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posted April 08, 2001 01:40 AM UIN: 16262997

By Bob Vores


HAGERSTOWN, MD - Andy Anderson knew he didn't want to change much on his
Bob Owens owned late model following his qualifying heat win Saturday night
at Hagerstown Speedway. The choice may have paid off as he later sped to
his second career victory in the ITSI late model division.
"I was pretty good in the heat and then the car started tightening up," said
Anderson, of Martinsburg, WV. "I didn't know what to do with it on how many
they were going to invert so I didn't change much. Once we got out there and
were riding around, I was hoping we went the right way, but I wasn't sure."
The race is on. It was Fan Appreciation Night with $6.00 admission along
with the first point events of the new season getting underway. With a
completely overcast sky, it only made the track better with late models
unofficially timing quicker than the track record.
Also leading off atop the point standings with each winning their season
second during the evening were defending Hoosier Tire Late Model sportsman
driver, Marvin Winters, of Mercersburg, PA, Bruce Leibowitz of Reisterstown,
MD in the Ernie's Savage Yard V8 pure stocks and Josh Angle of Greencastle,
PA in the four cylinders.
Andy Fries and Irwin occupied the front row for the six car inverted late
model start as Irwin got the jump as fourth starting Anderson quickly
grabbed second. Nathan Durboraw, from eighth, advanced past Jim Bernheisel
by the third lap. Irwin opened his lead to over a second while Anderson
stretched his distance from Durboraw to a two second interval.
A single caution flag waved on the 14th lap, as Anderson held tight to Irwin
and dived to the bottom to come out ahead exiting turn four and assume the
While Anderson held to a comfortable one second lead, Andy Fries and Charlie
Schaffer, who both cleared Durboraw, slipped past Irwin on the 19th, while
16th starting Roy Deese Jr. took over fourth the next circuit. Deese cleared
Shaffer on the 23rd and took the runner up spot from Fries on the final lap
while Anderson drove under the flag stand with a one second advantage.
"I won two races last year and my girlfriend wasn't with me either time,"
Anderson said. "I was beginning to believe she was bad luck. Tonight I won
and she's with me."
Following Deese were Fries, Schaffer and Irwin. Durboraw held onto sixth
with Tom Myers advancing from 14th, Plessinger, Jeremy Miller and
Heat winners for the 29 late models were Mike Blose, Frankie Plessinger and
Anderson with Devin Friese winning the consolation. Deese received the Ernie
's Salvage Hard Charger award.
It took three starts to get the late model sportsman feature underway in
single file order with Mike Walls leading the procession following the
previous attempt when Mike Yeakle's car broke and veered right into Dave
Rice's path, removing both from the front of the field.
Walls bobbled slightly on the second lap as Winters sped under him followed
by Daryl Kendall as Walls then brought out the next caution. Wayne Walls Jr.
advanced to second following the restart while Barry Miller passed Richard
Clipp, then Walls to take over second on the seventh lap prior to a ninth
lap caution. Miller stuck with Winters for a time before Winters edged ahead
only to have the eighth caution flag wave with only twelve laps completed
and a half hour time limit expiring.
Winters took the shortened race win with Miller settling for second after
originally starting 13th.
"We didn't get to have too much fun tonight," Winters said. "Barry's going
to be tough. There're a lot of good drivers in the class. I wasn't saving
Walls Jr. finished third with Scott Palmer and Travis Beaver completing the
top five. Clipp, Bob Friese, Mike Walls, Nick Pappas and Charlie Hageage
were next.
Winters and Kendall won the heats. Miller earned the St. Thomas Towing Hard
Charger award.
Dave Mikolajski took the pure stock lead from Mike Sanders on the second lap
while in the crowd behind him, things got too tight in turn four and Brian
Miller and Ronnie Dennis ended up on the hook. Miller's wheel and tire with
axle still attached bounced off several cars making their way down the front
On the restart, Mikolajski continued to hold Mike Sanders behind as Mike
Warrenfeltz moved into second on the sixth lap and began closing as did
Kenny Dillon racing with an injured hand, along with Leibowitz. Dillon
bumped his injured hand and spun on a tenth lap restart as Warrenfeltz
suddenly slowed on the 13th lap with Leibowitz advancing into second. With
tech inspectors ready to check the top three carburetors, Mikolajski was
disqualified when he would not allow his to be inspected.
"I ran the whole race on a fouled plug and was hoping for a top five," said
Leiowitz, who received the win. "People started dropping out in front of me
and next thing, I was running second. I'm just glad to be here."
Kim Ramer advanced to second over Gene Conlee, Jeff Bennett and Denny
Heats went to Leibowitz, Warrenfeltz and Dennis with Jeff Bennett winning
the consolation. Bennett received the Turner Bowling Hard Charger award
after starting 19th.
The four cylinders raced non stop as Marcus Van Meter speedily ducked along
the inside rail to advance to the front from 11th when the green placed the
feature into motion while Ronnie Garlock slipped into second from the sixth
spot. Angle, who started last in the field with a clutch problem, kept
advancing a position at a time and by the third lap, was past Garlock and
the next lap was challenging Van Meter for the lead. Angle went ahead on the
sixth circuit and held on for a six-length victory over Van Meter. Garlock
was third with Glenn Gipe and Bobby Jones following.
The MACS series opens it's season's 31 race schedule at Hagerstown this
Saturday, April 14, with the 35 lap 21st Annual Shorty Bowers/Bull Durham
Memorial accompanied by the late model sportsman, pure stock and four
cylinders in regular point events.
For additional information, contact the speedway office at (301) 582-0640 or
check out the Internet at The Hagerstown
Speedway is located on U.S. Route 40, six miles west of Hagerstown, MD

