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posted April 14, 2001 08:03 AM UIN: 16262997
Lernerville Speeday 278 North Pike Road Sarver, PA 724-353-1511
Sarver, PA April 13, 2001

Superstition doesn't stop the "slow ride" of David Scott on Friday the
thirteenth at Don Martin's Lernerville Speedway! For the second consecutive
week, Scott of Garland, won the Friedman's Supermarket/Bi-Lo Foods Late Model
main as the count starts for the Point's Race! Changing the car's color to
black has been lucky for Ed Lynch, the "Apollo Rocket," who claimed his
second Triangle Gasoline feature. Substitute driver Jeff Hoffman of Franklin
garnered the Ferrante Oldsmobile Modified main event and it was Mike Faas of
Natrona Heights in the Dingbat Restaurant Pure Stocks.
The "slow ride" of David Scott found the fastest way around the Sarver
oval on his Hoosier tires for the second week-in-a-row in the 20-lap
Friedman's Supermarket's/Bilo Foods Late Models. "I love this place he said."
Scott came from fifth to overtake the fast running Joe Johnson on lap five.
Scott continued to ward off the hard charging John Flinner who passed Johnson
on lap fifteen, keeping Flinner at bay to the checker. On the last lap Bob
Wearing Sr and Tom Kitchen passed Johnson for third and fourth respectively
and Joe Johnson was fifth. Sixth through ten went to Nick Jones, Ken
Schaltenbrand, Jeff Henry, Chuck Kennedy, and Dave Norton. Two caution
events occurred, one for Ben Miley's spin on lap eight and the other was a
360 by Gary Lyle with two laps to go. Wearing Sr, Bobby Bertges and Flinner
were the heat victors.
Changing his luck by changing the color of his car, Lynch captured his
second 20-lap Triangle Gasoline Sprint feature. By capturing this victory, Ed
Lynch Jr closes the gap between All time Sprint front runner Johnny Beaber to
nine and ties his Dad Ed Sr in eighth place with 47 division victories
overall. Lynch said, "I knew the outside lane was the place to run, but I
happened to find a sweet spot on the bottom and passed Roger Bennett." Lynch
had to ascend from seventh to catch pole sitter Bennett on lap 8. Once in
front he checked into a different zip code to finish a straightaway ahead of
runner-up Jimmy Hawley, Rod George, Roger Bennett, Arnie Kent, Scott Bonnell,
Jamie Smith, Jeremy Miller, Gale Ruth Jr. and Scott Priester. Lynch, Ralph
Spithaler, and Scott won the prelims. Eric Smith checkered the B-Main
A nice Friday night and a "six pack" put a smile on Jeff Hoffman's face.
Substituting for the ailing Dave Schrader, Hoffman drove his old Modified
numbered "the six pack'" and steered it to its first 20 lap Ferrante
Oldsmobile win of the season and Hoffman's career second. Lonnie Riggs was in
charge for 18 laps while Hoffman came from fourth to challenge him by lap 15.
Also driving a superb race Dave Murdick and Brian Swartzlander was in the
continual mix for the entire event. Three cautions occurred on laps 8,9 and
10 that closed the ranks. The first was for Jim Rasey whose racer spun in
turn three, the second for Adam Siegal and JR McGinley who came together in
turn three and the third for Carl Murdick who had a quick change axle tube
break. With two laps to go on the last restart, Hoffman went low and passed
Riggs for the win. Swartlander relegated Murdick to fourth and Bob Wearing
Jr was fifth. Hoffman said, "He (Riggs) made a mistake and I was there to get
him." Sixth through ten went to Mike Sutton, Carl Weatherby, Kevin Bolland,
Jim Weller, and Tommy Marshall. Hoffman, Rasey, and Weller claimed the
prelims. Les Myers won the B-Main.
The fabulous Faas' foiled the competition in the 15 lap Dingbat's
Restaurant Pure Stocks. Leading all the way, it was all in the family as Mike
Faas won his first of the season by defeating his uncle Terry Faas. In
victory land Mike Faas said, "I want to thank my dad who helped me to get
this car ready for tonight." The next three cars swapped positions several
times but Jeff Walters won the battle for third followed by Butch Lambert and
Scott Bochek. Joe Yakich was sixth and was trailed by Joe Kelley, Rob
Kosecki, Paul Schreckengost, Rick Burris and Jim Swezey.
Bochek, Lambert, Faas earned victories in the heat races. Neil Tristani
scored the big win in the B-Main.

