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Author Topic:   CAMCOUPE 'rollers' & bodies on sale now!
Dirt Roller

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posted September 02, 2002 03:17 PM
CAMCOUPE 'ROLLERS' & BODIES ON SALE NOW! FACT ... CAMCOUPE cars can already run at Jackson County Speedway in Maquoketa, Iowa and Tipton Int'l Speedway in Tipton, Iowa in their 'B' mod class. We ran a car in that class at both of these tracks most of this year. FACT ... CAMCOUPE cars can run at Maquoketa in their own class in 2003 providing we have enough cars to field. CAMCOUPE cars are already running in Oklahoma & Texas! FACT ... We're exhibiting at tracks all over Iowa as fast as we can get to them ... NEXT ... Webster City, Iowa on Sept. 13 - 15, 2002. CAMCOUPES will have additional tracks to run at during the 2003 season! CAMCOUPES will also run in their own class at the Enid Motor Speedway 'WINTERNATIONALS' on Oct. 18 - 20, 2002. FACT ... We need to get more CAMCOUPE cars out there where more people can see just what the CAMCOUPE cars and class is all about! FACT ... The only way we know how to do this is to have a SALE! We will be giving a 20% discount to all customers who place their orders for 'rollers' or bodies prior to November 1, 2002. This is a $600 savings on 'rollers' (was $2,995 - now $2,395) and $165 savings on all bodies (with hood & nose-piece)(was $825 - now $660). FACT ... We will also reduce the shipping costs to Iowa for 'rollers' from $600 to $250 and from $300 to $125 for all bodies! FACT ... Now is the time to get your order in and start building your CAMCOUPE for next year! We'll be looking for the IOWA CAMCOUPE champion ( and runner-up) to compete against the other state champions (and runner-ups) at the end of the 2003 season! Reply to or visit us at and .

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