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Author Topic:   HAGERSTOWN SPEEDWAY Results
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posted April 15, 2001 09:57 AM UIN: 16262997
Hegerstown, MD
MACS Late Model Series:
Feature (35 Laps) - 1. Andy Anderson; 2. Mike Balzano; 3. Rick Eckert; 4.
Todd Andrews; 5. Jeremy Miller; 6. Andy Fries; 7. Gary Stuhler; 8. Scott
Haus; 9. Roy Deese Jr.; 10. Devin Friese; 11. Charlie Schaffer; 12. Bo
Feathers; 13. D.J. Myers; 14. Scott Cross; 15. Matt Urban; 16. Brent Smith;
17. Alan Sagi; 18. Lynn Geisler; 19 Buck Tomblin; 20. Tom Myers; 21. Larry
Wright; 22. Richard Irwin; 23. Doug Burkholder; 24. Nathan Durboraw.
Lap Leaders - Andy Fries (1-9), Andy Anderson (10-35)
Heat Winners - Bo Feathers, Mike Balzano, Andy Fries, Scott Haus
B-Main Winners - Roy Deese Jr., Charlie Schaffer

Late Model Sportsman:
Feature (20 Laps) - 1. Marvin Winters; 2. Richard Walls; 3. Barry Miller; 4.
Wayne Walls Jr.; 5. Dave Neff; 6. Mike Yeakle; 7. Richard Clipp; 8. Mike
Walls; 9. Robert Friese; 10. Dave Rice Jr.; 11. Ryan Donley; 12. Scott
Palmer; 13. Charles Hageage; 14. Daryl Kendall.
Lap Leaders - Mike Yeakle (1-4), Bob Friese (5-6), Richard Walls (7-11),
Marvin Winters (12-20)
Heat Winners - Mike Yeakle, Marvin Winters

Pure Stocks:
Feature (15 Laps) - 1. Steve Long; 2. Brian Miller; 3. Bruce Leibowitz; 4.
Kenny Dillon; 5. Kim Ramer; 6. Ronnie Dennis; 7. Hans Stamberg; 8. Steve
Kent Jr.; 9. Eugene Conlee; 10. Mike Warrenfeltz; 11. Phil Madagan; 12.
Steve Lowery; 13. Denny Sanders; 14. Jeff Bennett; 15. Mark Vegh; 16. Dave
Mikolajski; 17. Mike Sanders; 18. Greg Moats; 19. Harold Prince; 20. Kevin
Shade; 21. JR Rudy; 22. Rick Stouffer, Jr.;, 23. Brian Pearrell; 24. Jeff
Johnson; 25. Sam Kaiser; 26. Greg Hockensmith; 27. Frank Dibella; 28. Jesse
Lap Leaders - Brian Miller (1-6), Steve Long (7-15)
Heat Winners - Rick Stouffer Jr., Kenny Dillon, Bruce Leibowitz

4-Cylinder Pure Stocks:
Feature (10 Laps) - 1. Marcus Van Meter; 2. Josh Angle; 3. Eric Mellott; 4.
Ronnie Garlock; 5. Glenn Gipe; 6. Ike Fix; 7. Mike Kershner; 8. Randy Kline;
9. Mike Hawbaker; 10. Bobby Jones; 11. Troy Horner; 12. Larry Baker; 13.
Ashley Gordon.
Lap Leaders - Josh Angle (1-8), Marcus Van Meter (9-10)

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posted April 15, 2001 10:02 AM UIN: 16262997
After a big win last week, Andy Anderson of Martinsburg, WV turned back the
best the Mid-Atlantic Racing Series had to offer to record the biggest win
of his career in the 35-lap Shorty Bowers-Bull Durham Memorial at Hagerstown
Speedway Saturday night. Anderson pocketed $5,000 for the win.
"I still can't believe it," said the young driver in victory lane. "When
the race first started and I fell back there, I was really concerned whether
we would get back up there. Then we started to get better and took off. But
when that caution came out (on lap 21), I guess the tires cooled off and the
car got tight and I just tried to keep Mike (Balzano) down there until we
got going. He raced me clean. I just don't know what to tell you. This is
really something."
In other action, Marvin Winters overcame a rough going early in the race to
come back through the field to keep his win streak alive at three in the
20-lap late model sportsman feature, Steve Long of Chambersburg fought off
Brian Miller to win the 15-lap pure stock feature while Marcus Van Meter of
Cresaptown, MD scored his first win of the season in the 4-cylinder pure
stock feature.

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