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posted March 25, 2001 09:12 AM UIN: 16262997
Abbottstown, PA

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Billy Dietrich scores career first in 358's; Tuckey makes last-lap pass for
thundercar win

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 3/24/01 - Salfordsville's Fred Rahmer keeps on breaking
He set two more Saturday night. Rahmer passed Sinking Spring's Dave Ely on
the 10th lap for the lead and then masterfully navigated lapped traffic the
rest of the way and went on to take the checkered in the fastest 25 laps
ever run at Lincoln Speedway. Elapsed time for the event was six minutes,
17.90 seconds, barely a half-second under the four-year-old record of
6:18.45, set by Jesse Wentz on June 7, 1997..
"This is the first time my hands ever got cold driving a race car!" reacted
Rahmer when told of his new 25 lap record, "We've got to salute the fans,
it's just unbelievable...this is my job, or I don't know if I would have
been here! This is one heck of a group of fans."
"I appreciate Lincoln for going through with it today, because it would
have been easy for the track to cancel. But we've got a great facilty here,
and the track was unbelievably fast. We were way tight, but we were able to
get it done."
"It's all the equipment I drive," said Rahmer, "There are a lot of guys
that could drive this car...we have such good equipment. Don Ott Engines
have really paid off for us week in and week out."
"I thought I was going to spin out," said Rahmer on his close call on lap
15, when he nearly spun in turns three and four, "I was just way too tight,
and it wouldn't turn at the end of the straightaway. I just barely got it
done...I was real good on the bottom but I didn't think that was the fastest
"The draw is so important in these shows. We have some good cars. Todd
Shaffer was clipping off some good laps in the heat race, and I figured he
was going to be tough. Greg Hodnett was sitting up in the seat, but I see he
got into trouble early. But I guess Cris (Eash) was the guy coming. Cris
brings a well prepared car."
Hodnett, Brook Weibley, and Glenndon Forsythe all collided on the
frontstretch at the drop of the green, sending all three cars into flips and
collecting Shawn Stidfole. Niki Young was the fifth victim, coming to a
stop on the backstretch. There were no injuries, but the three drivers who
flipped were unable to continue.
Polesitter Dave Ely grabbed the lead at the drop of the green, with York's
Jeff Rohrbaugh in tow. Rohrbaugh was able to get by Ely in turns three and
four of the eighth lap to take the lead momentarily, but Ely was able to
reclaim the lead on lap nine. It was short-lived, however. Rahmer, who
started third, drove by Ely in the third and fourth turns of lap 10, and
worked through heavy lapped traffic over the final ten laps to hold off
fast-closing Cris Eash (who started 14th) for the win.
The victory, Rahmer's third in-a-row at the Pigeon Hills, was also his
246th overall on the local racing circuit - breaking Steve Smith's all-time
record in the process. The final margin of victory was 2.43 seconds ahead of
Eash, with Ely holding on for third. Lance Dewease, who qualified through a
consi win and started 19th, charged through the field to finish fourth, with
Rohrbaugh completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were Johnny
Mackison, Jr., Todd Shaffer, Todd Gracey (in the Tanger #07), Keith
Kauffman, and Josh Wells.
Steve Siegel, out for the first time in the Eddie Singer #66, crossed 11th.
Heats for the 27 super sprints on hand were won by Shaffer, Rahmer, and
Rohrbaugh, with Dewease winning the consolation.

Billy Dietrich picked up his first career Lincoln win in a wild 20-lap
"358" sprint feature that saw the front four cars battle for several laps
through heavy traffic. The second half of the feature saw all four cars
lead at least part of a lap. Dietrich's race-winning pass came as leader
Dale Hammaker got hung up behind a lapped car exiting the fourth turn of lap
17. Hammaker led lap 16 after getting under T.J. Stutts, who led laps seven
through 15. It was Dietrich's second time to lead the race. He had been
passed by Stutts for the lead back on lap seven. The other driver in the
mix was Chad Layton, who grabbed the lead at the outset and led Dietrich for
the first three laps. At the finish, Dietrich led Hammaker, Stutts, and
Layton across the line, with Kevin Welsh completing the top five.
The feature was slowed by two caution flags, but 23 of the 24 starters were
running at the end.
Heats for the 34 "358" Sprints on hand were won by Layton, Welsh, and Greg
Leiby, with Scott Ausherman winning the consolation.

