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Author Topic:   NGS RESULTS SAT. APRIL 6
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posted April 08, 2001 12:44 PM
Super late model:
1.Ray Cook
2.Skip Arp
3.Vic Hill
4.Cary McPherson
5.Jody Summerville
6.Shane Tankersley
7.Kevin Gibson
8.Brian Hickman
9.David Killian
10.Forrest Cate
11.Terrance Nowell
12.Bobby Turner
13.Jeff Smith
14.Richard Harvey
15.Bear Patterson
16.Johnny Paris
17.Joey Standridge
18.Wylie White
19.Brad Allen
20.Jerry Bradley
21.Craig Reece
22.Jeff Stansberry
23.Davy Davis
24.Rex Richey
25.Nathan Paris

1.Davon Dilbeck
2.Shorty Frazier
3.Brain Burke
4.Randall Smith
5.Greg Tinker
6.Bobby Mayse
7.Jeff Jones
8.Jimmy Gray
9.Mike Satterfield
10.Jason Early
1.Roger Lowery
2.Jason Payne
3.Tim Langston
4.Marshall Chastian
5.Charles Blackwell
6.Reed Johnson
7.Charles Ward
8.Derek Ellis
9.Mike Brook
10.Tim Burke
1.Tim Duggard
2.Ben Blaylock
3.Luke Shipman
4.Neal Drummond
5.Jimmy Whaley
6.Ronnie Thaxton
7.Billy Callahan
8.Marcella Payne
9.Rhonda Cross
10.Rob Jones
1.Will Guess
2.Aron Begley
3.Terry James
4.Rick Coker
5.Fred Brown
6. R Jolly
7.Steve Bailey
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