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Author Topic:   Pauch Gets The Job Done On Rainy New Egypt Night
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posted April 22, 2001 09:41 AM UIN: 16262997
Pauch Gets The Job Done On Rainy New Egypt Night

New Egypt, NJ (Apr. 21) - Track management didn't throw in the towel and
neither did Frenchtown, NJ, driver Billy Pauch, who dodged the raindrops and
four separate weather delays to come away with his second Modified victory
of the year Saturday on AMSOIL Night at New Egypt Speedway.

"This is the longest 25-lapper I've ever been in," a weary Pauch stated in
victory lane. Due to persistent scattered showers, the race was shortened
from 30 to 25 laps and halted at least four times during that distance while
cars circled the speedway, waiting for a break in the rain.

In the big-block Modified event, jackrabbit Bobby Drayton jumped out front
over last week's winner, Brian Weaver, and Pauch. Weaver outgunned Drayton
on a lap 8 restart, before rain stalled the show. On the eventual green,
Weaver was gangbusters, not to be caught until Pauch zeroed in amidst heavy
lapped traffic and completed a low pass on lap 17. A three-to-go yellow
bunched the field, giving a surprising Drayton a chance to show his stuff.
Drayton gave it his all, motoring under Weaver for second and setting his
sights on Pauch before ultimately running out of time. Pauch claimed his
31st career win at the track, with a strong Drayton, Weaver, Keith Hoffman
and Eddie Bohn chasing.

The 15-lap Sportsman feature postponed from last week was aced by Ringoes,
NJ's Ryan Godown, who scored his eighth career victory at the track, picking
up a trophy and gift certificates from sponsor Old Country Buffet of Toms
River in the process. J.C. Mears was second, Mickey Kessler was third, with
Scott Reid and Larry Kline also making it into the top five.

In the regularly scheduled Street Stock feature event, defending division
champion Billy Bauer of Flemington, NJ, scored his second win on the young
season. Rich Page Jr. mounted a ferocious last-ditch charge to come up
second before expiring a motor at the line. George Quinlan was third, with
Ralph Gargiulo fourth and Pat Conaway fifth.

Hightstown, NJ's Dave Seip became the first repeat winner in the Mid-State
Communications Rookie Sportsman series, beating Joe Papiez at the flag by a

Almost 140 race cars crowded the pit area, dodging the raindrops. The
regularly scheduled Sportsman feature event had to be postponed until May 5,
due to the weather delays.

AMSOIL presented cases of synthetic motor oil to all feature winners. The
Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature event
were won by Weaver (Mods, 17.843) and Page (Street Stock, 19.913).

Next week, it's Twins Night at New Egypt Speedway, sponsored by Shammy Shine
Car Washes. Highlighting the program: twin 20-lap races for the big-block
Modifieds and free admission at the spectator gate for all twins, with proof
of birthday. Sportsman, Street Stocks and the Mid-State Communications
Rookie series complete the card. Gates open at 2:30 p.m., with first race at
5:30. Adult admission is $15, children 7-12 are $5, and kids 6 and under are
free. For more information, call the track at (609) 758-1900.

1st Heat: 1.Moss 2.Drayton 3.Van Gorder 4.Bohn 5.Rue 6.Koczon
2nd Heat: 1.Pauch 2.Weaver 3.Infante 4.Martz 5.Bauma 6.Hendershot
3rd Heat: 1.Cozze 2.McCaughey 3.Tanner, Jr. 4.Brightbill 5.Butler 6.Hoffman
B Main: 1.Bitner 2.Carberry 3.Miloszar 4.Cox III 5.Adams 6.Hager (Fan Prov:
Feature (30 laps):
1.Billy Pauch 2.Bob Drayton 3.Brian Weaver 4.Keith Hoffman 5.Eddie Bohn
6.Tom Carberry 7.Kenny Brightbill 8.Gary Butler 9.Mark Bitner 10.Tom Hager
11.Ron John Koczon 12.Ralph Rue 13.Frank Cozze 14.Scott Van Gorder 15.Sam
Martz 16.Darren McCaughey 17.Fred Dmuchowski 18.Mike Hendershot 19.Clyde
Cox III 20.Steve Moss 21.Bob Bauma 22.Rocco Infante 23.Art Adams 24.Tim
Tanner, Jr. 25.John Miloszar
DNQ: Larry McVay, Bob Worthington, Rick Grosso Jr., Korey Keimig, Barry
Voss, Willie Osmun, Doug Ostwald.