Nat Tuckey gave himself a birthday present by scoring the third win of his
career in the 20-lap thundercar feature. Tuckey started sixth, grabbed
second from two-time winner Bernie Beard on lap nine, and reeled in leader
Gregg Messersmith over the next seven laps before the lone caution flag
waved for Cork Laughman on the 16th lap. Tuckey challenged Messersmith the
next three laps, and took the lead on the backstretch of the final lap when
the two made contact, shredding Messersmith's left rear tire. Messersmith
spun on the final turn after leading all but the final lap. The checkered
and caution waved simultaneously, with Bobby Rudisill crossing second, Steve
Clabaugh finishing third, defending champ Bobby Beard scoring a fourth, and
points leader Bernie Beard rounding out the top five.
Heats for the 29 thundercars on hand were won by Duane Watson, Bobby Beard,
and Bernie Beard.

Lincoln Speedway swings back into action next Saturday night, March 31st,
with the super sprint and thundercar regulars being joined by the Vintage
cars. Gates open at 4 p.m., hot laps at 5:30 p.m., with heats getting
underway at 6 p.m.

Saturday - March 24, 2001
Abbottstown, PA

Super Sprints:
Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 77-Fred Rahmer ($2,500); 2. 17-Cris Eash; 3. 29-Dave
Ely; 4. 88H-Lance Dewease; 5. 3-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 6. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.;
7. 88-Todd Shaffer; 8. 07-Todd Gracey; 9. 7-Keith Kauffman; 10. 6W-Josh
Wells; 11. 66-Steve Siegel; 12. 22M-Mark Smith; 13. X-Bobby Weaver; 14.
55S-Billy Sims; 15. 10N-Chris Knopp; 16. 7M-Todd Hestor; 17. 30-Darren Eash;
18. 37-Shawn Stidfole; 19. 81-Bob Beidleman; 20. 7K-Dan Shetler; 21. 12-Greg
Hodnett (DNF); 22. 17N-Niki Young (DNF); 23. 32-Book Weibley (DNF); 24.
94-Glenndon Forsythe (DNF). Time - 6:17.90 (New 25 Lap Track Record - old
record was 6:18.45 set by Jesse Wentz on 6/7/97)

Lap Leaders - Dave Ely (1-7), Jeff Rohrbaugh (8), Dave Ely (9), Fred Rahmer

1st Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 88-Todd Shaffer; 2. 29-Dave Ely; 3.
12-Greg Hodnett; 4. 7M-Todd Hestor; 5. 32-Brook Weibley; 6. 66-Steve Siegel;
7. 88H-Lance Dewease; 8. 55S-Billy Sims; 9. 03-Jeff Miller (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 77-Fred Rahmer; 2. 7-Keith Kauffman; 3.
65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 4. 07-Todd Gracey; 5. 17-Cris Eash; 6. 22M-Mark
Smith; 7. 7K-Dan Shetler; 8. 37-Shawn Stidfole; 9. 26-Pat Cooper. Time -

3rd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 3-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2. 10N-Chris Knopp;
3. 17N-Niki Young; 4. 81-Bob Beidleman; 5. 6W-Josh Wells; 6. 30-Darren Eash;
7. X-Bobby Weaver; 8. 9-Kevin Shaffer; 9. 94-Glenndon Forsythe (DNF). No

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 88H-Lance Dewease; 2. 55S-Billy
Sims; 3. X-Bobby Weaver; 4. 94-Glenndon Forsythe; 5. 37-Shawn Stidfole; 6.
7K-Dan Shetler; 7. 9-Kevin Shaffer; 8. 26-Pat Cooper; 9. 03-Jeff Miller.
Time - 2:24.72

358 Sprints:
Feature (20 laps) - 1. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 2. 66H-Dale Hammaker; 3. 11T-T.J.
Stutts; 4. U1-Chad Layton; 5. 18W-Kevin Welsh; 6. 71-Joe Whitcomb; 7. 8-Dan
Dietrich; 8. 4-Eric Stambaugh; 9. 88-Scott Ausherman; 10. 22J-Joe Ilg; 11.
11C-Cory Haas; 12. 00-Gary Gullob; 13. 1K-Mike Miller; 14. 34-Bob Camilli;
15. 56V-Tim Hershey; 16. 119-Greg Leiby; 17. 31D-Kevin Drury; 18. 46-Jim
Layton; 19. 11S-Duane Smith; 20. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 21. 87-Alan Krimes; 22.
10-Chad Wolf; 23. 17M-Michael Creaghan; 24. 4B-Jake Raudabaugh; DNS -
55-Brian Eichelberger. No Time