Lernerville Speedway Race Results
278 N. Pike Road Sarver, Pa 16055
Phone: 724-353-1511 Fax: 724-353-2650

Date: 4/13/01

Triangle Gasoline Sprint Feature: Feature Race Notes: Started: 7
1. Ed Lynch, Jr., Apollo Wins: 2 Laps: 20
2. Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex
3. Rod George, Kittanning Lap Leaders:
4. Roger Bennett, Evans City Bennett 1-8, Lynch 9-20
5. Arnie Kent, New Castle Sprint Qualifying Race Winners:
6. Scott Bonnell, Fairview 1st Heat: Ed Lynch, Jr., Apollo
7. Jamie Smith, Economy 2nd Heat: Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
8. Jeremy Miller, Monroe, MI 3rd Heat: David Scott, Garland
9. Gale Ruth, Jr., Pleasantville 4th Heat:
10. Scott Priester, Rimersburg B-Main: Eric Smith, Sarver
11. Mike Kekich, Hermitage
12. Brent Matus, Wampum
13. Mike Kaminski, Sarver
14. Skip Dougherty, New Bethlehem
15. Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
16. Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
17. Davey Jones, Warrendale
18. Gary Kriess Jr., Connoquenessing
19. Eric Smith, Sarver
20. Charlie Holben, Cabot
21. Gary Rankin, Renfrew
22. David Scott, Garland
23. Rob Eyler, Franklin
24. Andy Priest, New Castle

Friedman's Market/Bi-Lo Foods
Late Model Feature: Feature Race Notes: Started: 5
1. David Scott, Garland Wins: 2 Laps: 20
2. John Flinner, Zelienople
3. Bob Wearing, Sr., Callery Lap Leaders:
4. Tom Kitchen, Saltsburg Johnson 1-5, Scott 6-20
5. Joe Johnson, Monaca Late Model Qualifying Race Winners:
6. Nick Jones, Pittsburgh 1st Heat: Bob Wearing Sr., Callery
7. Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver 2nd Heat: Bobby Bertges, Pittsburgh
8. Jeff Henry, Butler 3rd Heat: John Flinner, Zelienople
9. Chuck Kennedy, Mars 4th Heat:
10. Dave Norton, Shinglehouse B-Main:
11. Jack Pencil, Bedford
12. Bob Puz, Rural Ridge
13. Tom Decker, Tyrone
14. Matt Lux, Franklin
15. Travis Asel, Kane
16. Gary Lyle, Hyde Park
17. Dave Hess, Jr., Waterford
18. Bobby Bertges, Pittsburgh
19. Tony Burke, Sarver
20. Spanky Daugherty, Freeport
21. Ben Miley, Venetia
22. Rick Lias, Smicksburg
23. Russ Kolesar, West Mifflin
24. Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.

Ferrante Oldsmobile V-8 Modified Feature: Feature Race Notes:
Started: 9
1. Jeff Hoffman, Franklin Wins: 1 Laps: 20
2. Lonny Riggs, Volant
3. Brian Swartzlander, Hyde Park Lap Leaders:
4. Dave Murdick, Butler Riggs 1-18, J. Hoffman 19-20
5. Bob Wearing, Jr., Renfrew Modified Qualifying Race Winners:
6. Mike Sutton, Mars 1st Heat: Jeff Hoffman, Franklin
7. Carl Weatherby, Volant 2nd Heat: Jim Rasey, Southington, OH
8. Kevin Bolland, New Brighton 3rd Heat: Jim Weller, Hubbard, OH
9. Jim Weller, Hubbard, OH 4th Heat:
10. Tommy Marshall, Kennerdell B-Main: Les Myers, Reno
11. Phil Evans, Greensburg
12. Les Myers, Reno
13. Del Rougeaux, Frenchville
14. Jim Rasey, Southington, OH
15. Gary Risch, Sarver
16. Rodney Beltz, Ellwood City
17. Dave Reges, Butler
18. JR McGinley, Fairmount City
19. Frank Guidace, Mercer
20. Jim Faas, Creighton
21. Doug Fleeger, Butler
22. Adam Siegel, Brookville
23. Carl Murdick, Butler
24. Kevin Hoffman, Franklin

Dingbats Restaurant Pure Stock Feature: Feature Race Notes: Started
: 1
1. Mike Faas, Natrona Heights Wins: 1 Laps:
2. Terry Faas, Tarentum
3. Jeff Walters, Evans City Lap Leaders
4. Butch Lambert, Mars Mike Faas 1-15
5. Scott Bochek, Cheswick Pure Stock Qualifying Race Winners:
6. Joe Yakich, Prospect 1st Heat: Scott Bochek, Cheswick
7. Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant 2nd Heat: Butch Lambert, Mars
8. Rob Kosecki, Leechburg 3rd Heat: Mike Faas, Natrona Heights
9. Paul Schreckengost, Creighton 4th Heat:
10. Nick Reges, Butler B-Main: Neil Tristani, Tarentum
11. Rick Burris, Saxonburg
12. Jim Swezey, Greensburg
13. Neil Tristani, Tarentum
14. Tommy Dembowski, Monroeville
15. Dave Spangler, Renfrew
16. Roland Hall, Cabot
17. Doug Graham, Butler
18. Mike Turner, Butler
19. Lenny Wright, Mahaffey
20. Rob Shook, Creighton
21. Herman Bertolini, Creighton
22. Harold Reges, Butler
23. Chris Schneider, Tarentum
24. Randy Caldwell, Sarver

4/20 World Of Outlaws Gumout Series plus Pure Stocks 7:30PM
4/28 "Fab 4: Racing
5/4 "Fab 4" Racing
6/1 World of Outlaws Sprint Show $10,000.00 to Win

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