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Author Topic:   Repeat Wins at State Fair Raceway WA
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Repeat Wins at State Fair Raceway
State Fair Raceway - Yakima, WA - April 20, 2001
by George Hespe

When the dust settled at State Fair Raceway on Friday, April 20th, Shawna
Wilskey of Lake Stevens, WA and Seabeck, WA's Craig Moore both had repeat
wins in the book while Greg Dineen had his first win of the sew season.
Wilskey got off to a good start setting a 15.217 second fast time lap of the
night, then jumped to a 5 car lead in 3 laps from her second row inside
start. In a race slowed by three red flags and a pair of yellows, Wilskey held
off all attempts to take the position and held a comfortable lead at the
Brandon Harkness and Jim Cress, trying to occupy the same spot in turn four
at the same time, brought out the first yellow. Rick Fauver exited his second
place spot when his ride came to a stop on the 9th circuit, the same time as
something broke on the car of Jayme Barnes, in 5th at the time, to put him
into the turn one wall to cut a good ride short.
The wildest ride of the night came on the restart when Glenn Borden, Jr. and
Jeff Jansma got together on the front straight just past the flagstand. With
both cars shedding parts Borden, went over several times before coming to a
stop just before the first turn. Although he exited the car under his own
power, Borden decided a short time later to take a ride to the hospital to be
checked out. Jansma was uninjuried, but also was out for the night.
A yellow three laps later, caused when Gary Taylor got hung up on the inside
berm while trying to save a turn two spin, gave second place runner Jay
Harkness another shot at Wilskey but it was no contest on the restart.
For the next 7 laps Harkness, Mike Melwicks and Randy Ridge diced for the
next three positions while Chad Hillier, Jay Cole, Rick Smith and Barry
Martinez battled close behind.
As Melwicks and Ridge exited turn 4 running side by side on lap 14, and with
Chad Hillier on Ridge's rear nerf, they were greeted by the view of a slower
lapped car in the middle of the track. Quick action by all three saw them
clear the slower car, but Hillier got sideways into the inside berm, went
almost vertical and tipped on his side. Just enough to put him out and bring
out the red.
The last six laps saw Harkness and Melwicks dice for the second spot while a
smooth running Cole got past Ridge to pick up fourth place. Crossing the line
at the flag stand the top six ran Wilskey, J. Harkness, Melwicks, Cole, Ridge
and Smith.
Heat race action had Smith leading wire to wire in the night's first sprint
heat with Hillier and Kevin Journey following in the battle for runner up.
Fauver and Wilskey filled out the top five.
With Cole leading the way in the second heat, the big battle was between Jeff
Blanton and Richie Peterson for second. After running wheel to wheel several
times contact in turn two on the fifth trip around the clay oval ended in a
double flip with Peterson on the trailer for the night and Blanton able to
return for the feature event. At the end of eight laps the top five finish was
Cole, Taylor, J. Harkness Melwicks and Steve Kilcup.
The final heat went to veteran northwest driver Alan Munn who held off a late
race charge from Ridge. Jansma held second until a mid-race yellow for a
stopped Tim Levin and Ridge got by on the restart. Barnes and Martinez filled
out the leading five.
In the dash, Fauver led from the pole to take the win by a quarter lap over
J. Harkness and Wilskey.
The popular Hobby Stock class saw a new face in the winners circle with Greg
Dineen from Aberdeen, WA leading the way to the checkered. April 6th winner
Rick Milbourn led the way at the green flag, but Dineen had the point at the
end of the third lap and held it for the rest of the 15 lap feature event.
Milbourn continued to dog Dineen's rear bumper for several laps but with four
to go Dineen started to widen the gap. This set up a great battle for second
between Milbourn, Roy Borgeson, and Chris Jeffery.
After trading paint and rubbing fenders, Milbourn held the place position
with Jeffery third and Borgeson fourth. About 20 car lengths behind Dwayne
Nunley held off James Adams for fifth.
In the first heat pole sitter Jeffery had problems getting up to speed from
his pole position setting up a Dineen and Milbourn battle. Dineen took the
lead from Milbourn at the line on lap three and then went to the win.
Following Milbourn were Jeff Foster, Jeffery and Harold Emmons.
Heat two had a good race for the lead as Borgeson held off a hard charging
Jason Tole for 5 laps before losing a back straight drag race and the lead.
Adams won third over Nunley as they swapped position in a close race. Wes
Valentine was fifth.
Dineen made it a clean sweep in the Hobby Stock class with his dash win over
Tole, Milbourn and Borgeson.
Craig Moore went to the head of the class again with his 2nd Modified feature
event win.
Having to draw cars from west of the mountains for the new Modified class, the
competitive field was not what Moore is used to, but the competition he did
have did not hand him the race.
Kevin ****bower led the opening circuit with Leroy Lawhead making the pass
for the lead on the back straight on lap two. It was Lawhead leading for the
next 7 laps and three turns until Moore took the low line through turn four
and grabbed the lead. From there to the checkered flag it was Moore's game
with Lawhead chasing but never catching.
****bower had lost second to Moore on lap 5 but he held third over Keith
Cromwell to the finish.
In the heat race it took Moore almost 4 laps to find a way, coming out of
turn 4, to get past Lawhead. ****bower spun on lap 6 but managed to retain
third over Ron Comfort and Crowell.
A dash win over ****bower and Lawhead gave Moore the clean sweep for the night.
Central Washington State Fair Raceway will have it's next Fun In The Sun
racing action on June 2nd.
The next event to be held at State Fair Raceway is the 2001 season opener of
the hy-per-lube-Northern Sprint Tour on May 11, 2001 when over 40 of the
Northwest's best sprint car racers are expected to take to the three-eighths
mile clay oval.

Sprints -
Fast Time - Shawna Wilskey - 15.217
Heat 1 - Rick Smith, Chad Hillier, Kevin Journey, Rick Fauver, Shawna Wilskey,
Donny Fry, Glenn Borden, Jr., Brian Ash.
Heat 2 - Jay Cole, Gary Taylor, Jay Harkness, Mike Melwicks, Steve Kilcup,
Phil Dietz, Jeff Blanton, Richie Peterson.
Heat 3 - Alan Munn, Randy Ridge, Jeff Jansma, Jayme Barnes, Barry Martinez,
Brandon Harkness, Jim Cress, Tim Levin.
Dash - Fauver, J. harkness, Wilskey, Taylor, Melwicks, Barnes.
A-Main - Wilskey, J. Harkness, Melwicks, Cole, Ridge, Smith, Martinez, Munn,
Taylor, Ash, Hillier, Dietz, Cress, Fry, Kilcup, Barnes, Blanton, Borden,
Jansma, Fauver, B. Harkness.

Hobby Stock
Heat 1 - Greg Dineen, Rick Milbourn, Jeff Foster, Chris Jeffery, Harold Emmons.
Heat 2 - Jason Tole, Roy Borgeson, James Adams, Dwayne Nunley, Wes Valentine.
Dash - Dineen, Tole, Milbourn, Borgeson.
A-Main - Dineen, Milbourn, Jeffery, Borgeson, Nunley, Adams, Tole, Foster,
Valentine, Emmons.

Heat - Craig Moore, Leroy Lawhead, Kevin ****bower, Ron Comfort, Keith Crowell.
Dash - Moore, ****bower, Lawhead.
A-Main - Moore, Lawhead, ****bower, Crowell, Comfort.

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