RESULTS: ITSI LATE MODEL (25 Lap): 1. Andy Anderson, 2. Roy Deese Jr., 3.
Andy Fries, 4. Charlie Schaffer, 5. Richard Irwin, 6. Nathan Durboraw, 7.
Tom Myers, 8. Frankie Plessinger, 9. Jeremy Miller, 10. Jim Bernheisel, 11.
D. J. Myers, 12. Devin Friese, 13. Doug Burkholder, 14. Brent Smith, 15.
Mark Elksnis, 16. Terry Neitz, 17. Alan Sagi, 18. Ray Kable, 19. Jack
Pencil, 20. Shane Beegle, 21. Larry Wright, 22. Billy Wampler, 23. Ron
Ellis, 24. Mike Blose, DNQ- Cheryl Britsky, Donnie Farlling, Luke Hoffner,
Will Rowe, Buck Tomblin
HOOSIER TIRE LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN (20 Lap): 1. Marvin Winters, 2. Barry
Miller, 3. Wayne Walls Jr., 4. Scott Palmer, 5. Travis Beaver, 6. Richard
Clipp, 7. Bob Friese, 8. Mike Walls, 9. Nick Pappas, 10. Charles Hageage,
11. Daryl Kendall, 12. Dave Rice Jr., 13. Mike Yeakle, 14. Tommy Ausherman,
15. Paul Crowl, DNS - Richard Walls, Kenny Day, Ryan Donley
ERNIE'S SALVAGE YARD V8 PURE STOCK (15 Lap): 1. Bruce Leibowitz, 2. Kim
Ramer, 3. Eugene Conlee, 4. Jeff Bennett, 5. Denny Saunders, 6. Rick
Stouffer Jr. 7. Hans Stamberg, 8. Jeff Racine, 9. Kenny Dillon, 10. Steve
Lowery, 11. Phil Madagan, 12. Mike Sanders, 13. Kevin Shade, 14. Mike
Warrenfeltz, 15. Frank Dibella, 16. Steve Long, 17. Steve Kent Jr., 18. Pete
Gems, 19. Country Prince, 20. Glenn Holder, 21. Brian Miller, 22. Ronnie
Dennis, DQ - Dave Milolajski, DNS - Jesse Coleman, DNQ - Steve Marsh, Sam
Kaiser, Greg Moats, Greg Hockensmith, Jim Tony, Jeff Johnson
FOUR CYLINDERS: (10 LAP): 1. Josh Angle, 2. Marcus Van Meter, 3. Ronnie
Garlock, 4. Glenn Gipe, 5. Bobby Jones, 6. Larry Baker, 7. Mike Hawbaker, 8.
Troy Horner, 9. Ray Ridenhour, 10. Mike Kershner, 11. Ike Fix , DNS - Ashley

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