Rookie Feature: 1.Dave Seip 2.J. Papiez 3.Beavers 4.Woolston 5.McTighe
6.Ramsey 7.Weeks 8.C. Hager 9.Boyce 10.Fattori 11.Wiszniewski 12.Moran
13.Gorbatuk 14.Van Schuyler 15.Raisner 16.Mennuti 17.McBride 18.Burlew
19.Stepanchuk (DNS)
1st Heat: 1.D.Kline 2.Tinnes Jr. 3.Godown 4.McClelland 5.Kessler 6.Fleming
2nd Heat: 1.Meisner 2.Archer 3.Falzini 4.Scagliotta 5.Roth 6.Toth
3rd Heat: 1.R.Godown 2.L.Kline 3.Flesch 4.Reutter 5.Stravinsky 6.M.Papiez
1st B Main: 1.Ely 2.Singley 3.G.Hager 4.Ploski 5.Woolston
2nd B Main: 1.Swain 2.D.Liedl 3.A.Liedl 4.Mears 5.Geigis
Make-up Feature From 4/14/01 (15 Laps): 1.Ryan Godown 2.J.C. Mears 3.Mickey
Kessler 4.Scott Reid 5.Larry Kline 6.Matt Papiez 7.Tom Tomasko 8.Phil
Meisner 9.Mike Toth 10.Brian Godown 11.Chuck Flesch 12.Rich Scagliotta
13.Donny Kline 14.Joe Tinnes Jr. 15.Larry Archer 16.Gene Stravinsky 17.John
McClelland 18.Stan Ploski 19.Keith Fleming 20.Mike Reutter 21.Keith Foster
22.Doug Liedl 23.Brian Pearson 24.Dominick Buffalino 25.Chris Wasson
26.Jack Swain 27.Kenny Roth 28.Dave Hoffman
Feature (20 Laps): CURFEWED-Will Be Run on 5/5/01
DNQ: Lew Ramsey, Mike Fattori, Duane Burlew, Dave Hoffman, Christian Van
Schuyler, Bob Kaelin, Cody Hager, Anthony Moran, Joe Papiez, Keith Foster,
**** Robbins, John Romano, Rich Kuiken, John Spiegel, Chris Wasson, Joe
Szwed, Jim Mennuti, Kyle Morrison, Dominick Buffalino, Tom Tomasko, Larry
Reed, Rick Beavers, Rob Pfister, Mick Search, Dave Gorbatuk, Dave
Wiszniewski, Rick Raisner, Doug Boyce, Rich McTighe, Phil McCloughan, Scott
Reid, Bruce Leote, Andy Weeks, Doug Stepanchuk, Pat McBride, Brian Pearson.

1st Heat: 1.Gargiulo 2.Gerber 3.Fleming 4.Unfried 5.Guyer 6.Jo.Hewitt
2nd Heat: 1.Bauer 2.Conaway 3.Cooke 4.Quinlan 5.Berardi 6.Nixon
3rd Heat: 1.Cheney 2.Freiberger 3.Wagner 4.Page 5.Bauma 6.Apgar
B Main: 1.Guyer 2.Bifulco 3.Jm.Hewitt 4.Quick 5.Page, Sr. 6.Whitehouse
Feature (15 laps): 1.Billy Bauer 2.Rich Page, Jr. 3.Ralph Gargiulo 4.George
Quinlan 5.Pat Conaway 6.Billy Bauma 7.Pat Freiberger 8.Evan Berardi 9.Al
Cheney III 10.John Hewitt 11.George Unfried 12.Kenny Guyer 13.Bryan Nixon
14.Kevin Bifulco 15.Bill Gerber 16.Jim Hewitt 17.Joel Quick 18.Brian Wagner
19.Tim Apgar 20.Kim Cooke 21.Korey Fleming 22.Bryan Reed 23.Carol Whitehouse
24.Rich Page Sr.
DNQ: Weldon Collier, Dale Haines, Robert Melton, Art Avery, Todd Dige,
Chuck Barker, George McCall, Bill Miscoski, Blair Guker III, Steve Barnes,
Allen Hurley.

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