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Author Topic:   Russell finds fastest lines for Deery win at Davenport
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posted April 21, 2001 10:43 AM UIN: 16262997
Russell finds fastest lines for Deery win at Davenport
By Kelly Becker
DAVENPORT, Iowa (April 20) - Gary Russell found the fastest lines on the quarter-mile track at Davenport Speedway to win the Friday night Deery Brothers Summer Series feature.
The Biggsville, Ill., pilot took charge from the pole and remain unfazed by the constant shuffling of cars and attrition that went on behind him throughout the 50-lapper.
Rob Toland of Hillsdale, Ill., caught up several times midway through the feature, but Russell was able to regain the lead before the two reached the flagstand. Toland was sidelined after a 40th circuit scrape with then third-place runner Jeremiah Hurst of Dewitt.
Second place would go to Bill Tuckwell of Washington, Ill., the top rookie driver in the 2000 series for I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late Models. Tuckwell had started way back in the 20th spot.
Brent Slocum of Burlington was third. Rounding out the top five were Mike Cothron of Moline, Ill., and Tom Darby-shire of Morning Sun.
Thad Wilson of Moline, Ill., moved up 16 places from his starting position to finish sixth.
Heat winners were Russell, Toland, Brad Osborn of Janesville and Boone McLaughlin of Mediapolis. "B" feature wins went to Tommy Elston of Keokuk and Kevin Blum of East Moline, Ill.
The victory was the third in Russell's Deery career and his first since taking the checkered flag at Super Nationals in Boone last September.
Jason Friesen of Sutton, Neb., remains the series points leader, with defending champion Mike Smith of Jewell still second. Terry Ryan of Davenport moved up a notch to third in the current points race.
The next Deery Brothers Summer Series event is Sunday night, April 22 at the Quincy, Ill., Raceway.

Feature Results - 1. Gary Russell, Biggsville, Ill.; 2. Bill Tuckwell, Washington, Ill.; 3. Brent Slocum, Burlington; 4. Mike Cothron, Moline, Ill.; 5. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun; 6. Thad Wilson, Moline, Ill.; 7. Terry Schlipman, Mendon, Ill.; 8. Brad Osborn, Janesville; 9. Terry Ryan, Davenport; 10. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill.; 11. Mike Smith, Jewell; 12. Jason Friesen, Sutton, Neb.; 13. Rob Toland, Hillsdale, Ill.; 14. Jeremiah Hurst, Dewitt; 15. Boone McLaughlin, Me-diapolis; 16. Ron Gustaf, Moline, Ill.; 17. Tommy Elston, Keokuk; 18. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown; 19. Jeff Walker, Davenport; 20. Jason Bahrs, Colona, Ill.; 21. Chris Smyser, Lancaster, Mo; 22. Brian Hetzler, Davenport; 23. Jody Wood, Donnellson; 24. Kevin Blum, East Moline, Ill.

Deery Brothers Summer Series Top 20 Point Standings - 1. Jason Friesen, Sut-ton, Neb., 158; 2. Mike Smith, Jew-ell, Iowa, 152; 3. Terry Ryan, Davenport, Iowa, 144; 4. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill., and Rob Toland, Hillsdale, Ill., both 140; 6. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun, Iowa, and Gary Russell, Biggsville, Ill., both 136; 8. Chris Smyser, Lancaster, Mo., 112; 9. Brad Osborn, Janesville, Iowa, 110; 10. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis, Iowa, 106; 11. Mike Cothron, Moline, Ill., Brent Slocum, Burlington, Iowa, and Jody Wood, Donnellson, Iowa, each 104; 14. Darrel DeFrance, Mar-shalltown, Iowa, 100; 15. Bill Tuckwell, Washington, Ill., 94; 16. Tommy Elston, Keokuk, Iowa, 88; 17. Jeremiah Hurst, Dewitt, Iowa, 80; 18. Chuck Mayer-hofer, Dixon, Iowa, and Dennis Woodworth, Mendon, Ill., both 58; 20. Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Thad Wilson, Moline, Ill., both 56.


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