Lap Leaders - Chad Layton (1-3), Billy Dietrich (4-6), T.J. Stutts (7-15),
Dale Hammaker (16), Billy Dietrich (17-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. U1-Chad Layton; 2. 11T-T.J. Stutts; 3.
8-Dan Dietrich; 4. 00-Gary Gollub; 5. 55-Brian Eichelberger; 6. 34-Bob
Camilli; 7. 87-Alan Krimes; 8. 80-Todd Reed; 9. 1K-Mike Miller; 10. 5A-Brian
Allman; 11. 14-Will Urkuski (DNF); DNS - 01-Rick Horn. Time - 2:01.23

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 18W-Kevin Welsh; 2. 66-Dale Hammaker; 3.
11C-Cory Haas; 4. 71-Joe Whitcomb; 5. 4B-Jake Raudabaugh; 6. 4-Eric
Stambaugh; 7. 88-Scott Ausherman; 8. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 9. 22J-Joe Ilg; 10.
11S-Duaine Smith; 11. 7C-Chad Trout (DNF). Time - 2:01.66

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 119-Greg Leiby; 2. 46-Jim Layton; 3.
8D-Billy Dietrich; 4. 31D-Kevin Drury; 5. 56V-Tim Hershey; 6. 10-Chad Wolf;
7. 17M-Michael Creaghan; 8. 73-Roland Snyder; 9. 59-Jim Siegel; 10. 9-Bill
Heltzel; 11. 32-Stacy Eastwood. Time - 2:06.24

Consolation (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 88-Scott Ausherman; 2. 87-Alan
Krimes; 3. 1K-Mike Miller; 4. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 5. 22J-Joe Ilg; 6.
17M-Michael Creaghan; 7. 11S-Duane Smith; 8. 80-Todd Reed; 9. 01-Rick Horn;
10. 73-Roland Snyder; 11. 59-Jim Siegel; 12. 5A-Brian Allman; 13. 9-Bill
Heltzel; 14. 32-Stacey Eastwood; DNS - 14-Will Urkuski, 7C-Chad Trout.
Time - 2:05.38

Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 22-Nat Tuckey; 2. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 3. 10-Steve
Clabaugh; 4. 5-Bobby Beard; 5. X-Bernie Beard; 6. 77-Ken Berwager; 7. 31-Ron
Shultz; 8. 3-Duane Watson; 9. 14-Chet McCormick; 10. 95-Fred Cullum; 11.
17H-Tim Hahn; 12. 2-Jeremy Brown; 13. 60-Cork Laughman; 14. 78-Pat Beard;
15. 17-Butch Harvey; 16. 34-Gregg Messersmith; 17. 95A-Alan Cullum; 18.
67-Randy Doty; 19. 9-Jeff Wilson; 20. 21A-Mike Ziegeler Jr.; 21. 1-Neil
Smith; 22. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 23. 7A-Dale Knight; 24. 61-Mike Ciezobka. No

Lap Leaders - Gregg Messersmith (1-19), Nat Tuckey (20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 3-Duane Watson; 2. 1A-Mike Zeigler Jr.;
3. 22-Nat Tuckey; 4. 17H-Tim Hahn; 5. 67-Randy Doty; 6. 7A-Dale Knight; 7.
17-Butch Harvey; 8. 95-Fred Cullum; 9. 11M-Duane Mease; 10. 11R-Jim Rost
(DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 5-Bobby Beard; 2. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 3.
10-Steve Clabaugh; 4. 34-Gregg Messersmith; 5. 77-Ken Berwager; 6. 14-Chet
McCormick; 7. 1-Neil Smith; 8. 9-Jeff Wilson; 9. 95A-Alan Cullum; DNS -
68-M.R. Teal. Time - 2:43.03

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. X-Bernie Beard; 2. 2-Jeremy Brown; 3.
61-Mike Ciezobka; 4. 60-Cork Laughman; 5. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 6. 31-Ron
Shultz; 7. 78-Pat Beard; 8. 56-Duane Hahn; DNS - 25-Sean Herrick. Time -

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