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Author Topic:   Herrington took Cajun Sprinter Win
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posted April 21, 2001 07:41 AM UIN: 16262997
Herrington took Cajun Sprinter Win
Sue DuRoy Baton Rouge Raceway April 20,2001
Perry Saizon and Darren Dean shared the heat wins for pure stock. After
one failed attempt at a start on the restart it was Saizon with the lead
followed by Mark Hardwick and Darren Dean .Darrell Guy took over second then
came up onto a lap car and had to slow Hardwick with no where to go got into
Guys back. Hardwick took a trip into the infield and back out only losing one
position. Saizon, Guy and Billy Mitchell were running nose to tail and
pulling away from the rest of the field. Next lap around Mitchell went into
turn three to hard and took out the big tractor tire instead of another race
car. With water pouring out of his radiator it retired him for the night.
Perry Saizon took the win after leading every lap. Darrell Guy second, Butch
Jenkins third, Mark Hardwick fourth and if there was a hard charger award it
would have definitely gone to Gordon McDaniels who came from the rear
through the field to finish fifth.
Michael Connell and Jerry Cassano took the heat wins for UMP. Jerry
Cassano led every lap. Michael Connell ran second till the end of the race
when Chris Cassano took over second then tried to run down his Dad but ran
out of time and had to settle for second. Chris also won the Timber Wolf hard
charger award. Connell took third, Bobby Semple fourth and rounding out the
top five was Dale Aucoin.
Scooter Paetz took the lead on the start of the street stock feature,
but not for long, coming down the front straightaway to complete one lap
Kerry Vicknair got next to Paetz and they drag raced to turn one and two
where Vicknair moved into the lead. Vicknair went onto score the win followed
by Paetz. Randy Jamison ran third till the last lap when Tommy Cannon took
third from him dropping Jamison to fourth. Gay Talbert finished fifth. Kerry
Vicknair and Robert Ringo too the heat wins.
25 sprint cars were on hand. Divided into four heat races. Tony Krites,
Michael Herrington, Herman Carrier, and Kelly Angelette took the heats. 22
Sprints started the feature. Krites on the pole and Herrington on the outside
ran wheel to wheel till Herrington pulled into the lead. A spinner caused a
complete restart. Herrington again went into the lead. Butch David moved into
second, but Kelly Angelette took second away from David. Tony Krites spun in
four and cars and tires went flying. On the restart it was Herrington all the
way followed by Angelette, David, Herman Carrier, Charles Graves, Lane
Whittington, Scott Wimberly, Tony Krites, Michael Braddock and Cary Farmer.
Michael Browning and Wayne Everette took the min stock heat wins. On the
drop of the green it was Browning followed by Scottie Covington. Wayne
Everette took over second. Everette got sideways in four and Covington
slipped by him for second then went after Browning the leader. Everette got
beside Covington with a lap car between and took back second. With a little
help from Wayne Everette leader Browning spun in two. Both cars were placed
on the rear on the restart. Covington had the lead on the restart and had
smooth sailing for the rest of the race with no one getting close to him.
Covington scored the win followed by Larry Clayton, Jeremy Dubois, B J Watts,
and Wesley LaFluer.

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