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Author Topic:   Bureau County Speedway Results 4-20-01
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posted April 21, 2001 07:43 AM UIN: 16262997
Bureau County Speedway Results 4-20-01
Princeton, IL Kathy Costerisan 815-875-2606

Sportsman Heat One - 1 Steve Oeder, Princeton, 2 Gary Wetsel,
Princeton, 3 Steve Wetsel, Bureau, 4 Kory Rokey, Wyanet, 5 Don Bell,
Sheffield, 6 Tom Franks, Rock Falls
Sportsman Heat Two - 1 Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 2 Chip Hickman, Walnut, 3
Scott Cimei, Magnolia, 4 Jason Anderson, Princeton, 5 Robert Storm,
Princeton, 6 Kevin Hoffman, Ohio.
Sportsman Feature - 1 Gary Wetsel, 2 Moon, 3 Oeder, 4 Cimei, 5 Hoffman,
6 Rokey, 7 Bell, 8 Anderson, 9 Franks, 10 Hickman, 11 Storm, 12 Wetsel.

Modified Heat - 1 Marty Thompson, Mineral, 2 Mike Garland, Morrison, 3
Ron Coletrain, Sparland, 4 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 5 Tom Jensen, Rutland
I.M.C.A. Sunoco Modified feature - 1 Mark Verbeck, Annawan, 2 Jensen, 3
Coletrain, 4 Garland, 5 Thompson

Late Model Heat - 1 Steve Morgan, Orangeville, 2 Todd Sandusky, Coal
Valley, 3 Kevin Skipper, Fulton, 4 Jeff Grabill, Princeton, 5 Jason
Jaggers, Wyanet, 6 Bryan Moon, Wyanet, 7 Dan Bardell, Ladd, 8 Marty
Thompson, Mineral.
I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late Model Feature - 1 Steve Morgan, Orangeville, 2
Skipper, 3 Grabill, 4 Sandusky, 5 Moon, 6 Bardell, 7 Jaggers, 8 Thompson

Street Stock Heat - 1 Keith Lucas, Princeton, 2 Randy Lucas, Princeton,
3 Heather Thacker, Walnut, 4 Richie Bell, Sheffield, 5 Jim Prokup,
Dalzell, 6 Brad Carrington, Wyanet, 7 Clifford Morse, Tiskilwa,
Street Stock Feature - 1 Richie Bell, Sheffield, 2 K. Lucas, 3
Carrington, 4 Thacker, 5 R. Lucas, 6 Prokup, 7 Greg Leadley, Princeton,
8 Morse

Bomber Heat One - 1 Craig Hoffman, Princeton, 2 Chris Hicks, Tiskilwa,
3 Adam Odell, Princeton, 4 Gary Leadley, Mendota, 5 Aaron Carpenter,
Annawan, 6 Jeff Frank, Princeton, 7 Gary Clark, Princeton.
Bomber Heat Two - 1 JD Rutledge, Ohio, 2 Justin Rutledge, Princeton, 3
Derick Hicks, Tampico, 4 Nathan Balensiefen, Sheffield, 5 Eric
Whittington, Ohio, 6 Scott Mecum, Princeton, 7 Matt Ramer, Mendota.
Bomber Feature - 1 JD Rutledge, Ohio, 2 Justin Rutledge, 3 Leadley, 4
Hoffman, 5 C Hicks, 6 Odell, 7 Balensiefen, 8 Carpenter, 9 Whittington,
10 Frank, 11 Mecum, 12 Clark.

The first night of the 2001 racing season at Bureau County Speedway was
Friday, April 20th. Traditionally the first night of racing is usually
rained out, so when sunny skies prevailed Friday, everyone was quite
Steve Oeder of Princeton took the first checkered flag of the year as
he won the first Sportsman heat race. Bryan Moon won the other heat. In
the feature Moon and Oeder finished second and third behind the winner,
Gary Wetsel of Princeton.
Steve Morgan had an outstanding night as he swept the Late Model
division winning both the heat race and the feature.
The I.M.C.A. Modified division was a little sparse, with only five cars
on hand. Mark Verbeck of Annawan took the checkers in the Feature.
Marty Thompson won their heat race.
In the Street Stock heat race, Keith Lucas of Princeton took the
checkered flag. Lucas then led almost the entire Street Stock feature.
With two laps to go, Richie Bell pushed hard and took the lead and held
off Lucas to take the Street Stock feature win.
Craig Hoffman of Princeton won the first Bomber heat race. JD Rutledge
of Ohio won the second Bomber heat race and then followed that up with a
hard fought battle to take the win in their feature event.
Racing resumes next Friday night at Bureau County Speedway in Princeton
with the first night of points racing for the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late
Models and Modifieds.

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