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Author Topic:   ATTN: MAY 24, 2003 There will be a Demolition Derby, a Figure 8 race, and.....
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posted May 05, 2003 10:49 AM
!!!!! On May 24, 2003 at Spring City Speedway!!!!!

The night is set for fun and excitement!!

There will be: 1. Reverse race: 10 laps. This race will test your skills. You must run the race while driving in REVERSE for the designated laps. 1st place will recieve a 3ft. trophy; no pay outs.

2. Paul Revere's midnight ride: 10 laps. All lights will be turned off on the track, with the exception of the flag stand and the scoring tower, you will affix a flashlight on the hood of your car and that will be your only source of light. 1st place will recieve a 3 ft. trophy; no pay outs.

3. Train Race: 10 laps. Three cars are chained together, the first is the motor and does all of the pulling. The second will be in nuetral without the motor running. The third will also be in nuetral without the motor running, but will be allowed to use the brakes. PLEASE NOTE: The coil wire will be disconnected on the second and third car. 1st place will recieve a 3 ft. trophy ; no pay outs.

4. Blindfold race: 10 laps. In this race the driver will wear a blindfold and the passenger will tell him/her where to go on the track, just who do you trust??!! 1st place will recieve a 3 ft. trophy; no pay outs.

5. Figure 8: 10 laps. This race is just what it saysit is, all cars will run a figure 8 on the track; but be careful because as soon as the number of laps are completed, you will then begin the Demolition Derby. Will pay 1st place only.

COSTS: $20.00 pit entry and another $25.00 if you want to compete in all of the extra races. ( So if you want to compete in the regular racing events AND the extra racing events it will cost you $45.00 )

REGULAR RACES WILL RUN FEATURES ONLY ( it will be a non points race night )

DEMOLITION DERBY RULES: Minimum $300.00 to win

1. Full size STOCK hartop automobile or station wagons allowed. Rear wheel drive only.
2. All glass and chrome and anything that may become embedded in the track surface must be removed.
3. MUST have working seat belt or racing harness, and helmets are MANDATORY.
4. Tires must be stock size, NO mud grips, NO filling with fluids or solids.
5. NO filling fenders, doors, or trunks.
6. MANDATORY 2-3 bars in drivers door only, no other reinforcements allowed.
7. All doors must be welded or chained shut. Trunk lids may be welded, but chains or wires are preferred to be able to extinguish any fuel fires.
8. Gas tanks must be moved to the trunk area, and securely strapped down. ABSOLUTELY no boosted or racing fuel allowed.
9. Only one stock battery allowed, and may be moved into the passenger floorboard area. But must be securely mounted and covered.
10. A 12 x 15 inch hole must be cut into the center of the hood for early fire detection.
11. Prior to bringing car to the track, radiators must be drained of all anti-freeze coolants. Water and biodegradable fluids only!
13. Cars may be painted however you want, but please, no vulgar words, and numbers MUST be visible.
14. NO PLAYING POSSUM. A 60 second time limit is set for you to move before you are disqualified.

If you have any questions at all about anything, please feel free to call:

( 423 ) 365- 0102; ask for Kim or David


********KIDS SOAP BOX DERBY********


The start will be at the flag stand, the finish will be in front of the grand stands. You MUST have a "tire changer" and a " gas man".
( 2 person " pit crew" recommended )

The race begins and you "race" to your "tire changer" and change 1 tire ( shoe ) ( It is recommended you wear velcro, or slip on shoes, NO sandals )

Then you "race" to your "gas man" for fuel ( 4 oz. of water ) Then race to the finish and the checkered flag!!!

Trophies will be given to the following:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, place winners of each age group. Age groups are: 5-8/ 9-11/ 12-14

ALL RACERS will compete in:
Most creative Design
Best race car look-a-like
Best over all

All cometitors will recieve a ribbon


Please keep in mind that you will be carrying your car, so make sure your car is made out of a lightweight material; such as heavyweight cardboard, ( NO wood or metal allowed for the body of the car ) but you may use a lightweight plastic or wooden dowel rods for the frame. NO SHARP EDGES

You may use, and it is recommended, that you attach some type of shoulder strap to your car to make carrying easier. Be Creative, but most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!


Only 1 racer per car, no tandems

You MUST have a number on BOTH sides of your car that can be seen.

You MUST wear a helmet ( bike helmet okay )

Again if you have any questions at all, please, feel free to call:

( 423 ) 365- 0102, and ask for Kim or David.

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