second
week in a row, the weather for the races was beautiful, thanks in part
to the prayers of the church people, who had their night rained out last

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